I Am A Prodigy

Chapter 633 - It’s Always Others Looking for Trouble

Chapter 633: It’s Always Others Looking for Trouble

In the Sichuan-Tibet region, a silent tremor rumbled. News of Black Tiger’s death spread quickly to all the great families. All the powerhouses—both seen and unseen—were making a move.

Miracle Doctor Y garnered the attention of countless parties, and the killing of Black Tiger made known his power and firmness!

Moreover, Black Tiger was not the only casualty. Even the Mo family’s butler was killed!

A fighter and an executive. That was a big loss for the Mo family.

River City, Mo family residence…

Everyone looked at Black Tiger’s corpse with a dark expression.

“He managed to overcome all of Black Tiger’s attacks in one punch. The bones in his right arm were completely shattered, and even the muscles were torn. After that, his internal organs suffered heavy damage,” one of the people examining Black Tiger’s wounds explained.

Although Black Tiger did not die on the spot, it was impossible to save him with those wounds. He died before making it back to the Mo family.

“Based on this, that person must be an endurance training martial artist like Black Tiger. Moreover, he would’ve developed some inner force. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have injured Black Tiger’s internal organs!”

“This man’s strength must be stronger than Black Tiger’s. With that much endurance training, he must be at a grandmaster’s level. I’m afraid he has also managed to grasp inner force. His strength should be on par with a highly trained inner force martial artist.”

A few of them took turns analyzing.

Some were checking out the butler’s corpse. However, the butler did not know any Kungfu, therefore it was unable to give them much insights.

“Elder Huo, are you confident in taking care of this guy?” A middle-aged man who kept quiet all the while suddenly asked the elderly man in traditional Chinese garments respectively.

“Of course.” Elder Huo’s expression remained unchanging. He nodded proudly and said with an arrogant, calm voice, “Black Tiger can’t even take a hit from me. If I wanted to kill him, just a punch will decimate all his internal organs!”

He paused for a moment, then added, “Those who followed the path of endurance training are no match for someone specializing in inner force like me. I’m more versatile, whereas he’s nothing more than a punching bag!”

Hearing that, everyone heaved a relieved breath and had a vicious look in their eyes.

River City, Su family residence…

“Endurance training master?” The Su family members exchanged looks with dark expressions on their faces.

“It seems we’ve misjudged him. Miracle Doctor Y came prepared.”

The so-called endurance training referred to those who specialized in physical training and maximized their mastery over physical arts. They were extremely resilient and had great explosive power. Eight Extremities Brute Training was one of the various endurance training methods.

As for Arhat’s Fist Force, it specializes in inner force, thus allowing one’s fist to achieve terrifying destructive power.

Neither was better than the other. Eight Extremities Brute Training could resist multiple fists from Arhat’s Fist Force with its incredible defensive power. Moreover, when given the chance, the Eight Extremities Brute Training practitioner could easily take out the Arhat’s Fist Force practitioner. Meanwhile, Arhat’s Fist Force would be a lot more agile and had the ability for ranged attacks.

Aside from that, those who trained in foot and claw techniques each had their pros and cons—it was not just a matter of which is better.

An endurance training master would have incredible strength among martial artists. Even the Su family did not have many experts who could match. Apart from the master of Su family, the strongest were just at Black Tiger’s level, thus making them weaker compared to the Mo family.

“Endurance training master is rather difficult to deal with!” someone lamented.

Compared to the various martial artists, those who specialize in endurance training had terrific defense and explosive strength, yet had few weaknesses. One could only wear them down slowly, or crush them with overwhelming strength—they were truly difficult to deal with.

“We must inform the master of this incident and have him decide. Although the formula is important, the opponent is not weak either. It would be best if we can have a peaceful collaboration with them.”

The next day, Ye Lingchen did not plan to leave just yet. Instead, they went to a different marketplace to check out more herbs.

This time, everyone treated him respectfully; fear present in their eyes.

They were no ordinary people and had heard of the recent incident. These people had some basic understanding of martial artists.

Black Tiger and the butler’s death made the crowd fearful. None of them dared to look down on Ye Lingchen and his companion.

“Mr. Y, I’m a representative of the Zhou family and would like to invite you over for a meeting. Please let us know if there’s anything you need.”

“Mr. Y, I’m from the Chen family. If you’re willing to work with us, we can protect you from the Mo family.”

Quite a number of stall owners were from the great families. Whenever they met Ye Lingchen, they would talk to him respectfully and try to get on his good side.

Ye Lingchen would merely give them a courteous nod in return.

However, for them to strengthen their position, they would occasionally bring along some rare herbs, thus giving Ye Lingchen a reasonable harvest.

The worth of his formula for rabies medicine was beyond estimation. It would be at least in the tens of billions. As for the master of endurance training, that was a rare talent that one could only hope for. With that, the great families were unwilling to offend him, thus changing their approach to that of recruitment. What they actually had in plan was a mystery.

At night, Ye Lingchen’s phone had a message notification. It was a WeChat message from Su Qingxue.

“I’d like to talk to you if it’s convenient.”

Daming Lake was one of the rare great lakes in the region. Willow trees were waving by the banks covered in lawn grass. The area around the lake was made into a park. It was considered a landmark with great greening.

Su Qingxue asked Ye Lingchen to meet her there. She was cautiously checking out her surroundings when she got there, afraid of being discovered.

However, the area was quiet and still. Given the late hours, there were even fewer tourists.

“Beauty Su, why did you ask me out at such a late hour? Are you trying to hit on me?” Ye Lingchen asked with a laugh.

“How can you laugh at a time like this?” Su Qingxue glared at Ye Lingchen. “If you did not try to stand up for me on the bus, I can’t even be bothered to help you! I told you to leave yesterday but you didn’t listen. Now you’re really in big trouble!”

Ye Lingchen shook his head, then stated calmly, “I’ve never caused trouble on my own. It’s always others looking for trouble.”

“You’re just full of sh*t!” Su Qingxue pouted after seeing more of Ye Lingchen’s shamelessness.

“I’ll admit that your bodyguard is very capable.” While they were speaking, Su Qingxue threw a suspicious look at Ali who was being the most perfect bodyguard behind Ye Lingchen. She did not expect that burly man to be such a capable martial artist. “However, the Mo family has many experts. Black Tiger is only the best in name. I’ve heard from the Su family elders that the master of the Mo family is without a doubt the most powerful man in the Sichuan-Tibet region and had terrifying strength!”

“Just how terrifying? Is he as terrifying as I am?” Ye Lingchen shrugged.

“I don’t have time to play with you. You should stop bragging. This time you’ve offended the Mo family thoroughly. You should run right away!” Su Qingxue pleaded urgently. “You have only one bodyguard. How are you going to stand up against those great families?”

“No need to run. It’s too late,” Ye Lingchen replied.

The next instant, a few figures moved about in the park around them, emerging from the woods…

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