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Chapter 270 - Rebel

Chapter 270 – Rebel

Chapter 270 Rebel

“By the way, Xu Ning…”

Zhang He seemed to remember something. “Do you know who those two people next to Princess Mo Lan are?”

“Who are they?”

Xu Ning asked.

He had noticed Cen Yumou and Liang Tingang next to Mo Lan, but he didn’t know their identities.

“Those two are the Pavilion Master of the Wind Parasol Pavilion, Cen Yumou, and the Sect Master of the Green Edge Sect, Liang Tingang.”

Zhang He whispered. “Hmm?”

Xu Ning’s pupils shrank when he heard this and his eyes revealed a hint of coldness.

Those two were the enemies of the Swallow Heron Sect.

Xu Ning didn’t expect that the leaders of the Swallow Heron Sect, the Wind Parasol Pavilion, and the Green Edge Sect would encounter each other in this situation.

“The Wind Parasol Pavilion and the Green Edge Sect had paid a heavy price in this operation.”

Zhang He said, “The foundation of those two sects has been seriously damaged. In their current condition, they are no longer opponents of the Swallow Heron Sect.”

Xu Ning nodded silently.

Ever since he became the next sect master of the Swallow Heron Sect, Xu Ning had taken the matter of taking revenge on the two sects seriously.

Zhang He noticed the change in Xu Ning’s expression.

He reminded, “I’m only saying this to help you identify your enemies, not for you to take revenge. After all, Princess Mo Lan is still on the ship. If you target the two of them, Princess Mo Lan will be embarrassed.”

“Brother Zhang, don’t worry, I know what to


Xu Ning responded.

Zhang He nodded. “The Wind Parasol Pavilion and the Green Edge Sect have lost a lot of elites this time, so Princess Mo Lan will definitely not put them in an important position in the future. When Princess Mo Lan no longer covers for them and they lose their only backer, with the prestige of His Highness, it will be easy to deal with them.”

Afterwards, Zhang He and Xu Ning talked briefly before he left Xu Ning’s room.

“Wind Parasol Pavilion… Green Edge Sect…”

Xu Ning had a look of expectation in his eyes.

After thinking for a while, Xu Ning turned his gaze to the storage ring given to him by Duan Chaofeng.

‘I currently have 2.5 million units of energy. If I absorb another 2 million units, I can reach 4.5 million units, which is more than half the required amount to advance to the fifth stage of the dao realm.’

Afterwards, Xu Ning took the storage ring and entered the Hidden Moon Bead.

He took out all the medicinal pills in his storage ring and piled them into a small mountain.

Afterwhich, Xu Ning swallowed some to heal his injuries, while the rest was absorbed by Xu Ning.

This process lasted for less than an hour.

After absorbing 2 million units of energy, Xu Ning came out of the Hidden Moon Bead and communicated with Gray and Cyan in the Demon Beast Scroll.

He also used this opportunity to tell Gray and Cyan everything that happened on the island.

After Gray and Cyan learned how terrifying the Night Beast was, they were both afraid. They had been worried for Xu Ning. They also knew very well that if anything happened to Xu Ning, the Demon Beast Scroll would lose its protection, and the aftershock of the battle would easily destroy it.

If that happened, Gray and Cyan in the Demon Beast Scroll would be completely buried in the space turbulence.

After comforting Gray and Cyan, Xu Ning’s minor injuries were basically healed.

He got up and went to find Duan Chaofeng, preparing to thank him for the pills.

At the same time.

Inside another cabin.

Cen Yumou and Liang Tingang looked depressed.

“Brother Liang, we made a huge loss this time…”

Cen Yemou sighed, his tone full of regret. “This time, 90% of the elite disciples from our two sects died here. What is more unacceptable is that the Night Beast was not even captured, causing Princess Mo Lan to not achieve her goal.” “In this case, after returning to State Wansheng, forget about moving to State Luzhi, we will even be thrown aside by Princess Mo Lan and not be placed in an important position.”

After hearing Cen Yu’s words, Liang Tingang had a helpless look on his face.

If they knew this would happen, they wouldn’t have made such a bet.

“Yeah… Without Princess Mo Lan as our backer, our two sects…”

Liang Tingang shook his head helplessly.

The room fell silent.

“Brother Liang…”

Suddenly, Cen Yemou said, “When I heard Master Xue Jinghua talk to Princess Mo Lan just now, I learned that the young-looking core materialization realm master next to the Harmony Prince is the current sect master of the Swallow Heron Sect, Xu Ning…”


Liang Tingang looked up with a frown.

When the two sides boarded the ship at the same time, they noticed that the Harmony Prince Duan Chaofeng was very close to Xu Ning. He was obviously highly regarded.

When Xu Ning was mentioned, they thought about themselves. For a moment, the two had mixed feelings.

If Princess Mo Lan really abandoned them and Xu Ning was supported by the Harmony Prince, their two sects would face a very precarious situation.

A hundred years ago, they forced the Swallow Heron Sect to disband.

A hundred years later, they might face the same crisis.

“Have our two sects really reached a dead end…”

The two felt hopeless about their sects’ future.

“There may be a way out of the dead end.”

However, a man’s voice suddenly came from the silent room.

Cen Yumou and Liang Tingang’s hair stood on end.

They turned their heads and saw a cold-looking man in a gray robe standing at the door.

His face was cold, giving off an unfathomable feeling

“Who are you?!”

The two got up and retreated back.

Cen Yumou and Liang Tingang were both dao realm fifth stage core cleansing realm masters, but this man could approach them without them knowing

This kind of strength was not something even a dao realm sixth stage master could achieve. Thus, this man in front of them had to be a high level dao realm master.

Moreover, Cen Yumou and Liang Tingang also realized another problem.

Not only did the two of them not notice that this gray-robed man had sneaked into their ship, but even Dong Ji and Xue Jinghua, who were in the seventh stage of the dao realm, did not notice.

This made the two nervous. “Don’t mind my identity.”

The visitor was naturally Chu He. “I just came to ask you two for a favor.”

Chu He sat down.

“Did you find the wrong person…” Cen Yumou pretended to be calm. He knew that if this man wanted to kill them, they would have been instantly killed.

“No, I’m here for the two of you.”

Chu He said, “I heard the conversation between the two of you just now. In my opinion, you two sect masters have no future. Instead of returning to State Wansheng and facing the decline of your sects, why don’t you join us?”

“Join you?”

Liang Tingang was cautious. “May I know who you are?” “Who am I?”

Chu He smiled. “This is not the time for you to understand. When you complete my task for you, you will naturally know my identity.”

Cen Yumou and Liang Tingang secretly exchanged looks. No matter how stupid they were, they could sense that the gray-robed man was up to no good. “Sir, our strength is too low, I’m afraid we can’t complete your task.”

Cen Yemou said cautiously.

He and Liang Tingang did not want to be involved with this person.


When Chu He heard this, he sneered.

A terrifying pressure suddenly burst out from Chu He’s body.

Cen Yumou and Liang Tingang suddenly felt a huge pressure boring down on their bodies.

The two of them felt a strong murderous intent at the same time.

“I’m not discussing it with you.”

Chu He slowly got up and said in a cold voice, “Either obey or die.”


The two finally nodded helplessly under the threat of their survival.

“Sir, what task do you want us to do?”

Liang Tingang asked.

After seeing the two surrender, Chu He restrained his murderous intent.

He took out two palm-sized round stone plates and threw them to the two.

After Liang Tingang and Cen Yumou took it, they glanced at it and saw that it was engraved with light carvings.

There seemed to be a strange power between the lines.

“Throw it at the two high-level masters on your ship when they are distracted.” Chu He said. “This…”

Liang Tingang and Cen Yumou’s expressions changed. “Sir, how can we do this? They are both in the seventh stage of the dao realm. If we do this in front of them, we will definitely be subdued instantly.”

“Don’t worry, I will find a way to divert their attention. While they are distracted, you can throw these stone plates at them.”

Chu He was confident and had long planned this out.


The two looked hesitant, but in the end, they agreed.

They both knew that this was dangerous, but if they didn’t do this, they would lose their heads. “Then I’ll wait for your good news.” After that, Chu He raised his hand and two qi currents entered their bodies.

Cen Yumou and Liang Tingang suddenly felt a chill in their bodies. An inexplicable force was hidden in their bodies. The two of them knew very well that this was the gray-robed man’s handiwork.

If the two of them had any other intentions and did not do as the gray-robed man said, then the power in their bodies would completely erupt and kill the two of them.

After Chu He finished setting up his backup plan, he disappeared into the room.

Liang Tingang and Cen Yemou looked at each other. Their expressions were a little numb in despair.

They hadn’t figured out the identity of the gray-robed man yet, but now they had to work for him.

The room was silent again.

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