I'm the King Of Technology

Chapter 1220 - Meeting Adjourned

Chapter 1220 - Meeting Adjourned

Time passed by quickly, and the meeting was soon concluding.

From the fact that they will be making underwater drones to several other interesting aspects, everything was talked about... Even the waterproof factor was properly looked at again.

In future, after the outer protective coverings were made and placed over the drones, they would still have to continue testing ma coding adjustments by allowing the drones to fly in all sorts of disastrous weathers.

They wanted to know which drones would be suited for thundering wings, rainy days or any other aspects.

Yes. Yes. Back on earth, maybe there weren't any drones that could even manage to fly in weather like Zalipnia's during winter. But what if they could do it?.

Of course, this wouldn't happen any time soon and might need years and years of research. But what if they could go above and beyond?

Those on earth never had to find solutions because their weather conditions weren't as strange as those in this world.

So the Baymardians would obviously solve problems based on their world situations too.

From the strange incidents in the sea to the waterfalls that suspended in the air like some fantasy, to even the sort of creatures and plants they had in this world... Everything would be created to ease humanity's life in this world.

There were plants deep in the jungle as vast as buildings and could swallow over 30 people in one gulp.

Heck! What about those that strangle their prey instead?

So if everything was that different, then what more of the weather?

What if one of those gigantic birds tried to steal their rooms mid-air? They were also discussing adding a shock/taser feature in their drones too.

Countless people had given out so many suggestions.

The list of ideas was long, but they were currently in the process of still seeing which ones were feasible or not.

Of course, now that they had been able to get the drones up in the air, they could focus on the protective coverings and test all they needed to test according to weather or other daunting aspects.


Again, in general, there would be 3 classes of drones based on their purposes... Underwater drones, Land drones and Sky drones.

And even though the drones were mainly made for military purposes, after the basic principle was understood, simpler drones would be produced by Overseer Tim's industry.

But the drones produced won't be made for commercial purposes. 

Heh... Landon wasn't that crazy to allow the drones to get used by others now... No! Not until world peace had been attained.

In short, the drones produced by Tim's industry would be created and only sold to specific industries and establishments.

Everyone in the meeting felt that this should be the drone to ease the workers' life.

"Wonderful! Your majesty, no matter how many times we talk about it, I still can't stop myself from marvelling at how useful this drive technology is." Minister Raven exclaimed as everyone nodded in agreement.

The possibilities with the drones were endless!

Firstly, drones could ȧssist farmers by measuring and recording crip height. They could use remote sensing technology to illuminate the crops with a laser, and calculate the distance measured by the reflected light.

I'll go! Wasn't that just too genius?

Drones that have biological sensors can fly up to unsafe areas to take air quality readings and check for the presence of microorganisms or atmospheric elements.

This not only prevents people from entering potentially hazardous and poisonous zones but will definitely make researching easier for them.

Not even going far from that point, drones with special electromagnetic sensors could also be used to gather geological information to help geophysicists identify, better estimate and locate the presence of minerals, oils and natural gases.


And you know, in a big and overly large city like the Capital, every year, they have had some unfortunate fire incidents too... Especially in Spring when the thundering and lightning rain kept spreading fire as it pleased.

Remember, even though Baymard was developed, most of its land was still unused. So sometimes, nature likes to play with them.

The firefighters were constantly busy and did their jobs the best they could.

But with this technology, maybe things would be easier to manage.

Hehehhe... If they had satellite footage, they could view the regions... But they don't. So the drones would make them better estimate how far and fast the fire had spread.

At least now, even during disaster relief scenarios, with heat-detecting sensors, the images picked up from the drone and sent to the monitors will show the reddish heat-image of anyone, whether injured or not.

With this, a rescue team would move out as fast as they could towards that direction.

Damn. These drones were just too Godly!

But more than anything, they would be used for National Geographic scenes too.

Better still, the underwater drones had to look at the plant and animal life deep in the seas.

This will also help them estimate what regions are dangerous.

And when trying to recover sunken items, wouldn't this be great?


No matter how they looked at it, everyone in the room agreed that drones seemed to be an essential aspect of life that they didn't know how they lived without.

From real estate and construction workers that survey and gather information at job sites to their uses in other works of life... No one could deny the strong potential these drones had.

With drones, their armed forces, be it the police, Navy, Marines, Coast Guards or soldiers, would all feel at ease when out on missions now.

And this alone made countless people giggle stupidly.


Now, this group of evil does look nothing like they did during the Q&A session.

The many smiles on their faces while talking about the future of drones in Baymard was enough to show how pleased they were by the whole thing.

"Hahahhahahahah! Supervisor Bailey. This time, you and your team did well. I wasn't in the least bit disappointed."

"That's for sure. They had done well for this presentation, even though they fell short in the areas."

"Hmhm... I think they have to work hard on overcoming the drone speed too. Nonetheless, it was still an outstanding show."

"Yes. Yes!... I can't wait to see what you'll show us by December's meeting. Hopefully, you would've also gotten the maximum single range improved by then."

"I agree with Minister Gonovich. 3 miles is so far from our original 4.5-mile range. But since this is still the research period, I hope your team can at least bring the range up to a 3.7 or even a 4 mark range. So by December, we want to see it up. That way, by March, you all should've already reached the 4.5 mark... No! We while you exceed and even get to 5 miles instead!"



The moment they saw him leave, they couldn't help smiling helplessly.

His majesty was once again on the move to the next appointment. And his fighting and working spirit secretly made them like working too.

They felt like his majesty Landon would go down in history as the most workaholic Ruler ever!

Other monarchs sat on their thrones, drank wine, did other activities and were hardly seen out of their palace.

It was true. Most Monarchs only left their palace only about a handful of times a year... Even for a stroll around their Capital cities, they wouldn't necessarily do it unless they had to.

They stayed in their overly large Palaces and sent their spies and minions to do the rest while always hidden away.

The people in the city only saw their Monarchs during Royal gatherings or Hearings.

But Landon's case was different.

He was always flying around the entire Baynard from one place to another, having meetings here and there.

This also couldn't be blamed on him because he was also a great teacher in Baymard.

Who taught the doctors surgery? Who led the people and big bosses and overseers in each establishment about their jobs?

Heh... His majesty was a very, very busy man.

They only looked at him rushing out and chuckled.

Tomorrow would make it August first. And if they were correct, in 2 more weeks, his majesty would finally be married!

And even at this very moment, people from all over Pyno were flocking here to see the wedding for themselves.

The hotels were getting overly filled, with thousands rushing in.

And where was Landon headed to? Well, his goal was to get to the Coastal Port as fast as he could.

Why? His guests were finally here!

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