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Chapter 536 Prison Life

Chapter 536 Prison Life


Those 3 inmates quickly launched their attacks on the duo at once.


They had punched so hard that the duo had fallen onto the tables closest to them..... ruining everyone's meal on that table.

And just like that, the whole scene acted as a catalyst reaction... With some people joining in on the fight, as they too were angry that their good had been thrown away just like that.

The whole Place had now turned into a massive arena, with several people choking each other, scratching, clawing, punching, kicking and even jumping onto the people closet to them.



"You bastard from the Fang cult.

How dare you kick me, a Scorpio member?"

"F*** your gang!

Who do you think you are?

If you knew that you were so weak, then why would you stand on my way when I'm trying to teach that other bastard a lesson?"


Gang and group members also joined the fight as well, when they saw their members fighting too.

Of course, there were also some prisoners who quickly took their food, sat underneath their tables and ate while watching the fight commence.

These people acted as if they were already watching some sort of Tv show instead.

"Yeah!... Punch his nose!"

"Good show bro... Good show!"

"Watch out!

He's right behind you!"

"Dammit! What kind of cheap trick is that?

Brother... Even I feel bad for you."

"Yes, brother!

How can he just fiercely grab one of your balls?

Brother... For the sake of balance when you walk, I propose that you destroy the other one now!"






With the entire place plummeting into disaster, all guards joined hands to put a stop to it all.

They only gave 3 warnings to all prisoners, before silently putting them in their place.

And when the cafeteria fight was over, the entire place resembled a pigsty... As there was a ton of food, as well as several puddles of water scattered all over the floor.

In short, even the prisoners looked like the had been bathed in food as well.

"Everyone, get into formation!

The Warden has arrived!"

Immediately, after one of the head hoards handmade the announcement.... all the prisoners quickly gathered around in fear.

They were currently standing alongside the main pathway at the centre of the cafeteria, while the guards surrounded them instead.

immediately surrounded.

And walking on the path was the Warden, who was calmly observing the prisoners as he walked.


To be honest, all of the prisoners feared the warden..... As he was ridiculously strong and hard to handle.

Also, there was just something about him that made them somewhat fearful.

Because even though they were seasoned assassins, they had never been anyone who could make them shiver as the warden did.

One should know that each sector had at least 5 head guards, who all answered to the warden here.

And likewise, the same set up was also used in the female prison at the other side of District B.

When they first arrived, many of them tried to beat, sneak attack or tackle him several times when he was walking around them.

But each time, they were injured and mentally scared instead.

Warden Mitchen was a fearsome man who made several of them shiver subconsciously just from having eye contact with him.

Of course, Landon had something to do with this matter altogether... As he had bought special potions from the system that invoked fear.... and had given it to several trustworthy Wardens and head guards within the prisons, military and so on.

For sure, the head guards were given less threatening powers from the system than the wardens.


Anyway, Warden Mitchen was seen as a deadly man within this sector.

So even though he was speaking calmly and looked upright, to the prisoners... The calmer he looked, the more dangerous he was.

Cold sweat does on their bodies, as they all lowered their heads in fear that they would be singled out by Mitchen.

In fact, when Mitchen spoke... They get an invisible force almost suffocating them, which greatly forced fear into their hearts.

And they nicknamed the suffocating force as 'Zato Force'... Which was usually unleashed when their Warden mad as hell.

Even the head guards also had this strange Zato force as well... Even though it was nig as strong as the Warden's own.

And just looking at the eyes of these people when they were mad..... Could make one's body feel cold and gloomy.

This Baymardian prison was indeed a dangerous place!


"Who started the fight?" Warren Mitchem asked calmly, while lazily gazing at the prisoners before him who were shivering uncontrollably.

Seeing that they weren't talking, he squinted his eyes and looked at them coldly.

As for the prisoners, they now felt like the invisible force had multiplied 10 times more than it originally was.


Didn't they say that one would feel pressured only after looking at his eyes?

Then why were they now feeling like they were about to die any second from now?

How many battles had this beast won in order to gather such a terrifying murderous aura?



Some of them immediately dropped to their knees under the pressure... While others gritted their teeth in anger as well.

'I'm not scared of you!', they said in their hearts.

But when they lifted their heads and met Mitchen's eyes... Immediately felt like crying.


How can one man be this terrifying?

Very quickly, everyone began confessing.


It was those 3 bastards that started it all!"

"Ahh?... Why are you lying!!!!!

Warden!.... This guy is a perpetual liar, don't listen to him!"

"Warden, those 12 started it!"

"Ahh!!... Who are you lying against?"

"Who is lying?

Weren't you guys the ones that bumped into me and my friends first?"

"Warden, I swear in the name of my great grandmother that I'm innocent!"

"What great grandmother?

Warden, I suspect that this guy was never human!"

(@ ̄^ ̄;)

On the other hand, the surrounding guards looked at the scene proudly.

Was expected of their warden.

But still, isn't this reaction a tad bit too much?


Of course, while everyone was talking nonstop, some specific prisoners were sweating nonstop.

"Pull yourself together Tybalt, this is all necessary for our grand escape out of here."

"Your right!

We can't back out now!

Tonight, we'll break out!"

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