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Chapter 546 New Projec

Chapter 546 New Projec

After speaking with the head guard, Landon tapped his fingers on his table gently.

Deep down, he knew that no matter how risky things seemed.... some people would definitely choose to do things for the thrill alone.

So he knew that this wasn't the last time that someone would try to break out of prison.

Even with all the high-tech systems back on earth, prisoners still broke out frequently.... so what more of here?

Human beings were made to evolve and rise above any challenges.

So with time, even the criminals would get better and wiser.

And the only way to help them here, was to constantly raise up the difficulty level.

Well, with this whole prison thing behind him.... now, he could finally focus on more important things.


Currently, Landon and his secretary were driving towards District C.

To be specific, they were heading towards the Ministry of Tourism.

One should know that it was already the 17th of February, and the Ski \u0026 Snowboarding resort had already become one of the most popular sites to visit in Baymard

It's been weeks since it launched in Baymard, and has been ranked as the 8th most amazing place to visit in Baymard.


It even overtook the Baymardian Motion Picture Studios and the 'Murder House of Mysteries', that took the 13th and 37th spots on the list.

Of course, the 1st place had always been Landon's magical palace for some reason.

Anyway, within the resort, Children had fun outdoors skiing, slating and snowboarding..... as well as adults who loved driving the snowmobiles instead.

Also, there were those that just lived the feeling of flying.... especially when those ski lifts carried them up in the air from one point to another.

In short, many of the tourists and Baymardians felt like doing these fun activities on a daily basis.

In addition to that, many of them loved staying in those simple yet beautiful dome-shaped rooms in the resort.

This alone had reminded many Baymardians about the beauty of camping and so on.

And so, it quickly became a hot site for many people..... especially couples.


As of now, these dome-shaped homes had already been booked from now till July so far.

So that was how much in demand they were at.

Bottom line, people found the whole place to truly be a breath of fresh air.... and wanted these sorts of outdoor activities more.

With all that said, many positive reviews and pleas had been sent to the ministry of tourism for many more opportunities like that one.

As for what Landon knew, even though the people didn't want to live the way they used to live... they still wanted those fun-filled adventurous times in the woods.

Sure... they had the Zoo, a botanical garden, the park and several other places that showcased nature.

But what they wanted was a place that would allow them to sleep outdoors in safety..... just like the resort.

To be more specific, they wanted a scene that was similar to hiking or surviving in the woods... but the catch was that they wanted the place to be very safe.

After all the deaths and animal attacks that used to happen around Shanks road.... it was totally understandable why they wouldn't want to go out hiking in such a forest.

In short, no wife, husband, or even parent... would want their child or loved one to be torn apart by wild animals.

So they just wanted an outdoor area that they could camp with tents and sleep comfortably around.

Of course, the place could have small animals like rabbits and so on... and maybe even deers and other friendly large animals.

But no wild ones!

And so with all that in mind, the minister of Tourism.. and well as the Minister that overlooked everything concerning Wildlife, plants and the entire ecosystem..... quickly made a detailed note of what people truly wanted, and decided to send in their request to Landon A.S.A.P.

One should know that even back on earth, even though people were still surrounded by technology... they still loved the great outdoors too.

So what more of these people?

Sure.. they really lived how they were currently living now, but that didn't mean that they didn't want to go hiking or camping once or twice.

In the end, for the people's sake.... it was always best for them to have a blend of both worlds.


"Welcome your majesty!"

"Welcome your majesty!" Both ministers greeted in unison.... alongside their secretaries as well.

After greeting everyone, Landon calmly sang down and discussed happily with them... while waiting for the meeting to begin.

And as the men talked, their secretaries on the other hand..... hastily took out several documents and placed them on the table.

In short, they were the ones readying the place for the meeting instead.

7 minutes went by just like that, and soon... Landon's secretary rose up from his seat and indicated for the meeting to begin.

Another 47 minutes went by again, with everyone looking at Landon with admiration.

What a guy!

He had already come up with the perfect solution to the problem.... and had even thought about cost, construction and other major and minor details.

Yet, here they were scratching their heads on what to create.

Of course, his majesty had already asked them if they had any suggestions... And in truth, they really didn't have any even though they had been brainstorming for a while now.

"Your majesty.... can... can it really be done?" Minister Abe said excitedly.

His heart fluttered a bit, and for a short moment... his mind became somewhat blank.


He looked at the document before him and almost felt like kissing it repeatedly.

If they could pull this off, this would undoubtedly give Baymard more income just from tourists alone.

Because with his Majesty's plans and designs, even people who typically camped or sleep in the woods.... would still want to come over to taste this sort of adventure.

Minister Abe looked at the documents and laughed stupidly.

As for Minister Florian, he was also pleased as well.

Landon looked at their faces and was satisfied with their happy expressions.

Since they had agreed, then he would quickly give Tim the go-ahead to begin construction.

It could take years for it to be completed, but overall..... the place would definitely be worth the wait!

And what was he going to build... Well, it was best to say that it would be a place that showcases all terrains on the planet.


It was going to be an enclosed park, like Jurassic Park... But without the dinosaurs of course, and it also wouldn't be that big too.

In other words, some places might look like the desert, the other places might look like the jungle.

He would even out quicksand, hidden temples and so on there for adventures to swing through vines, climb mountains and so on.

This was going to be an enclosed park that would take several years to build.

Anyway, this was the best he could do for the people.

With wars and wild animals around the place, he couldn't just send them yo their deaths outdoors.... as previously before his arrival, most hunters still lost their lives or got heavy injured.

And the people didn't want to camp if it wasn't safe..... So he had to create his own forest for them.

Basically, he would just enclose a massive space and create this dream world for the people.

Right now, Landon wanted to iron out everything that needed his concern in Baymard.

Because soon, he would have to ready his men and leave for his mission.

That's right!

It was almost time for him to drive towards the North of Arcadina.

And who was he going to save?

He had no idea!

But all this only made him all the more intrigued.

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