Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 2008 Raw 2104 : A Few Disturbances

Chapter 2008 Raw 2104 : A Few Disturbances

Chapter 2008 (Raw 2104): A Few Disturbances

Eight days later, Xiao Chen arrived at a remote plain of the Thundercloud Ancient Marsh under Sang’s direction.

After circling in the sky once, Xiao Chen felt something different.

There was a place where greenery flourished in the middle of the vast desolate plain, looking exceptionally eye-catching. The difference was clear with one look.

The wildly growing weeds looked somewhat scary. Who could have imagined that one stalk of weed could grow more than three meters tall?

When looking around, one could see strange sights that one typically could not see.

A flourishing lifeforce attracted birds and beasts, creating a place bustling with life.

“It is here,” Sang said softly from the Demon Blood Vulture’s back when he looked around.

Xiao Chen sized up the surroundings, rather baffled. “Why did the Propping Mulberry Tree choose this place for its tribulation? I can’t make out anything special about it.”

“All living beings have spirits. Once they reach the limit set by the Heavenly Dao, they have to undergo a tribulation. The tribulations of ferocious beasts and plants are different from those of cultivators. You cannot look at it from the viewpoint of a cultivator. This place in the Thundercloud Ancient Marsh has the most fire-attributed Spiritual Energy. The sunlight is very strong here, as well. Using this place to undergo a tribulation is the most suitable,” Sang explained slowly, making Xiao Chen feel a whole new level of respect for him.

“You are young, but you know quite a lot.”

Sang did not deny it. He asked softly, “Are you here for the Five Element Divine Lightning?”

“Of course.”

Sang seemed to heave a sigh of relief after hearing that. With somewhat mixed feelings, he said, “However, the Propping Mulberry Tree is the most unwilling to see the Five Element Divine Lightning appear.”

Xiao Chen smiled and said, “That is natural. Who would be willing to have such divine lightning appear in their tribulation? However, this Propping Mulberry Tree was born nearly at the same time as the Martial Epoch. It should be able to withstand this lightning tribulation.”

Sang looked at Xiao Chen and said, “Who told you all this? This Propping Mulberry Tree appeared as early as the Great Desolate Eon. The divine trees all possess the ability of Nirvanic Rebirth. Before the epoch is destroyed, they can burn in Nirvanic Flames and come back to life in the next epoch.”

Xiao Chen laughed, not arguing with this youth. He said softly, “No matter what, many thanks for leading me here. Otherwise, by the time I found this place, the Propping Mulberry Tree would have already completed its tribulation.”

Xiao Chen, who was in the air, had noticed many people gathering in the vegetation below.

If the Five Element Divine Lightning really appeared, he definitely would not have arrived in time to obtain it on his own.

Sang said indifferently, “Laugh after you survive. Everyone knows that when the Propping Mulberry Tree undergoes its tribulation, there is a slim chance of a Five Element Divine Lightning appearing. However, they do not know what kind of disturbance the Propping Mulberry Tree would cause during each tribulation.”

“What do you mean?”

Xiao Chen looked at this youth and asked for guidance. The other party grew up in the Thundercloud Ancient Marsh and should know more than Xiao Chen.

Perhaps Sang knew some information that Xiao Chen’s intelligence report did not include.

Sang hesitated for a while but did not share it in the end. “Even if I tell you, you will not give up. You should be more careful.”


After Sang spoke, he jumped off the Demon Blood Vulture’s back, fell deep into the shrubbery, and vanished in the blink of an eye.

Xiao Chen frowned slightly. “What a strange youth.”

Since Xiao Chen already verified that this was the Propping Mulberry Tree’s tribulation location, he planned to find a place where he could wait quietly first.

The Demon Blood Vulture blazed with scarlet flames in the air, looking like an ancient divine bird. Its eyes burned with a golden divine flame. The moment it appeared, it attracted the attention of many people.

Just then, it descended while circling as it carried Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen had just jumped off the Demon Blood Vulture’s back when he heard the sound of the wind. Two figures stood on the top of some weeds, looking at him.

There was a scarlet mark on the two’s foreheads, identifying them as cultivators from the White Marsh Beast Empire. They were not old but were already late-stage Holy Venerates.

“So, it is a friend from the Divine Dragon Empire. I am the White Marsh Beast Empire’s Chen Shaoze, a member of a Rank 6 Noble Clan.” The person on the left introduced himself to Xiao Chen; he appeared pale and handsome, wearing clothes of alternating blue and white.

A Rank 6 Noble Clan did not refer to a Rank 6 faction. Although they were very similar, there were still some differences.

The White Marsh Beast Empire ranked their Noble Clans by bloodline. A Rank 6 Noble Clan meant a Rank 6 Great Desolate Eon bloodline. The White Marsh Beast Empire had four Rank 6 Noble Clans.

Xiao Chen still knew some basic information about the White Marsh Beast Empire. He performed a cupped-fist salute and said, “Heavenly Dragon Palace, Xiao Chen.”

Chen Shaoze got straight to the point. He looked at Xiao Chen and asked, “Brother Xiao, are you here for the Five Element Divine Lightning as well?”

Xiao Chen nodded slightly, not denying it.

“Practically all of the six great Thunder Dao experts under the Divine Vein Realm in the White Marsh Beast Empire are here. Brother Xiao, what do you think your odds of victory are?” Chen Shaoze asked indifferently, showing a disdainful smile.

The reason why Divine Vein Realm existences and above did not come was not a prohibition from entering Thundercloud Ancient Marsh.

Instead, it was because the Five Element Divine Lightning appearing in the Propping Mulberry Tree’s tribulation was just a possibility. The odds were very low; there was no guarantee of a Five Element Divine Lightning.

The Five Element Divine Lightning appeared in more than one place in the Central Great Realm.

Occasionally, news of the Five Element Divine Lightning would arrive. Many people would go upon hearing the news, only to return disappointed.

Eventually, the Divine Vein Realm Thunder Dao cultivators lost interest in news about the Five Element Divine Lightning, no longer excited to the point of going at all costs.

After all, a Divine Vein Realm Sovereign Emperor’s time was much more valuable than a Sovereign Personage’s.

If a Sovereign Emperor rushed about wasting his time, it would be a considerable loss.

Even a Sovereign Personage would be rather indifferent to news of the Five Element Divine Lightning, not taking it too seriously.

For example, Xiao Chen came only bearing hope. If the Five Element Divine Lightning did not appear, he would not be surprised.

“Brother Xiao, your Demon Blood Vulture is pretty good. Do you have any intention of selling it?” the man on the right suddenly asked as they were chatting.


“Haha! You have not even heard my price yet, and you are already not interested. Since when are the Dragon’s Gate’s Heavenly Dragon Palace disciples this arrogant?”

On seeing that Xiao Chen was of a mixed-blood dragon bloodline, that person intentionally wanted to seek some trouble for Xiao Chen. He was also interested in the Demon Blood Vulture.

After all, this world followed the law of the jungle. Strength reigned supreme. Many times, when a conflict happened, reporting to the sect would be useless. If one was too weak, there was no need to say anything.

Since the Divine Dragon Empire and the White Marsh Beast Empire were allies on the surface, the major characters at both sides did not care about these minor conflicts.

“Brother Xiao, state a price,” Chen Shaoze, who was at the side, chimed in. Actually, these two were attracted here by the Demon Blood Vulture.

However, when they saw that Xiao Chen was a middle-stage Holy Venerate and a Heavenly Dragon Palace disciple, they started to entertain some wicked thoughts.

Xiao Chen understood the situation clearly. He gave a cold laugh before saying expressionlessly, “My Demon Blood Vulture might be a little stupid, but it is not for sale. Please, go back.”

“What if we do not back off?”

Chen Shaoze revealed an insincere expression, showing obvious mockery in his eyes and not caring about Xiao Chen’s warning.

“Then, scram.”

Xiao Chen had already lost his patience. He ferociously took a step forward.

As he stepped forward, his peak aura burst forth. The vast Dragon Might instantly suppressed the two.

The expressions of Chen Shaoze and his companion changed drastically in disbelief.

The aura that burst out of Xiao Chen was comparable to that of a Sovereign Personage, instantly suppressing the two while appearing to make light of them.

Before Chen Shaoze could react, a fist light appeared before him.

Caught off guard, Chen Shaoze hurriedly circulated his Veritable Essence Energy to clash with the fist light.


One hundred Cauldron Force instantly burst out. How could the Veritable Essence Energy Chen Shaoze brought out on the fly block one hundred Cauldron Force?

Chen Shaoze vomited a mouthful of blood as the attack knocked him into the air.

The person who offered to buy the Demon Blood Vulture paled in fright, immediately turning to run.

However, after taking only two steps, that person felt a shadow cover him. When he turned his head, the Demon Blood Vulture stomped him into the ground.

That person immediately let out an agonized cry. All the bones in his body shattered.

The Demon Blood Vulture still did not feel satisfied. It wanted to consume this fellow. To think that he dares to target this great me. How reckless!

When the word “sell” was mentioned, it opened the Demon Blood Vulture’s old wounds.

Back then, its father “sold” it to Xiao Chen for one hundred years, not giving it any chance to object.

“Don’t eat me! Don’t eat me! I’m not a Demonic Dao cultivator; I do not have any demonic nature!”

The Demon Blood Vulture had already scooped the White Marsh Beast Empire cultivator into its beak. This scared him into going limp and begging loudly for mercy.

When the other hidden cultivators saw this scene, it shocked them to their senses. This Demon Blood Vulture did not just look beautiful; there was more to it.

Xiao Chen waved his hand and stopped it. “Just toss him as far away as possible.”

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