Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 1032 - Hit Me! I

Chapter 1032 - Hit Me! I

"Who said you could make a move under my gaze?!"


The bellow of Pride reverberated across the chaotic void as he appeared in front of a Paragon letting out horrendous waves of power, the essence of Extinction actually erupting from this Undead Lich Emperor as with a cold look, his bony fingers smashed onto the glimmering golden axe that carried the force of a million suns!


The strength of Paragons that had power far exceeding this level clashed as the result was horrendous, with the body of Pride actually trembling as the terrifying essence of Extinction threatened to tear apart his golden age and ravage his body, the void around him having already been ruptured.


The body of Pride remained floating at the same position as he didn't even move a step back, his body glowing an ever brighter shade of gold as his expression was that of ardent superciliousness and arrogance as even while every part of this sin was trembling, he called out majestically.

"Did I give you permission to push me back?!"


Pride released a bellow filled with dignity and superiority while looking at the Undead Paragon, seemingly disgusted that such a creature had even thought of standing up against a being such as he! He released the golden axe within his hands to the chaotic void, the axe glimmering brightly as his body gushed out droves of golden essence that represented pure Pride.

An instant later, the released axe began to multiply until hundreds of golden axes filled the void, each of them 50 meters in size as they trembled with strength that could wipe out entire galaxy clusters!


Pride glanced domineeringly at the Undead Paragon that was reflecting the golden gleam covering everything, his voice ringing out as it was nearly as arrogant as a certain Tyrannical Lich Emperor.

"I shall not let you have an easy death!"


The myriad of golden axes were then commanded to come down towards the enemy whose body began to light up with the essence of many cosmic daos!

Daos of too high a stature could not be defended against unless a similar one or one even higher in ranking above it appeared.

The Primordial Dao and the Dao of Ruination stood at the very peak of all Cosmic Daos, so in terms of was above that of Daos like Chronos and Extinction!

The Oathkeeper had shown an example of this when he faced both Chronos and The Goliath at the same time in the Elysian Universe, and these beings had to retreat against him alone.

But currently, these same Daos were being used by existences that had become tainted with the origin essence of a Universal Realm Hegemony, the power they could portray against those in the same level being something that was actually very hard to quantify as it didn't exist before!


An uncountable number of golden axes fell.

Each of them worthy of the explosive force of millions of suns caused the entire area of the chaotic void to melt and deform as the first battle of a shocking war started off with a bang!

When the 10 Incarnations of Chaos moved, Pride was able to stop one of them through sheer will power and strength as the 6 other Sins all stood against six enemies respectively, their bodies lighting up in a myriad of colors as after the strength of their sin was amplified, their bodies erupted with Ruination Essence to resist the terrifying Dao Essence of Chronos and Extinction.



The eyes of the Sin of Sloth slightly lifted as it looked lazily at the figure of an Undead Paragon that had its body still vibrating. Even the effort of raising its eyes seemed like too much as the chubby looking figure draped the blanket it had on to cover even its head completely.

But different from its lazy demeanor...tentacles of essence shot out of its sleeping body in a terrifying manner as they covered everything, a world of tentacles of Ruination blooming in front of this Incarnation of Chaos!

Off in another region, the entire area was dyed pink an amorous figure of the Sin of Lust showed off its extensive curves while blowing a kiss to an Undead that wouldn't even be able to do it if they wanted!

The powerful Incarnation of Chaos had its vigorous flames waver slightly, their figure coming to a halt briefly before the essence of Chronos and Extinction filled up its mind and it shot forth like a cannon ball once more.

In another region, Gluttony's many mouths spread throughout its body had tried to devour the enemy Paragon right away, this Incarnation sensing danger as it pulled back soon after, only to wave its skeletal hands above it and cause the appearance of a regal purple Clock that released waves of the essence of Chronos!

"Get over here!" Gluttony was maddened at the creature that seemed like the most enticing feast escaping, rushing towards it as it seemed to be returning to its old position a second if it were placed on a time loop.

Shocking battles like this erupted in front of ever scene as the crimson figure of the Sin of Wrath and Sin of Envy faced their own Paragons, the areas around them colored red and green respectively as their own unique essence spread out on top of the support of Ruination Essence that Noah provided for them!

Atop each of them...a star of conquest shone brightly as the Sins moved to prove their worth!

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