Chapter 2467: Xiao Baili’s Two Complete Dao Saint Godheads!

Chapter 2467: Xiao Baili’s Two Complete Dao Saint Godheads!

When Xiao Baili summoned his complete dao saint godhead out, the world’s light was eclipsed in the same instant. The bright skies and brilliant shining sun suddenly plummeted into darkness!

There was absolute darkness!

The world lost all its light and radiance.

In this darkness, a complete dao saint godhead slowly flew out from Xiao Baili’s body.

This complete dao saint godhead was pitch-black with a luster. In the darkness, it was a shiny black diamond.

All eyes were fixed on the complete dao saint godhead, and no noise could draw their attention away from it.

Everyone was shocked to their souls.

“This, this is the Solitary Darkness Saint Godhead!” Someone in the crowd exclaimed.

The Solitary Darkness Saint Godhead was ranked twelfth!

“Solitary Darkness Saint Godhead ah. One of the eight saints, Solitary Darkness Saint, had the Solitary Darkness Saint Godhead too, and it has appear once again!” The Black Inferno Race Patriarch Zhang Zhiyuan exclaimed in admiration.

The Holy Race’s first generation patriarch, the Ancient Emperor Holy Ground’s Nie Ri, Desolate Saint, Vajra Race’s first patriarch Jin Bushi, Solitary Darkness Saint, Old Man Cangqiong, and Underworld Devil Sage were the Holy World’s first batch of experts, who had successfully entered True Saint Realm.

And they were hailed as the Eight Saints!

The Holy World’s Eight Saints!

No matter how many True Saint Realm experts had appeared from then on, or how many people had reached the Ninth Heavens True Saint Realm, no one could shake the status of the Eight Saints from the Holy World’s experts’ minds.

Among the Eight Saints, three of them had entered the Primal Ancestor Realm. The first person was Old Man Cangqiong, second was the Holy Race’s first patriarch, Jian Duzun, and the third was Underworld Devil Sage!

The Underworld Devil Sage had another identity, and that was the Devil Palace Master, Qiao Jinyang!

Whereas, the Solitary Darkness Saint’s status among the Eight Saints was only second to Old Man Cangqiong, Jian Duzun, and Qiao Jinyang. However, like the Desolate Saint and Purdue Saint, the Solitary Darkness Saint had been missing for a long time. This was the reason behind the crowd’s big reaction upon seeing the Solitary Darkness Saint Godhead.

Though Xiao Baili’s Solitary Darkness Saint Godhead had taken everyone by surprise, soon, some people were frowning. Earlier, Jin Taiji had lost even with his rank-eleven Chaos Hollow Saint Godhead. Therefore, many people strongly doubted if Xiao Baili could defeat Huang Xiaolong.

A Ghost Talisman Holy Ground’s expert jumped on the chance immediately, “So, it’s the Solitary Darkness Saint Godhead. It is rarely seen, so it’s a pity. Even Jin Taiji’s Chaos Hollow Saint Godhead isn’t Huang Xiaolong’s opponent, yet you have the cheek to say in public that he’s not enough to be your opponent with your Solitary Darkness Saint Godhead!”

“That’s right, Xiao Baili, I think you better get off the stage right now, rather than making a joke out of yourself!" One of the Ghost Talisman Holy Ground's experts ridiculed. "Better get off the stage. You can still have a life, or you might be tortured to death by Huang Xiaolong, and you will die in vain! With this level of talent, how dare you say that your talent is comparable to Xie Bufan, Li Chen, and Tan Juan?"

The Ghost Talisman Holy Ground’s experts erupted in laughter.

Hearing their laughter, the Holy Race’s experts shot hateful glares at them.

Patriarch Bai Moyang raised his arm, stopping the Holy Race’s experts from taking further actions, and kept watching the battle stage in a calm manner as if he had not heard the Ghost Talisman Holy Ground’s ridicule.

Just as everyone thought Xiao Baili was destined to lose like the others before him, a bright light rippled out from his body. Different from the darkness before, this time, it was extreme, blinding brightness. This light was neither white nor golden, yet it surpassed all other kinds of light others had ever seen. Even the absolute darkness from the Solitary Darkness Saint Godhead receded due to this light.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

This was?!

Wu Ge, Duan Xuan, Shen Jiewen, and other experts’ expressions changed greatly. Could it be?!

As they had guessed correctly, their expressions changed to the worse, while another complete dao saint godhead flew out from Xiao Baili’s body.

This complete dao saint godhead exuded a regal aura, and when it appeared, the space above the Mirage Pavilion changed completely. Thunder rumbled as electrifying streaks of lightning zapped across space with heaven-destroying momentum. Overwhelming coercive pressure descended on the crowd, as chilling fear wrapped around their hearts.

Dumbfounded eyes stared at the complete dao saint godhead that was neither white nor golden!

“The Grand Purity Saint Godhead!” Someone in the crowd exclaimed.

The Grand Purity Saint Godhead!

Something exploded in the depths of everyone’s mind.

Even Xie Bufan, Li Chen, and Tan Juan, too, could not hide their astonishment, as they were shocked by Xiao Baili’s revelation.

The Grand Purity Saint Godhead ah, the complete dao saint godhead that ranked tenth!

Although it was the last spot in the top ten, it was still one of the top ten complete dao saint godheads list!

The appearance of one of the top ten complete dao saint godheads astounded the world!

Huang Xiaolong was ‘frightened’ by Xiao Baili’s Solitary Darkness Saint Godhead and Grand Purity Saint Godhead. Even he had not expected Xiao Baili to actually possess two complete dao saint godheads!

Not to mention, one was the Grand Purity Saint Godhead, while the other was the Solitary Darkness Saint Godhead!

Any one of these two saint godheads was amazing enough, then what’s more with two of them together!

The Holy Race’s first patriarch Jian Duzun had the Grand Purity Saint Godhead too.

“Another person with the Grand Purity Saint Godhead has appeared among the Holy Race. That’s another freak genius on the rise, ah.” The Scarlet Flame Holy Gate Patriarch sighed in awe.

As if the Scarlet Flame Holy Gate Patriarch’s words lit a fire, the crowd was in a furor.

Everyone was already certain Xiao Baili would lose in this match, but now, this thought had completely changed. Huang Xiaolong had two complete dao saint godheads but both of them ranked below twenty. Even though he also had the Holy Mandate Imprint, it wasn’t likely Huang Xiaolong could defeat Xiao Baili!

There was mirth in Bai Moyang’s eyes as he took in the crowd’s expressions, and the corners of his mouth curved into a smile. He looked at the golden grandmist holy spiritual aura dragon high in the air. With it, the Holy Race’s overall strength could rise to a whole new height!

Xiao Baili’s Grand Purity Saint Godhead and Solitary Darkness Saint Godhead hovered side by side in the air—one black and one white, shining brightly, especially the Grand Purity Saint Godhead. It’s brilliance penetrated the Mirage Pavilion’s space into the void.

Xiao Baili stood with his hands clasped behind him as he looked nonchalantly at Huang Xiaolong, “Huang Xiaolong, I’ve already said that the current you is far from enough to be my opponent. You have two complete dao saint godheads, so do I. Unfortunately, both of my complete dao saint godheads rank higher than yours. Even if you have the Holy Mandate Imprint, it is not enough to narrow the gap between us.”

Huang Xiaolong calmly refused, “Not necessarily.”

Everyone was genuinely stunned by Huang Xiaolong’s confidence.

The Devil Palace’s Dou Rui’s mockery surfaced again, “Huang Xiaolong, do you have any more trump cards up your sleeve? Then again, I wouldn’t be surprised if the four Primal Ancestors gave you one or two saint artifacts for protection. However, you may have forgotten that among the rules you’ve set, if your opponent does not use any saint artifact, you too cannot use any saint artifact either.”

“At the end of the day, Huang Xiaolong, you shot yourself in the foot! You were the one who set the battle stage’s rules. Is regret hitting you hard right now? Still, it is not shameful to admit defeat in front of His Highness Xiao Baili!” A Holy Race expert clamored.

The Scarlet Flame Holy Gate, Blue Whale Race, Black Inferno Race, and other forces who had lost many geniuses at Huang Xiaolong’s hands were gloating, and a thirst for vengeance roiled in their chests.

“Senior Brother Li Chen, Huang Xiaolong is absolutely going to lose this time!” Xie Yao said through voice transmission.

Li Chen nodded his head slightly in agreement. Finally, there was a smile on his face after so many days.

Huang Xiaolong ignored the jeers coming from the Devil Palace, Holy Race, Scarlet Flame Holy Gate, and the rest, as he summoned his complete dao saint godheads.

First, it was the Dual-Headed Giant Dragon Saint Godhead, exuding majestic dragon might, and then the All-Bodhisattvas Saint Godhead ensued, lighting half the sky with golden luminance.

“Huang Xiaolong, in this situation, you still have the cheek to bring out your two complete dao saint godheads to show off?” Dou Rui sneered, “It’s too bad your complete dao saint godheads are lackluster in comparison.”

The Devil Palace’s experts whooped in laughter.

A soft snicker escaped Xiao Baili’s lips.

As Dou Rui and a bunch of Devil Palace’s experts were laughing as hard as they could to humiliate Huang Xiaolong, a burst of blinding light enshrouded Huang Xiaolong as a third complete dao saint godhead flew out. In an instant, devilish rays of light descended on the land! Heaven and earth eclipsed, and all devils crouched in reverence!

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