Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation System

Chapter 401 - Overseas Wandering Sea Groups (2)

Chapter 401: Overseas Wandering Sea Groups (2)

Wandering Sea Groups owned no territory. They relied on robberies to reap benefits.

Many forces hated them, especially those large transportation companies. If they did not pay any fees, the Wandering Sea Groups would hijack the transport teams.

They were much more terrifying than those average pirates.

“Tsk tsk, one minute is up soon. Looks like you don’t know what’s good for you. All of you will regret it! Haha!”

The haughty laughter was heard, resounding throughout the entire sea region.

“Century Ghosts members, don’t blame the Qing Bi Sect for fighting all out with you if you guys don’t scram now!”

The angry bellow came with a force that was filled with immense righteousness.

“Just the Qing Bi Sect? Even the Chinese Sacred Sects cannot handle us. Haha, if not for the Chinese Guardian Divine Beasts, that so-called Underworld of yours would already be long gone!”

A disdainful voice was heard again. “Time’s up. Since you are ignorant, then… Hiak hiak, Shui Gui. Do it now!”

Boom boom!

When the voice trailed off, there was a sudden loud and violent sound. Under the cruise, the sea began to turn choppy.

Immense energy was coming from the bottom of the cruise.

“You’re seeking your doom!”

The eyes of people from Qing Bi Sect turned red when they heard the roar coming from the bottom of the cruise. In a fit of rage, they rushed to the Century Ghost Group before them.

“Tsk tsk. You guys are burning with a frenzy of rage, aren’t you? Since you don’t know what’s good for you, I’ll annihilate all of you!”

As the sneering voice was heard, the Martial Artists from the Century Ghost Group, each with a ghost mask, flitted towards Qing Bi Sect’s vessel. Both parties engaged in a battle.

In the dark, hundreds of ghosts moved like phantoms, and no one could see them clearly.

“Ah, the cruise is sinking!”

“Everyone, back to the island. Now!”

“Don’t panic. Head to the island at once!”

At this moment, five cruises jerked violently at the seaside as the water gushed into the cabins.

Although they were at a shallow spot, the sea level could still submerge half of the cruise.

Members from Qing Bi Sect stood before the cruise and commanded the passengers at the top of their lungs.

“They are blowing the ship from below!”

Sensing the ship was rapidly sinking, Guan Shuqing let out a surprised exclamation!

“Let’s get off here!” said Wang Xian to Xiao Yu and Guan Shuqing as he leaped in the direction of the island.

Some of the surrounding Martial Artists were also jumping off from the cruise.

“Oh no, Qing Bi Sect is not a match for Century Ghost!”

“Qing Bi Sect has only two Inborn Experts keeping guard here. I heard there were five Inborn Experts within the Century Ghost Group. That Shui Gui is one of them!”

When Wang Xian had just landed on the island, he managed to overhear two middle-aged men exclaiming as they looked out to the sea.

Everyone turned and looked over. All the hundreds of Century Ghost members who were wearing ghost masks over their faces had made it to the cruise of Qing Bi Sect.

Among which, three people in masks that had flashing green radiance were engaged in fierce battles with two Inborn Experts from Qing Bi Sect.

The rest of the Century Ghost members were waging war with the remaining disciples of Qing Bi Sect.

Fearsome and experienced Century Ghost members could slaughter Qing Bi Sect disciples of the same level easily. As such, there were devastating screams everywhere.


“Old Tong!”

At this time, one of the two Inborn Experts from Qing Bi Sect, who was battling in the air, let out a sudden sharp shriek.

“Tsk tsk, trying to stop the Century Ghost with just two Inborn Experts? I ask you not to resist, and yet, you’re digging your own grave.”

A person with a ghost mask suddenly emerged from the water. He was holding on the sharp claw that caught both legs of that Inborn Expert while he lifted his head and revealed a hideous smile.


That Inborn Expert landed into the sea with intense ripples before the water surface finally calmed down.

‘Old Tong! Damn you guys! I’ll kill you all!”

Another Inborn Expert bellowed in a fit of rage as he exuded a sapphire glow from his body.

“Desperate struggle!”

Three Experts of Century Ghost sneered as their masks continued to give off a greenish radiance that was incredibly creepy at night.

“Haha, some of you will head to the central cruise and take all the treasures away. The remaining ones, start fishing!”

“To-ufo, Iyo, Akajita, let’s go fishing! Hiak hiak!”

One by one, those wearing ghost masks charged out from the vessel of the Qing Bi Sect. They were covered in blood as they screamed with a hideous look.

Some of the Century Ghost members headed for the cruise in the center.

That cruise was dedicated to receiving Martial Artists, and they provided auction and trading services. Hence, there were many treasures in it.

Another dozen people flitted towards the island as they stared coldly at all the people on it as though they were prey.

“We’re doomed. Qing Bi Sect was unable to stop the attack of Century Ghost!”

“Oh no, they are fishing. Let’s run!”

“Run now. We’ll not survive if they catch hold of us!”

“They’re ferocious. Everyone, run for your life!”

Upon seeing the Century Ghost members breaking down the defense of Qing Bi Sect by killing their experts, those rich folks and Martial Artists who were here for a tour were appalled.

In particular, those Martial Artists had a huge change in their expressions as they hurriedly fled towards the island.

“Fishing” is a term coined by the Wandering Sea Groups. It meant robbing the valuables from the ordinary passengers and Martial Artists.

If anyone encountered a ferocious Wandering Group and got fished, they would be killed!

“Hiak hiak, trying to escape? Can you run away from us?”

A dozen Century Ghost members cast their gazes in Wang Xian’s direction with glowing green radiance shooting out from their eyes. They began to hunt them down!


Upon seeing the masked Century Ghost members charging towards them, those ordinary wealthy people were horrified as they ran towards the island.

“Hiak hiak, let’s start our fishing!”

One of the Century Ghost members in the middle had a perverted look in his eyes as the people before him screamed in panic. Holding onto a dazzling dagger, he licked his lips as he looked at a young woman.

“This bunch of fellows are so cruel!”

Elder Fang displayed a hint of anger when she saw the gruesome look on their faces.

“A bunch of trash. Kill them all!”

Wang Xian swept his gaze across all the Century Ghost members. In a swift stance, he darted towards one of them before him.

“Fishing? I will turn all of you into dead fish! Hmph!”

Xiao Yu exhibited an intoxicating expression on her face. Ever since her strength had greatly enhanced, she’d had no chance to strike at all.

Her quick movement was accompanied by a ferocious aura.

Skeletal Dragon was out for a kill with swift and violent assaults.

Xiao Yu did not like the appearance of the Skeletal Dragon. Still, she had no choice except to sweep up a violent attack.

A loud explosion was given off in the air. With a palm movement, a bone sword appeared in her hand.

The black bone sword was radiating pitch-black radiance as it was wielded at a Century Ghost member who was targeting a young woman.

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