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Chapter 507 - The Watch’s Functions

Chapter 507: The Watch’s Functions

His voice was deep and sexy, rich and highly attractive. Listening to it simply was a form of enjoyment.

She had to wear it except when sleeping? Why?

Looking at the lady’s watch, it was exquisite. Was it necessary to wear it everywhere?

She did not understand, so she raised her phoenix-like eyes and looked at him in confusion. “Why do I have to wear it everywhere?”

Shi Yuting took out the watch and put it on her wrist. The size was just right – it was obvious that it was tailor-made for her.

“Press down on the pink gemstone next to it and take a look.”

Looking at the exquisite watch on her wrist, Zuo Weiyi looked up at him and then looked back at the watch. She found that there was indeed a pink gemstone in the middle of the watch band.

What was this for?

She pressed down on the ruby, but there was no reaction.

She was about to look up and ask him, but before she could, she saw that the watch on his wrist suddenly lit up.

Her eyes widened as she asked in shock, “W-what’s going on?”

W-what’s going on?

As soon as she finished speaking, she heard a voice that was exactly the same as her again. It came from Shi Yuting’s watch. Although the voice was very soft, she could still hear it clearly.

Was this a voice function?

“How did this happen?”

How did this happen?

Shi Yuting smiled and the corners of his mouth curled up in a sexy arc. “I only got this pair of watches this afternoon. From now on, you have to wear them every day.”

Ever since the last time, when she was almost pushed into the sea by Tengtang Xi, he had ordered someone to make these watches.

After what happened today, he felt even more strongly that she needed this thing to let him know her situation and where she was at all times.

“So, no matter where I am, as long as I press this gem, you will rush to my side as soon as possible?”

“Yes. ”

“But, is this useful?” She looked at him. Although he could know her situation through the watch, if she was brought to a villa by Shi Tiannan like last time, she had no way to tell him her location, so how could he rush to her side?

“If I don’t even know where I am, how are you going to find me?” She asked seriously.

Shi Yuting smiled and took off his watch. “This has a voice and a location tracking function.”

As long as she kept wearing this watch, he would be able to find her.

So that was how it was.

It was her first time seeing such intricate technology, and it really opened her eyes.

“What about yours? Do you think I’ll know when you’re in danger?”

Looking at her innocent face, Shi Yuting smiled.


She paused. “Why?”

His eyes narrowed, and his face moved closer to hers. “Do you think I need you to save me when I’m in danger?”

She was taken aback for a moment, then lowered her eyes, but what if… that was the case?

“What if, one day, you don’t wear a watch?”

“When have you ever seen me not wearing a watch?” He raised his eyebrows and asked in return.


It did seem that he always wore a watch other than when he was showering.

“I still have some things to deal with. You go to sleep first.” After explaining the functions of the watch in detail, he got up. There was still some work to be done.

Looking at his back as he left, Zuo Weiyi sat on the bed and carefully studied the watch.

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