Konjiki no Moji Tsukai

Chapter 307 part 3

Chapter 307 part 3

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Training grounds of the Demon king Castle.

It was a dedicated training grounds for the exclusive use of the Demon lord's guard's.

In the field there was a person standing there, with several birds flying overhead above that person.

That person was Teckil Scissor who has 《Ranked Third》of the 《Cruel Division》.

And the birds that were flying overhead were his magical creations.

Teckil gazed at the birds which were busily moving, and then nodded with a Fu~n Fuu~n.

「Is that so.......as expected the opponents strength is really something」

Teckil was collecting information by using those small birds made from his magic 《Picture Craft Magic painting》from the humas continent.

However, even if it was as predicted, a bitter smile hung on his face when he thought about the fighting force that the opponent had.

「Continue to survey」

As soon as he said so, the birds flew to sky once more.

after that, he shrugged his shoulders.

「Has any information been gathered teckil?」

「Hm? if it'ssssn't O-ornoth-san! Did you just return nowssuuu ?」

The one who arrived there was the 《Rank 4》Ornoth.

He was in the Beast Continent for some time as he was doing his duties as a Government officer on a mission.

「How about it? was there any good information?」

「N~ it issss just too hard to get any information out.」

「Is it about the opponent's strength?」

「Do you knowsuu?」

「That is.Wel you have an important duty from her majesty to grasp the strength of the opponent right?」

「That issss ssso.Just trying to invessstigate it makes me realise the horror and the powerful magic of the predecesssssor Demon king」

「......That bad eh?」

Seeing the bitterness of teckil, Ornoth had come up to take a look.

「Yesss.There is a person who is always running across the castle of 【Victorias】.

And then there are the Black corps who are also standing near the bridge of the invasion route」

Black corps are people who are dressed in black clothes, while the ones who have a pattern are it are those who are recognised for their abilities among them.

Among them are traitors from Beast kingdom who had a.s.sa.s.sinated the previous king named Kourou and even one who was in the same party as Judom namely 《Peace Drop》he was the leader of the party named kiritz.

Besides, there were many others who had certain abilities and powers.

It was known fact that most of these figures were comparable to the 《Cruel》 guards in terms of strength.

「Were they among them?」

「Who are you taking aboutsssu?」

「Do not act.....teritoriaru i mean」


Looking at teckil who moved his ears and his eyebrows showing a reaction, ornoth loosened his cheeks.

「Shall i take that reaction as a yes?」

「.....ahha, that perssssson is no match for Ornoth-san ne」

「And so? what is it?」

「......Was there」

「Where exactly?」

「Right now, should be inside the Imperial castle.I do not where they will appear when the war really starts in earnest」

「.....If it's teritorau then i will be the opponent」

「Eh? wh-why issss that?」

Teckil enlarges his eyes in a suggestive way.

「Even if the person is currently being manipulated by the predecessor demon king, but i don't think there is anything wrong with fight against that person while that person is the teacher right?」

「That is....」

「Moreover in this war, your the key which is crucial in obtaining information

And there is so much information that needs to be spread about the humas movements to the troops at the front.do you think they will be able to fight against teritorau?」

「.......certainly that is true.」

「I know what is your real intension.

As the student you wonder if i can really send that person onto the next world with my own two hands.

But i cannot allow such feelings to cloud my heart.

i will make sure to prove that to you.」

「Ornoth-san........i'm ssssory.

Although Ornoth-san and your teacher had good relations.....」

「Fuu~, that is why.I do not wish for anyone else to take that role from me.

other than you i mean」

「...i know that ssu.About the matter of Master, i sssshall thank you in advance」

When Teckil lowers his head, Ornoth knocks on his teckils shoulders with *Pon Pon*.

「Leave it to me.You do what you can do that is enough」

「Thank you ssu.Aa, but Ornoth-san, apparently there sssseems to a Beastman half around, although i've told thissss before, but please be careful when going around.」

「...is that so.do the tribe know?」

「To an extent.just that the predecessor demon king using them as soldiers」

「....that's right.I will make sure to keep that in mind」

「Yessu.Especially if you decide to fight, please try to retreat as much as possible so that there are no cross fire around」

Ornoth nods while acknowledging what teckil intended to say.

And according to the council, it was decided that after 3 days the invasion shall begin towards the humas continent.

The battle which in the future would be called the 《Two p.r.o.nged battle for Balance》had finally started.

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