Long Live Summons

Chapter 809.1 - What’s True and What’s Fake

Chapter 809.1 [ What’s True and What’s Fake ]

After trying again and again, Yue Yang already had an understanding of the laws of the Earth Demon Palace.

Here, it wasn’t completely impossible to summon a war beast, it was just that it couldn’t be summoned and used in battle, otherwise, it would itself be punished by the laws. This should have been a restriction made by the predecessor who sealed the Earth Demon to prevent it from escaping. Without the combat power provided by the war beasts, it would be impossible for an Earth Demon to escape from this Earth Demon Palace.

In addition to not being able to make use of war beasts, the Earth Demon Palace could not gather power to attack at will.

Once the power is gathered to attack, it is extremely easy to trigger the sealing power.

The Earth Demon didn’t dare to make an attack, and all of the law penalties that resulted from his attack were transferred to the silver-haired old man, a humanoid life guardian war beast, through the dispatch talent and the mirror of pain, which itself didn’t dare to accumulate sealing power.

The Earth Demon Beast had thought that it could count on Yue Yang through the laws of the Earth Demon Palace.

Who didn’t want to let Yue Yang see through it on the spot.

What surprised him the most was the appearance of the Nirvana Fire.

“Kill.” The silver-haired old man hanging on the nine ice chains struggled and forcefully dragged the ice chains downwards, his feet on the ground. A terrifying and unparalleled frost power was transmitted at his feet, deep into the ground and straight to Yue Yang’s feet. Even with the Nirvana Fire protecting his body, Yue Yang’s feet were immediately frozen, the power of fire and ice clashing and competing. Although the eternal Nirvana fire was invincible, the silver-haired old man he exerted frost energy, was still able to grab the upper hand for a few seconds for the time being.

“Go to hell!” The Earth Demon didn’t give Yue Yang the possibility of summoning a treasured book, regardless of whether it was useful to summon a war beast or not.

A hundred times faster than lightning.

The Earth Demon’s magic axe slashed down on his head.

Yue Yang clasped his hands together and precisely took the blade of the magic axe and caught it on the top of his forehead.

Princess Qian Qian’s Prison Emperor Divine Sword, slashed but to no avail, as with her power, she was only able to make a shallow mark on the superbDemon Armor, unable to harm the Earth Demon at all. Xue Wu Xia attack, which caused the mirror of pain to refract, was equally futile.

While Yue Yang’s feet were frozen, the Earth Demon took advantage of the fact that his hands were joined by the Demon Axe and lifted his foot to kick Yue Yang’s chest.

Like a thunder hammer’s kick, Yue Yang’s small body simply couldn’t carry it.

His waist, bent backwards.

Curved like an archway.

Yue Yang, who was still holding the Demon Axe in both hands, dodged the huge kick from the Earth Demon. With his arms, chest and abdomen between his legs, he twisted and turned, flipping the entire Earth Demon over. The moment he landed on the ground, the Earth Demon supported with his right hand, which held the mirror of pain, and lent his strength to a roundhouse kick. The leg was like a curved hook, hanging upside down towards Yue Yang’s already twisted body.

The battle situation seemed inescapable, but Yue Yang’s body suddenly reversed and spun from the twisting direction.

Just in time to avoid a spinning back kick from Earth Devil.

Both time and distance were taken with unparalleled precision, not missing a beat.

The Earth Demon kicked in the air and flipped his body to stand upright, while the Nirvana Fire on Yue Yang’s body had completely melted the silver-haired old man’s frost power, and Yue Yang, who had regained his freedom, brought Xue Wu Xia and Princess Qian Qian with him, backed away once again, maintaining his fighting posture as a trinity.

A distinct footprint depression appeared on his chest, and an identical footprint appeared on the ice wall dozens of meters away behind him.

A mere penetrating energy blast.

That’s what caused this horror.

It would be unimaginable if a full force strike from the Earth Demon were to really hit.

A strand of blood slowly seeped out from the corner of Yue Yang’s lips, even if it didn’t hit all of them, but the one who had the Earth Demon kicked him, his internal organs suffered a considerable amount of trauma. Fortunately, Yue Yang’s combat experience and fighting skills were far better than his peers, and withXue Wu Xia and Princess Qian Qian by his side to help hold him back, if it was another person, he would probably have been instantly killed by the Earth Demon.

“You won’t be so lucky if you come again.” The Earth Demon didn’t believe that another wave of attacks would be enough for this kid to dodge.

“Cut, don’t think you can be trollish just because you’ve lived tens of thousands of years!” Yue Yang lightly wiped the blood from the corner of his lips, just now he was the last test, and it turned out that what he guessed was the same as what the Celestial Vision saw, this Earth Demon Palace, there was a law loophole.

The Earth Demon had found the loophole, and he had found it now.

Yue Yang’s treasure trove of glorious work.

He didn’t summon a war beast, however, the ‘world’ that came with the treasury itself was always there, no summoning was needed, even the space where summoning was forbidden couldn’t prevent it from appearing in the chaotic state. Once the world was out, it added gain to Yue Yang, the master, not to mention, for the surrounding space, that even if this was the Earth Demon Palace, it was also like a black hole absorbing energy to grow …… unstoppable, as Yue Yang guessed, it was some kind of special war beast that existed apart from the general laws.

If he failed to judge just now, Yue Yang would be punished by the laws of the Earth Demon Palace.

However, all his previous probes and the existence of the Nirvana Fire made him certain of one thing.

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