Love Again: Flash Marriage with My Arrogant Sweetheart

Chapter 277 - Rise Again

Chapter 277 Rise Again

“Ask mom.” Huo Yunqi glanced at his younger sister beside him with a flash of worry in his eyes.

They had all returned, but Huo Yunzhan was now

Huo Yunxi did not know what Huo Yunqi was thinking. He only smiled happily and said, “In the future, everyone living together will definitely be very lively.”

The hype surrounding Feng Shuo’s background was boiling, but due to Huo Yunqi and Liu Yan’s resolute attitude, this matter quickly calmed down.

“I always feel that this matter is not over yet.” Huo Yunqi sat in the study and looked at Ye Shaochen, his brows furrowed tightly, “It happened too suddenly.”

Almost impossible for them to guard against.

“Zhuang Xinran, who else is Zhang Ning?” Ye Shaochen said in a deep voice.

These were the people who had always looked down on the Huo Clan, and only they had such thoughts.

“Where is Zhang Ning?” Huo Yunqi suddenly asked, a cold light flashing through his eyes. “And Ai Dasheng, Ai Wei Wei.”

These people were like poisonous snakes hidden in the darkness. As long as they were not found out, they would not be able to live a stable life.

“Ever since Zhang Ning was fired, he has disappeared. As for Ai Dasheng and Ai Wei Wei, there is not a trace of him.” Ye Shaochen’s expression was solemn, his eyes filled with worry. “You mean, they might appear again?”

“It’s not possible, it’s certain!” Huo Yunqi’s attitude was resolute, and a cold light flashed in his eyes. “You’ve been strengthening the security around you recently.”

They had just experienced so many things that none of them could withstand any more tribulations.

Especially Little Ran. Ever since he returned from Southeast Asia, he needed to take good care of his body and not be disturbed by anything else.

“I know.” Ye Shaochen said in a deep voice.

Xia Luobing ‘s birthday was in September. In order to get rid of the gloomy atmosphere brought about by the anger from a few days ago, Liu Yan insisted on holding a grand birthday party.

“Happy birthday, Bing Bing.” Huo Yunqi walked into the bedroom and gently hugged his pregnant wife. The corners of his eyes and eyebrows were full of pampering. “Everyone is waiting for you outside.”

Xia Luobing blushed and glared at Huo Yunqi reproachfully. “It’s all your fault,” she said unhappily.

Let her sleep until now, make everyone know that she is so lazy.

“You’re pregnant, everyone understands.” Huo Yunqi smiled indulgently and helped Xia Luobing sit on the bed. He crouched down beside him and picked up the shoes on the side of his bed.

Xia Luobing was stunned for a moment. The script instinctively shrank and widened its eyes. “What are you doing?”

“Help you put on your shoes.” Huo Yunqi said innocently, “Bing Bing, what’s wrong with you?”

Xia Luobing was stunned for a moment, and her heart was filled with complex emotions. She smiled and said, “I’ll do it myself.”

“Are you afraid that I won’t be able to put on good shoes for you?” Huo Yunqi teased, his eyes carrying a shallow mockery, “Don’t worry.”

Charlotte shook her head, “No.”

Seeing that Huo Yunqi had doubts in his eyes, he said softly, “I don’t want you to do such a thing.”

In her heart, he had always been the Phantasm President of the Huo Clan. Ever since he met her, his entire person had undergone tremendous changes.

They loved each other, but she still couldn’t bear to let him do such a thing.

“Idiot!” Huo Yunqi scolded, grabbed Xia Luobing’s foot with one hand, picked up her shoes with the other, and gently put them on, “Be good.”

Xia Luobing could not dodge, so she could only let Huo Yunqi help her take off her slippers and put on a pair of flat heels.

“How can I not blame you?” Xia Luobing’s eyes turned red and she whispered. She held Yunqi’s face in both hands and gently kissed his lips. After a moment, she let go and said softly, “Let’s go down.”

Huo Yunqi smiled and stood up. His right hand reached up in front of Charlotte and said with a smile, “Happy birthday, Ice Ice.”

There was a shiny necklace in his thick palm. The pendant looked like a cherry blossom. It was simple and beautiful. It was very beautiful.

“Let me help you put it on.” Huo Yunqi said softly.

Sunlight flashed through the window and landed on their lives. It was like a mysterious circle of light that tightly wrapped around the two of them.

After going through so many trials together, they cherished each other more and more.

“Let’s go down. Otherwise, it’s time for them to call someone.” Xia Luobing smiled and supported her waist to stand up. She helplessly said, “After giving birth to this child, I will definitely not give birth.”

Although pregnancy is a very happy thing, but it is really very hard.

“Alright.” Yunqi Huo immediately nodded in agreement, “I don’t want you to work so hard.”

As the two of them spoke sweetly, they went downstairs. The people in the living room were already impatient.

“Sister-in-law, you are all old wives, what are you still tired of?” Huo Yunxi teased. He took a cherry and stuffed it into his mouth. He smiled and said, “We’re waiting until our hair turns white.”

Xia Luobing smiled faintly, a satisfied smile flashing through her eyes.

She and Huo Yunqi loved each other so much that even when they were very old, they would still like to stick to each other.

“Where’s Mom?” Xia Luobing looked at the living room and asked in surprise, “Is Feng Shuo also not here?”

Huo Yunxi snorted coldly, “Right now, Mom only has Feng Shuo in her eyes. Where are we?”

Xia Luobing was stunned when she heard this, and then she laughed. The current family’s condition was really good, and she liked it very much.

“Big brother!” Ye Shaochen suddenly ran in from outside and said hurriedly, “There’s a new situation.”

Xia Luobing’s heart suddenly tightened as she grabbed Huo Yunqi’s finger and unconsciously exerted force.

“Bing Bing, don’t be nervous.” Huo Yunqi sensed Xia Luobing’s emotions and comforted him softly, “Don’t worry, it’s fine.”

Huo Yunxi also glared at Ye Shaochen and said unhappily, “Didn’t I ask you to get the cake? What happened?”

Recently, a series of things had happened in the Huo Clan. It was not easy for everyone to gather together to be lively. Why did something happen again?

“Let’s talk in the study.” Ye Shaochen also realized that he was a bit reckless just now. After a moment of hesitation, he said, “We have to talk about it now.”

Just as Huo Yunqi was about to nod his head, he was stopped by Xia Luobing, “Tell me here, otherwise I’ll be even more worried.”

Rather than crashing her eyebrows like flies, she would rather know the truth of the matter.

Ye Shaochen looked awkwardly at Huo Yunqi and asked for his opinion. Seeing him nod, he said, “Zhang Ning has appeared.”

“Where is it?” Huo Yunqi frowned and said in a deep voice, “What does he want to do?”

Ye Shaochen shook his head, puzzlement flashing through his eyes. “Our people saw him near the supermarket. He bought a lot of food and ropes.”

Food? Rope?

Together, these two items were simply impossible to beat. What exactly was Zhang Ning going to do?

“He’s alone?” Xia Luobing suddenly asked, “Where’s Ai Wei Wei recently?”

Based on what she knew about Ai Dasheng and Al Wei Wei, they would definitely not be happy with the bitter days.

Because what happened back then could not be verified, and Ai Dasheng firmly denied it, not long after he and Zhang Ning were arrested, the two of them were released, but they were not allowed to leave City A.

If Nan Xi knew about these things, he would definitely be incomparably furious.

“He shouldn’t be alone.” Ye Shaochen shook his head. After careful consideration, he slowly said, “He bought a lot of food. The portions do not look like a person’s.”

Huo Yunqi’s eyes lit up. He helped Xia Luobing sit on the sofa and slowly said, “Send someone to keep an eye on him. At the same time, do a good job of protecting the surroundings.”

Since Ai Dasheng and Zhang Ning could do the same thing together, it was hard to guarantee that they wouldn’t jump over the wall and take risks.

He bought rope, it was really weird.

“I’ve already arranged for someone to continue watching. I believe there will be news soon.” Ye Shaochen said slowly.

Xia Luobing suddenly said. “Mom hasn’t returned yet?”

Huo Yunxi suddenly lowered his voice and stared at Huo Yunqi with widened eyes, “Big brother, mother …”

The atmosphere in the living room instantly became tense. Liu Yan and Feng Shuo went shopping for gifts together, but two hours had already passed, yet they had not returned.

“Bing Bing, sit down first.” Huo Yunqi helped Xia Luobing sit on the sofa, his eyes gloomy. “Yunxi, make a phone call.”

At the same time Huo Yunxi called Liu Yan, Ye Shaochen boiled the water and called Feng Shuo. However, as time passed, the two of them saw the same emotions in each other’s eyes.

“Unable to connect.” Huo Yunxi’s face turned pale as he trembled, “Big brother, what should we do?”

Huo Yunqi frowned and said in a deep voice, “Don’t be nervous. With Mom and Feng Shuo together, things shouldn’t be that bad.”

“Is it related to Zhang Ning?” Xia Luobing suddenly said, “Check the GPS positioning system of the car and see where the two of them went today.”

The results of the investigation shocked a few people. They had been to the same supermarket as Zhang Ning.

Huo Yunqi’s expression was solemn as he grabbed Xia Luobing’s hand and said seriously, “Stay at home. Don’t go anywhere.”

Charlotte nodded forcefully, “Alright. Don’t worry.”

“I’ll go get Intoxicated.” Huo Yunxi suddenly said, “She is alone, and we are not at ease.”

Ye Shaochen hurriedly said, “Your idea is safe.”

The people who were resting outside were like random bombs. They might explode at some point, so they had to be careful.

After a few people discussed, they moved separately. Xia Luobing sat in the living room for a while, feeling uneasy. He simply stood up and went upstairs. Duo Duo’s body had not fully recovered, and she woke up later in the morning.

She gently pushed open the door and entered. Seeing that the little girl was dressing herself, her eyes went soft. She smiled and walked over, “Good morning, baby.”

“Good morning, Mommy.” Duo Duo smiled sweetly at Xia Luobing. She lifted the blanket and got out of bed. She ran to Xia Luobing and gently hugged her. “Happy birthday, Mommy.”

Charlotte blinked her eyes and sat on the sofa with her daughter’s little hand. She said gently, “We’re not going to kindergarten today. Mommy is teaching you at home.”

“Are you not going anymore?” Duo Duo blinked her eyes, her face full of excitement, “Great!”

Seeing her daughter so happy, Xia Luobing reached out and scratched her nose, “Ghost Fairy.”

“Mommy, grandma called me.” Duo Duo suddenly turned her head and said. She turned around and took the child’s phone from the bedside. She smiled and said, “Is Grandma downstairs?”

Xia Luobing’s eyes tightened. She reached out to take the phone and clicked the answer button. Liu Yan’s voice was purposely lowered, “Duoduo, Mong Kok Cafe.”

After he finished speaking, his phone hung up.

Mong Kok Cafe?

Xia Luobing’s eyes tightened as she held her daughter in her arms and tried her best to slow down her tone. She whispered, “Duoduo, why did Grandma call you?”

Duo Duo blinked her eyes and thought for a while, “Grandma said that this is our exclusive contact method.”

Proprietary contact information?

Xia Luobing was even more puzzled. If she really was in danger, why didn’t she call a few of them instead of calling the little child?

Why is this?

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