Martial Peak

Chapter 1601 - This Place Is Off Limits

Chapter 1601, This Place Is Off Limits

Hearing what he said, the lead man frowned and said in a displeased tone, “I don’t want to be too far away from Domain Stone Mountain. What kind of benefits can we gain if we’re too far? We need to secure a position in the innermost layer.”

“Then we’ll need to snatch one!” Cai Feng grinned.

“Do you have a target in mind?”

“I do,” Cai Feng nodded as he glanced over at the location of Yang Kai and his group and laughed lowly, “Their spot looks good.”

The lead man glanced over towards where Yang Kai was sitting and showed a satisfied expression, nodding as he said, “That spot is indeed good, it’s settled then.”

“It doesn’t seem like they’ll give it up willingly though,” Cai Feng chuckled as he had been noticing Yang Kai observing them. Sending a cold glare towards Yang Kai, Cai Feng snorted, “That little brat seems to have been paying attention to us.”

“Since we’ve settled on their spot, they have no choice but to give way. It doesn’t matter if they agree or not!” The lead man declared before meeting Yang Kai’s gaze unhesitatingly and striding forward.

The other five people in this group followed closely behind, making no qualms about their intentions as they wantonly released their auras.

A moment later, this group of six stopped a hundred metres away from Yang Kai and the lead man arrogantly spat, “Boy, where are you from?”

Yang Kai grinned and replied lightly, “Shadowed Star.”

“Shadowed Star?” The leading man frowned for a moment before curling his lips and saying, “Never heard of it. This King has taken a fancy to your place, leave now or don’t blame us for being impolite.”

Continuing to sit on the ground, Yang Kai picked some wax from his ear indifferently before blowing it towards this aggressive group and declaring lightly, “Sorry, I didn’t hear what you said, can you say it again?”

The leading man sneered, “Boy, you should learn to appreciate kindness. This King doubts you’re deaf. This King won’t repeat himself; you should scram now if you don’t want to die!”

The five people behind him grinned mockingly as they released a threatening aura.

“What is this? If you have something to say we can discuss it in a civilized manner, why immediately resort to threats?” Zhao Tian Ze stood up with a helpless expression.

Although Yang Kai had said he would stand guard and allow him and the others to comprehend the mysteries of Domain from Domain Stone Mountain, how could Zhao Tian Ze rest assured leaving his life in Yang Kai’s hands? No matter how much Qian Tong and Lin Yu Rao trusted this boy, to Zhao Tian Ze, Yang Kai was still just a stranger.

What’s more, this boy was just a Second-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivator! So Zhao Tian Ze had not dared to immerse himself in meditation and naturally immediately noticed this commotion, swiftly jumping out to mediate the situation.

“This one is Green Mountains Star Green Water City’s City Lord, Zhao Tian Ze. Greetings several friends, may I have your honoured names?” Zhao Tian Ze said with a hollow laugh as he bowed in a submissive posture.

The lead man on the opposite side looked at Zhao Tian Ze, completely ignoring Yang Kai as he felt that Zhao Tian Ze was the one truly in charge here. As for Yang Kai with his weak cultivation, this man figured he was just following orders. With a relaxed and confident expression, the lead man said, “This King is Scarlet Wave Star Brilliant Flame Sect’s Zhang Qing, these are my fellow brothers from Scarlet Wave Star!”

“Scarlet Wave Star? Brilliant Flame Sect?” Yang Kai raised his brow slightly, finally understanding why this group’s robes seemed familiar to him.

When he had met Xu Ding Yang, who was killed by the first Domain Vortex Yang Kai came across, the former said he had come from Scarlet Wave Star. At that time, Yang Kai had felt a vague sense of familiarity with this Cultivation Star’s name.

Now hearing this Zhang Qing’s introduction, Yang Kai immediately understood.

In the Emperor Garden, he had met several cultivators from Scarlet Wave Star.

Specifically, he had met two groups of people.

One group was from Brilliant Flame Sect while the other was from Ice Heart Valley. These two groups were fighting over possession of an ancient secluded home that Yang Kai happened to pass by on accident.

At that time, through a series of twists and turns, Yang Kai had gotten himself involved in this dispute and ended up assisting the women from Ice Heart Valley to kill the cultivators from Brilliant Flame Sect.

The True Alchemy Enlightenment Scripture and the Purple Origin Furnace were both treasures Yang Kai had obtained from that ancient secluded home.

[No wonder this Cai Feng’s uniform is so familiar, turns out I’ve dealt with his Sect before!] Yang Kai grinned, a slightly playful light flashing across his eyes.

“So several friends are from Brilliant Flame Sect!” Zhao Tian Ze’s face changed slightly and he quickly bowed deeper, “Please pardon my disrespect.”

He had obviously heard the name ‘Brilliant Flame Sect’.

Zhang Qing’s expression grew smugger and he nodded lightly, “Since Friend has heard of my Brilliant Flame Sect, this matter can be settled easily. Tell your partners to clean up and give way. This King won’t be unreasonable, as long as you withdraw, this King can guarantee he won’t harm you.”

“This…” Zhao Tian Ze wore a bitter look and hesitated before saying, “Brother Zhang, forgive me, but I can’t decide this matter alone, please let this Zhao discuss it with his companions.”

“There’s nothing to discuss, this place is off-limits. Find yourselves another one,” Lin Yu Rao’s soft voice sounded.

She and Qian Tong were well aware of what was happening and had been staring over with cold eyes for some time, but when Zhao Tian Ze seemed to be caving to outside pressure, they naturally couldn’t remain silent.

She shared Qian Tong’s deep yearning towards the Origin King Realm!

“Don’t you think you’re going too far here?” Qian Tong’s complexion also sank as he glared at Zhang Qing and his group.

“Going too far?” Zhang Qing sneered, “This King is doing no such thing. This King has given you a way out, but it is up to you whether you can grasp it or not.”

“If you dare talk back again, we’ll just kill you all!” Cai Feng shouted, his expression becoming impatient.

“Everyone, calm down, calm down,” Zhao Tian Ze called out anxiously as he motioned to Qian Tong and Lin Yu Rao not to speak before turning to Zhang Qing. “Brother Zhang, please wait a moment, I will explain this matter to them and give you a prompt reply!”

“Fine! Since this is your home star, this King will give you some face, but you do not have much time, I want an answer within half a cup of tea’s time!” Zhang Qing reminded him coldly.

Zhao Tian Ze bitterly nodded before quickly approaching Qian Tong and Lin Yu Rao and helplessly said, “Friends, do you really refuse to compromise?”

Qian Tong looked at him faintly, “What’s wrong, does Brother Zhao want to withdraw?”

Zhao Tian Ze slowly shook his head, “If it were possible, how could I be willing to just back down? However, they outnumber us greatly and if we don’t agree to their demands, the end result will not be good.”

Qian Tong frowned slightly before asking in a somewhat surprised tone, “Brother Zhao’s courage isn’t this small, right? Regardless of anything else, you are also a Third-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivator who has weathered many great storms before, yes? Is it this Brilliant Flame Sect that you dread? What kind of background do they have to make you so fearful?”

Zhao Tian Ze’s face twitched slightly as he showed a bitter smile, “Elder Qian noticed? Yes, to be honest, I do fear their background somewhat. Brilliant Flame Sect is based on Scarlet Wave Star so it is reasonable to say that as a native of Green Mountains Star, there is no need to be wary of them; however, their Supreme Elder seems to have a close relationship with the Star Master of Green Mountains Star! We can’t afford to offend this group of people!”

“The Star Master of Green Mountains Star!” Qian Tong and Lin Yu Rao both narrowed their eyes.

After living on Green Mountains Star for three years now, they naturally knew that there was a powerful Star Master here, one at the Second-Order Origin King Realm.

“If I explain until here, do you two understand?” Zhao Tian Ze looked at them worriedly.

“I understand, but whether we give way or not will be up to Sect Master. If Sect Master chooses to withdraw I will withdraw, if Sect Master tells me to remain, I will remain!” Lin Yu Rao raised her eyes to Yang Kai.

“Up to him…” Zhao Tian Ze’s face sank, never having expected that the final decision would still rest in Yang Kai’s hands.

“Yang Kai, you decide whether we should stay or go!” Qian Tong also looked over, “This old master will follow your lead!”

“Why should we withdraw?” Yang Kai curled his lips, “Naturally we’re staying, how could we miss such a good opportunity? As for those people… rest assured, if they want to court death, I’ll grant their request!”

“If you say so, this old master can rest assured,” Qian Tong grinned fiercely while Lin Yu Rao also flashed an excited look.

“You…” Zhao Tian Ze was truly speechless as he stared at Yang Kai in a daze. “Have you not figured out our situation? If you want to court death, why bother pulling Elder Qian and Elder Lin down with you? They put their lives in your hands so you are responsible for their wellbeing. If you boast so shamelessly, in the end you’ll be the one to suffer.”

Obviously, he had become a little angry and no longer spoke politely to Yang Kai.

“If City Lord Zhao does not wish to remain, you can leave by yourself,” Yang Kai looked at him lightly, “I’m not forcing you to remain and share life and death with us!”

Zhao Tian Ze became enraged and pointed at Yang Kai viciously but was unable to say a word.

Zhang Qing and his group naturally saw this scene and couldn’t help laughing.

They suddenly felt that these four were quite interesting. A disaster was looming over them but not only could they not show unity, they instead had a falling out, truly the height of ignorance and stupidity.

“This old master won’t bother arguing with you!” Zhao Tian Ze was thoroughly irritated with Yang Kai and quickly turned to Qian Tong and Lin Yu Rao and said, “Friends, leave this place with me, otherwise they will definitely not be polite.”

Qian Tong, however, just sighed, “Brother Zhao, we have worked together for several years so this Qian understands your character. This Qian understands that you are doing what you believe is for the best, but there is no need. You leave first!”

Lin Yu Rao pursed her lips and smiled, “You shouldn’t leave too far though, perhaps you’ll be back soon.”

Zhao Tian Ze was stunned.

He naturally understood the meaning of Lin Yu Rao’s words, but he simply couldn’t believe it.

Shooting a cold glare at Yang Kai, Zhao Tian Ze sighed, “I don’t know why Elder Qian and Elder Lin are so confident in you, but I hope you know what you are doing.”

After leaving these last words, he flew outwards.

He had given it his best effort but Qian Tong and Lin Yu Rao were unwilling to listen to his advice, so he had no other choice.

He didn’t have the confidence to remain and help Qian Tong and Lin Yu Rao against this enemy, so he could only choose to leave in low spirits.

Zhang Qing and others looked at him coldly. Without him needing to explain, they already knew the result.

Sure enough, they didn’t try to embarrass Zhao Tian Ze and instead just directed their attention towards Yang Kai’s group of three.

“It looks like you won’t regret it unless you see your coffin?” Zhang Qing sneered, his eyes flashing a cold, sharp light, “Don’t blame this King for not giving you a chance, you brought this on yourselves.”

Saying so, an extremely potent Shi suddenly spread from his body and swiftly engulfed Yang Kai’s group!

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