Martial Peak

Chapter 1602 - Kill Him

Chapter 1602, Kill Him

Beside Domain Stone Mountain, Brilliant Flame Sect’s Zhang Qing wore a fierce look as he released his Shi to envelop Yang Kai’s group of three.

His Shi seemed to be mixed with a special force that made anyone who fell into it feel as if they had been thrown into a volcanic crater. The ambient heat was astonishing and seemed capable of roasting everyone it touched.

Qian Tong and Lin Yu Rao’s faces changed slightly and they quickly released their own Shi to resist.

Yang Kai simply raised his brow and showed a look of interest, however.

This Zhang Qing really had enough capital to back up his arrogance. Obviously, his Shi had reached the minor accomplishment stage!

Shi was a special power that as long as one reached the Origin Returning Realm they could condense. After that, as one’s cultivation increased, the power of their Shi would also grow stronger.

However, if one wanted to cultivate their Shi to the minor accomplishment stage, they needed to integrate their own unique energies into it to strengthen it further.

For example, Yang Kai had integrated his Space Force into his Shi!

As for this Zhang Qing, he had accomplished a similar feat by integrating his understanding of the Flame Attribute into his Shi.

Among all Third-Order Origin Returning Realm masters, only about twenty percent of cultivators could accomplish this, and Zhang Qing was undoubtedly one such cultivator.

Qian Tong and Lin Yu Rao had also made similar achievements in Shi, so they had no trouble resisting the oppression of Zhang Qing’s Shi. This was the fundamental reason why Zhao Tian Ze was not as strong as Qian Tong and the others.

In front of Yang Kai’s group of three, there seemed to be an invisible barrier that was blocking Zhang Qing’s Shi from advancing any further.

Zhang Qing couldn’t help showing a look of shock at this sight.

If it was just Qian Tong and Lin Yu Rao who could resist his Shi, he would still be able to accept it; after all, these two had reached the Third-Order Origin realm like him, but what was going on with this boy? Obviously, he was just a Second-Order so why was his Shi also at the minor accomplishment stage? In fact, this boy seemed to have an even easier time resisting his Shi than the two behind him.

This boy was treating his Shi as if it were a light breeze, completely unworthy of attention!

Zhang Qing stared at Yang Kai in amazement as shock filled his heart.

“Minor accomplishment stage Shi!” Yang Kai nodded lightly, a playful smile on his face, “Not bad!”

As he said so, he glanced around casually. Since Zhang Qing and his group approached them, there had been countless eyes looking towards this place, seemingly waiting for a battle to begin. Many of them had sharp eyes and unreadable expressions, as if they were plotting something and just waiting for an opportunity to act.

Yang Kai naturally didn’t miss these hidden intentions and knew that if he didn’t put on a strong enough display this time, even if he could force Zhang Qing’s group to retreat, others would come to provoke them afterwards, creating an endless cycle.

After all, their group having so few people was an obvious weakness.

Sneering to himself, Yang Kai lifted his hand, pointed to a cultivator behind Zhang Qing, and asked, “I heard you say just now that you met an enchantress on the way here, right?”

This cultivator was startled, wondering why Yang Kai was suddenly asking about this, but with a cold expression he replied in a deep voice, “So what?”

“Was that enchantress wearing a red dress?”


“Did you wound her?” Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed, a dangerous light flashing across her eyes.

“You’re wrong! It was I who managed to wound her, but unfortunately, it was just a single palm so I couldn’t take her life!” The cultivator sneered.

“Very well!” Yang Kai nodded, his figure flickering in the next instant and without any prior signs of moving, disappeared completely.

Although this happened suddenly, Zhang Qing and his group still reacted swiftly. Which master that had cultivated to the Third-Order Origin Returning Realm had not experienced countless life or death battles? Hurriedly, their eyes widened as they searched for Yang Kai.

However, there was nothing to find! There was absolutely no trace of Yang Kai anywhere around them.

The next instant though, Yang Kai’s figure appeared in the middle of Zhang Qing and his group like a ghost. With a cold expression, he reached out his hand and grabbed towards the head of the cultivator who had spoken just now.

“Watch out!” Someone nearby shouted.

The cultivator was furious and was about to strike back, but Yang Kai had already clasped his hand around this man’s head and released a burst of Saint Qi into his body. This Saint Qi smashed through this unfortunate man’s defences like they were wet paper and sank into his five viscera and six organs before Yang Kai swung his arm violently.

The man was tossed out by Yang Kai with great force.

As this man flew through the air, he let out a terrible howl, as if he was suffering the most cruel and inhuman torture. A moment later, the man hit the ground with a thud and his body suddenly burst apart.

Blood and hashed meat flew everywhere as a rich smell of iron rose to the sky!

“I should have mentioned this first, that enchantress is my woman!” Yang Kai declared fiercely.

Everyone was stunned.

Looking over at the blood and flesh which was raining down from the sky, everyone suddenly felt they had stumbled into a tiger’s den and stared at Yang Kai fearfully, many even forgetting to breathe at this moment.

With one blow, this boy had instantly killed a Third-Order Origin Realm cultivator. No Third-Order Origin Realm cultivator should be able to do this.

Only an Origin King should be capable of such a feat!

However, the one who was responsible for this astonishing display was clearly just a Second-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivator, a boy who should be the weakest cultivator present!

The gap between this boy’s cultivation realm and the intense visual he had just created had formed an extremely sharp psychological contrast, stunning everyone silent.

Those who had been secretly eyeing Yang Kai and his group before now couldn’t help breaking out into cold sweat, secretly rejoicing that they hadn’t been the first to challenge them otherwise they might have been the ones who ended up in such a miserable state.

“Boy, you dare!” Zhang Qing finally reacted, roared, and threw a rage filled punch towards Yang Kai as he pressed his burning Shi towards him.

Zhang Qing’s fist seemed to burn so hotly that the surrounding space distorted as his punch passed through it, his flame-like attack rushing straight towards Yang Kai’s head.

The moment Zhang Qing took action, his companions also summoned their artifacts and pushed their Saint Qi into them, causing them to light up in a dazzling display of light.

At that moment though, an extraordinary Shi suddenly broke through Zhang Qing’s Shi and suppressed all of them in place.

In an instant, Zhang Qing’s entire group found their Shi fiercely suppressed, to the point where they couldn’t even release it outside their bodies.

Not only that, the space around them solidified greatly, making it difficult for them to even walk while at the same time, the circulation of their Saint Qi inside their bodies was noticeably impeded, causing the brilliance of their artifacts to rapidly dim.

Shi suppression!

They knew better than anyone what the reason was. They had been trapped inside Yang Kai’s Shi, unable to free themselves. They had used this method when dealing with enemies with lower cultivation than themselves many times before as it was extremely effective.

However, now they were the ones being suppressed by someone at a lower cultivation.

If they weren’t personally experiencing it, they would likely have never believed it possible, but their current reality was undeniable!

Their faces pulled taught and their muscles bulged as they desperately pushed their Saint Qi, trying to get rid of Yang Kai’s suppression.

Qian Tong and Lin Yu Rao did not give them a chance to breathe though.

Qian Tong roared and summoned a coin-like artifact to his hand, one that exuded a dazzling golden light and had a distinct hole in its centre. As soon as it appeared, Qian Tong tossed it into the air where it split into two, then four, then eight…

In an instant, the sky was filled with golden coins with and at their empty centres a sharp, bolt-like attack formed and shot out towards the enemy in a terrifying barrage.

Lin Yu Rao figure flickered as a coloured ribbon appeared in her hand and lashed towards the frozen Brilliant Flame Sect cultivators, wrapping around one of them and rapidly constricting to the point where the sound of broken bones rang out and blood spewed from his mouth.

By the time the coloured ribbon flew back to Lin Yu Rao’s hands, the enemy she had targeted was already lying limply on the ground, barely alive.

Yang Kai laughed wildly and didn’t pay any attention to any enemies except Zhang Qing. The others could be dealt with by Qian Tong and Lin Yu Rao. Neither of them was weaker than Zhang Qing, so when they joined forces, dealing with four enemies who were suppressed by Yang Kai’s Shi wouldn’t be any trouble.

Yang Kai on the other hand was splitting his attention to combat Zhang Qing’s Shi with his own while at the same time sending out a silent order.

Accompanied by the high-pitched cry, the Firebird Artifact Spirit soared out from Yang Kai’s body.

“Kill him!” Yang Kai shouted as he charged towards Zhang Qing. At the same time, the Firebird Artifact Spirit flapped its wings and crashed down like a meteor from Nine Heavens, opening its giant mouth and constantly spitting out scorching hot fireballs towards Zhang Qing’s head.

Zhang Qing’s complexion changed drastically. He hadn’t expected the situation to become like this at all. The miserable screams of his companions filling his ears sent shivers up his spine as he struggled to deal with Yang Kai and the Firebird Artifact Spirit’s joint assault.

In less than three breaths, Zhang Qing was pierced through his lower abdomen by Yang Kai’s Heaven Punishing Spear while the Firebird took advantage of this opening to land a fireball on his forehead.

Zhang Qing’s hair singed, leaving him incredibly dishevelled. Gritting his teeth Zhang Qing glared at Yang Kai with pure hatred as he suddenly released a terrifying aura. At the same time, a sharp sound of thunder rang out as flashes of lightning streaked across his figure.

A golden light suddenly appeared at that moment as Yang Kai sent out a Golden Blood Thread from his fingers that captured Zhang Qing after catching him off guard.

Looking at him mockingly, Yang Kai smiled and said in a low voice, “Do you think I don’t know about your Heaven Scorching Thunder Fire? Did you want to use this Secret Technique to drag me down with me?”

“How did you know?” Zhang Qing’s face changed slightly.

“Because I killed a few of your Brilliant Flame Sect’s people in the Emperor Garden,” Yang Kai snickered before swiftly constricting the Golden Blood Thread that was binding Zhang Qing.


The extremely sharp Golden Blood Thread sliced through Zhang Qing Saint Qi’s defence and cut him into countless pieces, leaving a hashed up pile of meat scattered across the ground.

The battle thus ended…

From start to finish, only ten breaths had passed, causing many who were watching to still not catch up with what had happened.

The group of six headed by Brilliant Flame Sect’s Zhang Qing had been wiped out.

On the other hand, Yang Kai and his group of three were unscathed.

The audience was thoroughly shocked!

All the cultivators present stared at Yang Kai as if he was some kind of monster, astonishment filling their gazes.

They had witnessed the entire course of this battle and naturally understood how important Yang Kai’s role in it was.

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that he alone suppressed Zhang Qing’s entire group of six. If not for his Shi being so overpowering, Qian Tong and Lin Yu Rao would not have been able to kill the enemy like they were chopping up melons and vegetables!

Among this group of six, besides Zhang Qing’s Shi, which he could only release slightly, the other five were unable to use their Shi at all as it was completely suppressed inside their bodies, unable to play any role.

Could an Origin Realm master who couldn’t use their Shi even be called an Origin Returning Realm master?

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