Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 1450 - Three Spirit Herbs

Chapter 1450 Three Spirit Herbs

“It’s the coal snake! A drop of its venom can kill a ferocious beast. Snake gall is a good thing. Since I encountered it, it’s convenient to catch it.”

Shangguan Wanrong murmured, fixing her eyes on the shiny black snake. At the next moment, she smeared the medicine in her hands, then swung forward using the rope’s force and grabbed the snake’s head in an instant.

At the same time, Feng Jiu, who was waiting above, heard the voice coming from below. Although the sound was not so clear amidst the wind, she was not worried knowing that her mother was alright.

After waiting for about the time it took an incense to burn, she sensed the rope shaking. She guessed that her mother had already collected the herb. So, she quickly retrieved the rope and pulled her mother back from the precipice.

About an hour or so, she was pulled up from the bottom. Feng Jiu came up to see that her mother had no wound except for her clothes getting dirty from friction. She was relieved.

“Are you alright? Did you get the herb?” Feng Jiu asked while helping her untie the rope.

“Here it is. Look, this is Stone Iron Azalea, one of the essential ingredients for refining Longevity Pill.” Shangguan Wanrong smiled. She took out the spirit herb she had picked and showed it to Feng Jiu. “I also caught the Stone Iron Azalea’s guardian beast, the coal snake.”

When she heard this, Feng Jiu was immediately startled and anxious. “Coal snake is extremely venomous. Its reaction is also very fast. You didn’t get bitten, right?”

“No, even though it’s fast. I’m faster than the snake.” She put away the spirit herb with a smile and patted her clothes. “I still need to find two more herbs.”

Feng Jiu asked, “What kind of herbs are those two? I can help you look for it.”

Shangguan Wanrong smiled. “Although you are very familiar with spirit herbs and have been sending herbs to the peak for some time, those herbs are very rare even in the sect. Even if you see them, you can’t recognize them.” It’s because she had never seen the three herbs before.

“If you don’t say it, how do you know I can’t recognize it?” She flashed a cunning smile. Feng Jiu looked at her mother with a smile and told her proudly. “I’m amazing. There are no spirit herbs that I don’t recognize.”

“Oh?” Shangguan Wanrong chuckled. “So, have you really learned about them?”

“Mm hmm. I’ve learned.”

Feng Jiu nodded. She was very confident. It was impossible for her not to know things related to spirit herbs. If her mother only told her what kind of spirit herbs she was looking for, perhaps she could deduce what Master Third Sun was going to do with it.

However, currently, although Stone Iron Azalea was one of the essential herbs of Longevity Pill, that’s all she knew. She had no idea about several other herbs used. Even she couldn’t find out what kind of elixir the final pill would be, but it must be related to the Longevity Pill.

Shangguan Wanrong looked at her and took out a folded paper from the space. “These are the three herbs I am looking for.”

Feng Jiu took it and opened it. Three spirit herbs were written on the white paper. The name and growth habit of the spirit herbs were marked on it. The first on the list was the just picked Stone Iron Azalea.

“The second herb is the longevity flower, and the third is the seven-leaf variation grass?”

Looking at the above several kinds of spirit herbs, Feng Jiu wrung her eyebrows slightly. What kind of pill would be produced from a combination of the three spirit herbs?

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