Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 1515 - Super Divine Beas

1515 Super Divine Beas

The sword potent came out with a roar of flame and took the shape of a crescent curve and slashed at the cultivators’ bodies that surrounded her with the speed of lightning.



The fierce sword potent attacked and many cultivators who couldn’t evade it were slashed on their chests. While their blood oozed out, their clothes and robes were also touched by the flame. For a moment, they screamed and slapped the flames on their bodies.

“Hiss! It’s scalding hot!”

“Hiss! It’s burning! It’s burning!”

“Ah! How did this happen, my body…” A cultivator exclaimed. His figure, which had been standing in the air, went nose-dive, causing him to scream. “Save me! The spirit energy breath inside my body vanished!”

The sect master and others still looked on from the distance when each one of the cultivators caught fire and were in a panic. Immediately after that, a Nascent Soul cultivator lost his balance and tumbled down.

“Cultivators below, catch him quickly!” The sect master shouted in a deep voice. With a tense frown, he looked up at the woman in red who stood in the air wantonly. His voice, which was low and contained pressure, was filled with fury.

“Did you use medicine?”

This woman dared to use medicine in front of so many people? She treated them as nothing!

“What’s wrong with using medicine? It’s still better compared to you, ganging up on me with force.” Feng Jiu snorted coldly. She flipped the sword in her hand and glanced at the grand formation protecting the sect. “Do you want to trap me like this? It’s too naive. As I said, I don’t want to be your enemy. But since you don’t let me leave, don’t blame me for the sect’s heavy casualties.”

As she spoke, she lifted her hand and a handful of medicinal suds dispersed from her hand with the night wind and sprinkled all over the place below. The corners of her lips slightly curved up, showing a smile of evil charm. Her voice floated softly. “Those of you who don’t want to die would better hide quickly. Otherwise, if you die, won’t the sect master be distressed?”

The people below heard this and looked up again at the several Nascent Soul cultivators who fell directly from mid-air. Several Celestial Strong Exponents could barely support themselves to retreat. Seeing this, the disciples below retreated one after another. There were also some smart but petty people who after taking detoxing pills, stepped forward to seek fame.

Unfortunately, none of it worked.

How could the medicine she made be solved by ordinary people? Some of the weaker cultivators lost their inner spirit energy breath in an instant, totally unable to lift their spirit energy. Those stronger ones had a slower effect, but could still be suppressed.

But, because of this, they were afraid. This woman was so difficult to deal with. Would they really want to waste their lives for that one medicinal pill?

When he saw those Celestial strong exponents looked hesitant, the sect master’s expression turned gloomy. He stared at Feng Jiu and raised his hand to call his contracted beast at the next moment.

“Black Eagle! Come out!”


A long shrill cry broke through the sky and reverberated in the night. As soon as the sect master’s command was received, the black eagle that was sleeping in the mountain peak flapped its wings and soared up into the night sky.

The huge black eagle circled in the air, screaming. Its sound contained the great pressure of the super divine beast. The super divine beast’s pressure that accompanied the sound while circling the sky made the disciples of the whole sect clamour with excitement.

“Look! It’s the sect master’s contracted beast, Black Eagle! It is a super divine beast. This time, that woman will certainly die!”

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