MMORPG: Divine Monster Transmuter

Chapter 399 - : I Do Not Have Such an Ugly Child

Chapter 399: I Do Not Have Such an Ugly Child

Near Mechanus.

The six shifters, Heifeng, Xiao Longnu, Yanhu, Thunderclap Mantis, Guapi, and Snow Tiger were quickly approaching Mechanus.

“Heifeng! Your son is fun to play with! Come and play with it!”

At this time, a tiger cub with patches of black and white on its face and body kept on playing on Yanhu’s back. And what was wondrous was that regardless of how fast Yanhu was, the little yin-yang tiger cub would not fall.

Heifeng wiped away his tears with a sad face. “Wa… Damn it, I’ve been cheated! He doesn’t look like me at all! I was so handsome in the past, the thousands of tiger ladies would fall for me. I did not expect that my son would look so different. Xiao Xue, tell me, did you cheat with another tiger behind my back?”

“Pfft…” Guapi could not help but laugh and said, “It’s a common saying that in order to have a good life, one’s head must be slightly green*!”

The Snow Tiger meanwhile looked at Heifeng grudgingly. “Heifeng, are you trying to humiliate me? Let me tell you, Heixue is your son! Don’t you even think of abandoning us!”

As soon as Snow Tiger finished talking the yin-yang tiger cub Heixue suddenly jumped up and landed in front of Heifeng, and then took out a chicken drumstick as he said to Heifeng, “Daddy! Lick!”


Heifeng’s body moved and he flung Heixue away, while Xiao Longnu caught onto the sobbing Heixue.

Looking at Heixue crying so sadly in her arms, Xiao Longnu comforted him and said, “There, there, little one. Stop crying. Your father is merely playing with you.”

Heixue did not say anything, and jumped down from Xiao Longnu pitifully, and landed on Snow Tiger’s back, then buried its little head in his mother’s fur.

“Heifeng, are you a dog?!” Guapi yelled angrily as she could not stand it.

“Huh? Guapi, you want to find a dog? Go find Xiaotian, he’s a dog!” Heifeng said and licked a chicken drumstick.


“Enough. We must continue our way!”

Just as Guapi was getting furious and was going to teach Heifeng a lesson, The Thunderclap Mantis spoke at this moment.

The Thunderclap Mantis did have some authority among Jiang Feng’s followers. As his voice fell, Guapi merely gave Heifeng a glance and then continued their journey.


“Shadow Strike!”

Johns kept on taking advantage of the Five-Claws Mechanica Dragon to attack him, and Jiang Feng had enough looking at him hiding behind it like that. Looking at Johns avoiding him with just a little bit of health left, he teleported over and used his most powerful Sacred Skill.

In an instance, there were six of his shadows appearing in the sky. All of them smashed at Johns with their Deicides.


Johns was just about to dodge, but Ling Luo fired a shot and hit Johns’s head, making him dazed for 0.5 seconds. And in these 0.5 seconds, Jiang Feng’s skill fell on Johns.


The attack had dealt four times the damage and directly sent Johns on his merry way.

He picked up the items that Johns dropped, and teleported away again just in time to avoid the Five-Claws Mechanica Dragon’s attack.


Suddenly, there was a loud call for attacks. A large group of players from both the Divine and Infernal factions suddenly attacked Mechanus. Their numbers were shocking.

When he saw that, he frowned. He did not pay much attention to the Five-Claws Mechanica Dragon’s attack and the attacks from Qiu Si and the other Inheritors. Instead, he attacked the players that came toward them.

The Five-Claws Mechanica Dragon kept on following him and would launch beam attacks after beam attacks. However, Jiang Feng had dodged most of these attacks. Instead, the attacks all struck the players that were rushing over, instantly killing many of them.

Now, he was using the Five-Claws Mechanica Dragon’s attack to reduce the pressure of those from the Shifter Faction and to clean up the attackers from the Divine and Infernal faction players.

“Wakakaka, Boss! Here I come!”

At this time, Jiang Feng heard a wild yell from afar. He looked at it and saw Heifeng, Xiao Longnu, the Thunderclap Mantis, Yanhu, Guapi, and a Snow Tiger that he did not recognize flying over.

Heifeng laughed, spun his body, and then dived into the group of players from the Divine and Infernal factions.

He was like a giant black drill, and all the players that he came into contact with had either been bounced away or if their Sacred Health was too low, instantly killed. He was extremely powerful.

“Boss, I’m here too!”


Yanhu’s giant body and front paws were raised up as he roared toward the sky, and then he stomped with force on the ground with both his paws. In the next moment, four thick, crackling bolts of lightning were shot out.

The four bolts of lightning kept on slithering on the ground and finally converged where the players from the Divine and Infernal factions were and exploded. All the enemies within 50 meters of it were blasted away. Some of them were killed. Some of them were paralyzed on the spot.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The Thunderclap Mantis was like a phantom, flying through the players. As it moved its bladed arms, all the enemies that had little health left thanks to Yanhu and Heifeng’s attacks were instantly killed after its blades went through them.

“Roar… My turn!”

Guapi transformed into a giant dragon. A rune formed on her dragon horns, and slowly grew larger until it covered the sky. All the players on the Shifter faction quickly had their health restored while all the enemies that were under the runes had their health constantly depleted.

“Roar… Tidal Wave!”

Xiao Longnu then transformed into a giant white dragon. She spun in the air for one round, and nine dragons made of water crashed into the enemies beneath her.

“Bloody Snow!”

The Snow Tiger was also not someone that could be bullied. She roared, and blood-red snow began to fall. As the snow fell on the enemies, they would all cause high damage. It was quite terrifying.

“Wow! I want to go, too! Yin-Yang Beam!”

When Heixue saw his daddy and mummy, as well as auntie and uncles all began to attack, he also became very excited as he stood up on his mummy. A pair of wings appeared behind the little cub, and as the wings suddenly flapped, two beams of black and white shot out.

The two beams were extremely fast. It disappeared as quickly as it appeared. Next, many of the players from the Divine and Infernal factions were instantly killed. It was extremely horrifying.

When they saw Heixue’s attack, Heifeng, the Snow Tiger, Xiao Longnu, and the others all looked at it in amazement.

Jiang Feng was slightly shocked when he looked at the Snow Tiger and Heixue. He then looked at both of their stats, then asked Xiao Longnu in shock, “What’s with the Snow Tiger and Heixue?”

Xiao Longnu then said, “Ask Heifeng!”

Jiang Feng dodged the Five-Claws Mechanica Dragon’s attack then looked at Heifeng suspiciously.

Heifeng opened his mouth awkwardly, then said pitifully in the end, “The Snow Tiger is my wife, and that ugly Heixue should be my son. But I am so handsome, I shouldn’t have such an ugly son… I suspect that she’s cheating on me!”

“Hahaha…” Yanhu laughed.

“Pfft… Heifeng, you really look forward to getting cheated on, huh?” Guapi said with a smile.


After hearing what Heifeng had said, Jiang Feng also could not help but burst out laughing.

He did not expect that Heifeng would find a wife, and get a son.

But what made him feel astonished was that Heifeng’s son was very powerful. He was already a Rank Two Sacred Beast, even more powerful than Heifeng!

*T/L notes: It means that one has to close an eye so that life is bearable. Green on one’s head in Chinese culture basically means getting cheated. Analogy ranges from having grass grow on one head to wearing a green hat.

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