MMORPG: Martial Gamer

Chapter 1207 - Fearless’ Strategy

Chapter 1207: Fearless’ Strategy

The countdown ended.

Purity slammed her feet and aimed elbows at Fearless menacingly.


Fearless let out a slight grin and made himself invincible as he rushed head on to confront Purity.

A Priest fighting with the courage of a Knight was truly a sight to behold.

Purity quickly noticed that Fearless had cast [Invincibility] on himself and knew her attack was not going to be of any effect. She jumped sideways and dodged Fearless’s incoming attack.

“Oppression!” Fearless harrumphed as he executed a taunt skill and Purity was dragged towards him.

“HAHAHA!” Fearless laughed maniacally. He lowered his head and his hands reached out to hold Purity at the waist as he exclaimed, “Young lady, even if we die together… It is worth it.”

After he said those words, he executed the Priest’s skill [Self-Explosion].


Before anyone could even react to the rapidly unfolding developments of the battle, Purity was caught by a blast and dissipated into white light in the aftermath of Fearless’s attack.

Fearless was also left with 1HP after that encounter.

“F*ck, this underhanded scum did a suicide attack!”

The audience sucked in a breath of cold air… No one could fathom before this battle that a Priest could be so formidable.

Fortunately, Priest fell behind in the other stats compared to other classes or it would have been too overpowered.

As the audience slowly recovered their senses they shook their fists in agitation, “F*ck, if I knew this was the potential of a Priest, I would definitely have chosen it… I’m so jealous…”

Fearless had swiftly concluded the battle and gave Quan Zhen Sect the upper hand with the score now at 4:3.

Fearless quickly chugged down a few HP potions to restore him. Not before long, the fourth member from Team Pugilists Don’t Cry had already made his way up on the stage.

The next match continued.

The opponent was afraid that Fearless was not going to engage him head-on so he seized the initiative to attack.

Fearless was unhurried as he once again activated [Invincibility] on himself. Under the barrage of attacks by his opponent, Fearless executed his movement technique and flew up into the sky

“Come back down!”

Upon seeing the fleeing Fearless, his opponent was filled with tears in his eyes as he threw a few exasperated punches into the eye before collapsing on the ground.

Facing the Quan Zhen Sect was truly a frustrating experience.

After thirty minutes…

The match resulted in a stalemate and both players exited the arena.

Team A Murder Of Crows had lost all its players but Team Pugilists Don’t Cry had left one more player and they won another point for themselves, resulting in an overall score of 4:4.

At the break, the Quan Zhen Sect huddled around Fearless as they inquired, “Since the overall score is at a stalemate, what is our strategy for the next round?”

“Guys,” Evil Rampage who had been involved in the proceedings so far could not help but chime in, “Why not let me fight, I am getting really bored just sitting around here.”

“Hehe! There’s no need to trouble you!” Fearless chuckled, “You are our cheerleader after all. Our Quan Zhen Sect has eleven eligible players after all. How could we trouble you for such a matter!”

“Are you sure this strategy is going to work out?” The audience expressed their concern. “Even if their defense is strong, the most that they can force is a draw. The other side is not stupid.”

“I am counting on the fact that they are not stupid.” Fearless smirked to himself, “They have chosen to dig a grave for themselves this time.”

The rest of the players, “…”

At this instance in the Team Pugilists Don’t Cry resting room, Purity was giving her all in motivating her comrades, “Everyone, raise your spirits. We have already leveled the score.”

“Yes…” Thirteen Ji replied dispiritedly.

Although the score was leveled, after going through their own battles, everybody had harboured some grievances in their hearts.

Purity continued, “Everyone, continue to give your best. Let’s try to take the lead in the next round.”

“F*ck!” Thirteen Ji displayed an irritable expression and said, “What if they continue running? I have no intentions of continuing to play their games.”

“Run? Haha!” Purity smiled gently and replied, “We have the arena selection this round. How could ever choose one that gives them the freedom to run.”

Someone interjected, “Big sister, are you forgetting the man that has the surname Wang? If we meet him in the subsequent rounds, won’t we not have the room to escape as well?”

“You fool!” Purity glared at him, “You just have to stall for time if you meet him. Annihilate the rest of his team before dealing with him. At that point, it is ten against one. Even if you can’t win, the team won’t be completely destroyed.”

“Ooo…” Upon hearing Purity’s thought process, her team finally understood her intentions.

Although Wang Yu was a tough opponent, everyone in their team was also an expert martial artist in their own rights, even if they could not beat him individually, a few of them could surely drag him down together.

They did not pay attention to any other player from Quan Zhen Sect.

At the thought of this, everyone had new hopes.

Once the break time ended, everyone returned to their gaming cabins.

In the final round, everybody had rousing spirits.

Everyone on the side of Quan Zhen Sect except Vainglory went into the battle arena because he was not adept at dealing with long-range attacks.

Purity had also chosen the battle arena.

She had chosen the Pugilist arena!

These group of young Pugilists were truly spooked by the Quan Zhen Sect that they did not dare to choose a bigger arena for a team battle.

This was truly a classic example of how Quan Zhen Sect messed with the mentality of their opponents.

The two opposing sides took their places.

They were swiftly sent into the arena.

On the side of Quan Zhen Sect, the members came in all shapes and sizes, they were a diverse and eccentric bunch.

On the side of Quan Zhen Sect, the members came in all genders and sizes. In comparison, they were a diverse and eccentric bunch.

On the side of Purity instead, the group of Pugilists stood in a row. Their fearsome aura intimidated all who laid their eyes on them.

The audience thought very lowly of the Quan Zhen Sect’s style initially but after a few rounds, this unique style of battle had slowly made an impression on them.

It was expected that not many of the audience would appreciate Quan Zhen Sect’s unscrupulous and sometimes cowardly strategies but, in the end, a win is a win.

As the countdown ended, the match began.

Purity gave a side-eye to Thirteen Ji and Nian Liuyun and the duo rushed towards Wang Yu.

As soon as they saw Quan Zhen Sect’s formation, they were stunned.

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