Museum of Deadly Beasts

Chapter 484 - Another Disruption

Chapter 484: Another Disruption

Lin Jin almost forgot that he had to be at the Visitation Hall tonight.

After all, his past few days had been very eventful. There were too many developments, but thankfully, they were positive developments.

For instance, he managed to kill Chu Gou, who robbed the Qiao family of their wooden token and almost killed White Ape and Shang’er. He even obtained substantial information on the Demonic Appraisal Association. Then, he passed the Rank 4 assessment and officially became a Rank 4 beast appraiser.

In tonight’s reopening of the Visitation Hall, Lin Jin had something to do.

As usual, by the time Lin Jin entered the place, the visitors were already waiting inside the hall. Again, there were no new visitors.

Lin Jin’s gut told him that now wasn’t the time for new visitors yet. According to the Visitation Hall’s pattern, it would take roughly two to three months before they had new visitors.

Or not.

Lin Jin told Feng Ziqian about his current situation.

Feng Ziqian was delighted to hear that.

“Curator, you’re saying that Appraiser Lin has arrived at Heavenly Spiral’s royal capital and even passed the Rank 4 assessment?”

Wearing his Curator’s mask, Lin Jin nodded. “That’s right!”

Feng Ziqian went on to ask, “Then, Curator, are you here yet?”

“Me?” Lin Jin paused for thought. “I can be there whenever I wish.”

Lin Jin was free to exaggerate here in the Visitation Hall anyway.

Feng Ziqian began venting his pitiable situation. “Curator, I’ve been miserable lately. Outsiders may not be aware but we have reached the critical period of selecting the next crown prince. My brothers have all lost their minds, resorting to any means just to get on the throne. Just two days ago, they caught a minor weakness of mine and almost had me exiled.”

Perhaps Feng Ziqian appeared outside as the well-mannered and dignified third prince of Heavenly Spiral Kingdom. Here at the Visitation Hall, he was free to speak his mind. In his words, only inside the Visitation Hall could he truly feel safe. No one could threaten him here and the almighty Curator could preside over them during difficult times.

“My brother may seem like an honest man but he’s a vicious man. My second brother is worse. He’s cunning and sinister, and he never lets his guard down. Both of them had attacked me together, and if father hadn’t favored me, I would’ve been kicked out of the competition. I still remain in a dangerous position. There are only two ways I can continue forward. Either I make a great contribution to my nation, or my two brothers commit grave blunders. Otherwise, I won’t stand a chance against them,” Feng Ziqian said helplessly.

He shook his head. “To be honest, I’m not that keen about ascending the throne but I have no other choice. Many people have staked their entire livelihood and even lives on me. I also have to worry about my own life. Should either of my brothers ascend the throne, I would be killed as soon as my father’s life ends.”

As if a terrifying image appeared in his mind, Feng Ziqian shuddered in fear.

Everyone was gaping as they listened to him speak. Clearly, they were sympathetic to him.

He Qing pondered before saying, “It’d be great if you were born a girl instead. You wouldn’t have a chance at the throne anyway and no one would pay you any mind.”

Upon hearing this, even the usually indifferent Madam Ghost Child started chuckling.

Although Feng Ziqian was Heavenly Spiral Kingdom’s third prince, he lived his everyday life in fear. Even more so compared to Black Crow, Ghost Child, or Old Tian.

The others were either powerful villainous experts, who were free to roam wherever they pleased. Some, in fact, occupied their own mountains where they lived freely off the land. Their status may be far beneath Feng Ziqian, but at least they did not have to worry about their own family scheming against them.

Lin Jin heard Feng Ziqian’s predicament but truth be told, he wasn’t of much help.

Lin Jin had no interest in helping him fight for the throne but there was a limit to that too. He wouldn’t let Feng Ziqian be schemed against or worse, get killed by his brothers.

If that happened, it would be much tougher for him to borrow Daojun’s Hieroglyphic that was still inside the royal family’s treasury.

After giving it some thought, Lin Jin said, “Go and reach out to Lin Jin whenever you can. Also, you can tell me whatever you need help with. If it’s plausible, both my disciple and I will do what we can to help you.”

That was what Feng Ziqian had been hoping to hear.

“Curator, my father’s birthday will be coming soon. Both my brothers have prepared quite a few gifts and also invited many experts to celebrate with him. I’d like…” Feng Ziqian seemed hesitant to continue.

Lin Jin understood. “If you’re hoping for gifts, I don’t have any. However, if what you seek is my visit to Heavenly Spiral City, that I can do.”

Feng Ziqian was delighted.

That was precisely what he hoped for.

To claim the throne, a prince must have his own forces and that usually meant powerful people across the world. After all, the world was a vast place filled with active continents. Heavenly Spiral Kingdom wasn’t the only premium country around. There were still many powerful premium nations that were superior to them.

Daluo Temple and Phoenix Palace were two examples.

Suddenly, Feng Ziqian turned to Zhao Jingyan.

“Great Commander Zhao, how are things at Phoenix Palace?” Feng Ziqian asked with great enthusiasm. If Zhao Jingyan managed to settle things at Phoenix Palace by then, it would be terrific if she could come and support him too.

Zhao Jingyan shook her head, looking grim. “It’s won’t be that easy. Curator has helped my phoenix achieve Nirvana but to seize Phoenix Palace again would take time.”

Zhao Jingyan didn’t say more but the rest was easy to imagine.

After all, Zhao Jingyan’s strength was no secret. She had a phoenix as her pet beast and was the great commander of Phoenix Palace, but so what? Her pet beast was killed and she was lucky enough to escape with her life. To reassemble her forces and fight back wasn’t a feat she could achieve in a short time.

Lin Jin looked at Zhao Jingyan and said, “In this Visitation Hall, we help each other out. If ever you need my help, just say the word.”

Zhao Jingyan quickly bowed and conveyed her thanks.

“There’s no need for Curator to come personally for now. However, I would be most grateful if Madam Ghost Child and Black Crow can make a trip to Crimson Flame Mountain.”

Zhao Jingyan did need help after all. But knowing that Curator was probably in Heavenly Spiral Kingdom now, she turned to her fellow visitors for help instead.

Black Crow smiled. “I don’t have anything going on lately so I can most definitely head over to South Continent.”

He agreed.

Then, Ghost Child spoke up. “I’m already in South Continent so it’ll take me two days at most to reach Crimson Flame Mountain.”

Things were settled then.

Only villainous experts like Black Crow and Ghost Child who were untethered to any official responsibilities could help out.

Lin Jin went on to discuss with Feng Ziqian the seventieth birthday of his father, also the Emperor of Heavenly Spiral Kingdom. When the time comes, Feng Ziqian would arrange to help him borrow Daojun’s Hieroglyphic.

After exiting the Visitation Hall, Lin Jin slept like a log. He hadn’t had a good night’s rest for a few days now.

The next morning, before it got bright outside, Lin Jin took Senior Mo to Heavenly Spiral Academy because today was his first day of teaching. Wang Xin came early too. Mr. Zhong had arranged for him to follow Lin Jin around for a few days because Appraiser Lin was still new and needed help getting used to things.

“Appraiser Lin!” Wang Xin had been waiting at the gates so he came over at once upon seeing Lin Jin.

As today was his first day of teaching, Lin Jin took it seriously. He figured he should be at the First Lecture Hall much earlier than the start of his lecture.

“You don’t have to worry too much, Appraiser Lin. You’re a Rank 4 appraiser, so you can expect the hall to be packed to the brim.” Wang Xin assumed Lin Jin was worried that no one would attend his lesson.

Lin Jin smiled. “That’s alright. Even if only one student shows up, I’ll still continue with the lecture.”

Despite saying so, Lin Jin was actually curious as to how many students would attend his first lecture as well.

However, when Lin Jin and Wang Xin arrived at the First Lecture Hall, they were stunned.

It was jam-packed with students. However, there seemed to be a fight going on as well.

With his commendable eyesight, Lin Jin immediately recognized the two squabbling students. Was that Li Xinqi, and Tan Lin?

It didn’t take much for him to figure out that Li Xinqi must have told Tan Lin about Lin Jin becoming a lecturer and his class today. Knowing Tan Lin, she would surely attend his lecture.

However, it was surprising that they were in a fight, given how steadfast they usually behaved.

When they got closer, Lin Jin’s brows furrowed.

Wang Xin’s face turned pale as a sheet.

“Even if this Lecturer Lin came first, Lecturer Yang Ming has an important class to give. Why can’t Lecturer Lin switch his class to another time?”

The person speaking was Jiang Fengfeng. Lin Jin had witnessed her competition with Tan Lin the day before yesterday and both girls were clearly sworn enemies. For her to speak with such a pompous attitude after losing the battle proved how bold she was.

Tan Lin refused to back down either. “First-come, first-served. What part of that do you not understand? Lecturer Lin Jin booked the First Lecture Hall first, so lecturers who come after that must reschedule their lecture! You have absolutely no authority to postpone Lecturer Lin Jin’s class!”

“Yeah, where did you get the right to do so?” Li Xinqi was red with anger as she joined in the fight for justice.

They were standing next to the bulletin board. On it, Lin Jin’s class notice was torn off and replaced with a new one.

The lecturer of this new class was none other than Appraiser Yang Ming.

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