My 100-Day Secret Marriage With The Boss

Chapter 1036 - She Doesn’t Want It Anymore! (I)

Chapter 1036: Chapter 1036 She Doesn’t Want It Anymore! (I)

At that moment, Liu Ying felt as if something had pierced into her heart. The pain was so painful that she could not breathe. She had always known how cruel this man was.

She had always known, but she had never thought that he would be so excessive. She would give birth to a child and then leave?!

If she gave birth to a child, the child would definitely belong to him. Then, she be would separate from her child?

Was there anything more cruel than this in this world?

How could he do this?

“Impossible.” Liu Ying secretly sighed. This time, her refusal was even more resolute.

Seeing her resolute refusal, Situ Murong’s eyes darkened. “I said, this matter is not up to you. be good and give birth to a child for me.”

“On what basis? Situ Murong, on what basis do you have to ask me this?” Liu Ying was probably angry at this moment. She did not know where she got the strength to directly push him off her body. She sat up, looked at him, and directly shouted.

On what basis? What right did he have?

Situ Murong was pushed off by her, and his eyes flashed quickly. Then, he leaned on her side and looked at her.

He looked at her face, which had turned red from anger, and looked at her expression, which had been exposed because of her angry roar.

How long had it been since she had revealed her true nature in front of him?

He was a little lost in his thoughts, and for a moment, he even ignored her question.

Seeing that she was looking at him with a questioning expression, the corners of his lips curled up slightly. “You are my woman. Is it too much to give birth to a child? Is there a need to be so angry?”

Situ Murong said these words as if it was a matter of course, even as if it was a breeze.

Liu Ying looked at him and was stunned. There was an obvious look of disbelief on her face. It was obvious that she did not agree with Young Master Situ’s views.

His casual tone was as if giving birth to a child was like laying an egg.

What did he take her for? His woman? Yes, she was his woman. She was the woman he bought. She was a woman that could not be seen in the light. However, it was only for five years.

“Yes, you did buy me back then, but I only sold it to you for five years. When the five years are up, I will not be your woman anymore.” In the past five years, Liu Ying had never disobeyed him and had always been obedient to him. However, this time, she could not give in.

Even if she knew that he would be angry, she would not give in.

At this moment, her words were very direct and straightforward. Moreover, this was the cruelest fact between them, a fact that could never be changed.

“Liu Ying.” Situ Murong’s face, which had obviously eased up, suddenly became extremely gloomy. He looked at her, his eyes were also extremely cold. He called her name, word by word, cold and dangerous.

She had been thinking this way for the past five years? He bought her, and she sold herself to him for five years?

Moreover, at this moment, she did not hide her feelings. When the five years were up, she would leave.

She would leave!!!

He reached out his hand, wanting to pull her over, but she quickly avoided him. She looked at him, there was a kind of sternness that said, “Situ Murong, in these five years, no matter how you treat me, I would endure. But when the time is up, forgive me for not accompanying you. Not even one more day, no, not even one more minute or one more second.”

She could not do anything about the five years that she sold to him. But when the five years were up, what was left was her own time. Why should she still want to give birth to his child?

No, absolutely not!!!

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