My 100-Day Secret Marriage With The Boss

Chapter 358 - Organizing A Family Reunion (III)

Chapter 358: Organizing A Family Reunion (III)


Ye Lanchen blinked at Chu Wuyou. She rarely put herself out there like this.

Was she worried about him?

He thought he saw a flash of concern cross her face earlier.

Third Young Master Ye was pleasantly surprised at this discovery.

“What’s wrong?” She thought it was strange that the man had suddenly turned quiet.

“Let’s go.” A soft smile spread across his face. No one could bully his wife in his presence anyway.

Qin Yutong’s house.

Xi Ji insisted on staying. Qin Yutong had no other choice but to let him do as he pleased. The man then moved his belongings over as if already made up his mind about staying here for a long time.

Even Tang Zhimo marveled at the man’s behavior. Indeed, a man needed to be impudent to get himself a wife. This method proved to be efficient.

Initially, Yutong tried to chase him out but she was now already helping Xi Ji in unboxing his belongings. Tang Zhimo wondered if they would find him and his younger sister annoying later on when they wished to spend more time in each other’s company? Would they kick the little ones out?

In the meantime, an overly delighted Xi Ji was enjoying Qin Yutong’s company. In fact, he had made a big mess earlier deliberately. It was such an eyesore that the woman could not take it and decided to give him a hand.

He thought he was getting cleverer.

Simultaneously, his phone rang out of the blue. He only picked it up after walking over to the balcony.

“Young Master, Madam knows you got back together with Miss Qin…” Butler Wu said, his voice pressed down.

“Uncle Wu, you said I got back together with Miss Qin? Did we used to be together before?” The sensitive man caught the slip of the tongue. He guessed that as well but did not have proof to back it up.


There was a silence on the other end of the phone. Eventually, he confessed softly. “Yes, Young Master. You brought Miss Qin home back then and declared that you’re not going to marry anyone else but her. However, Madam disagreed. You even left the Xi family and ended up working in Ye Company.”

“Uncle Wu, when I was in the accident back then, did Mother and Yang Qingqing chase Qin Yutong out of my life?” Xi Ji was not a stupid man. He could feel the deep affection the woman had for him after spending only one day with her. It was not difficult to guess that she would not have left his side back then on her own will.

“Yes.” Butler Wu was not trying to sow discord but he figured Young Master had the right to learn about the truth. Naturally, he would not lie since the man had questioned.

“I understand now.” An indifferent expression washed over Xi Ji ‘s face. It turned out that he was right.

“Young Master, Madam will never agree for you to be with Miss Qin. She said that your wedding with Miss Yang will go on no matter what. It seems like she has made some agreement with the Yangs, thus the latter will not take it easy if anything shall go wrong with the wedding. Young Master, you must prepare yourself for this.” Butler Wu’s voice was laced with concern.

The corners of Xi Ji’s lips twitched into a sardonic smile. Although he had lost part of his memories, he did not forget the things his mother and the Yangs did together.

“Okay, I got it. I’ll sort something out.” A determined expression crossed his face.

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