My 100-Day Secret Marriage With The Boss

Chapter 528 - Third Young Master Ye’s Craziness And Arrogance

Chapter 528: Chapter 528 Third Young Master Ye’s Craziness And Arrogance

If he waited for the president to come back to his senses, he might lose his life.

Ye Lanchen contacted the pilot of a private plane after he left the company. He did not need to investigate to know where Chu Wuyou had gone.

She must have returned to Country M. He had a good grasp of her situation in Country M, including Tang Boqian’s secret base. He knew where it was.

Therefore, as long as he rushed to Country M, he would be able to catch her.

However, he also understood that it was a little late. If he had known about this last night and rushed from Country C to Country M, he would have caught her at the airport.

However, yesterday he…

Ye Lanchen called the old man the night before. If the old man had told him the truth, he would have immediately understood what happened and rushed to Country M.

Yet, the old man lied to him. The corners of Ye Lanchen’s lips curled up slightly, revealing a chill smirk that made one’s hair stand on end.

Ye Lanchen took out his phone and quickly dialed a number. “Destroy the Ye Company.”

“How?” The other party was stunned for a moment, then asked with a slight smile.

“The more thorough, the better.” Ye Lanchen’s voice was so cold that there was not a hint of warmth in it.

He did not care about the Ye Company at all, nor did he have any attachment to it. Ye Lanchen had stayed in the Ye Company for so many years. Firstly, it was to conceal his true power. Secondly, it was also because of his mother. For his mother’s sake, he could not let the Ye Company fall into the hands of Ye Lanzhang and his other son.

However, he wanted to destroy the Ye Company at that moment. Firstly, it was because Elder Ye had lied to him.

Secondly, it was because of Chu Wuyou. If the Ye Company was destroyed, he would never have full control over it. She would never be able to complete their agreement and have the opportunity to divorce him. If he found her, he would be able to bring her back legally.

“It’s such a pity to destroy such a huge business. Change the owner, change the name, and transfer all of it to your name. Is this possible?” The other party paused for a moment before coming up with a good suggestion.

“No.” Ye Lanchen rejected it without even thinking. He just could not let the Ye Company fall into his hands right now. Even if he changed the name, it would not work even if it was secretly transferred to his name.

He did not lack a company, nor did he care about the Ye Company. He also could not risk losing his wife for the sake of the company.

Ye Company was nothing compared to his wife.

“Alright, I’ll think of something. However, the Ye Company has always been managed by you. It won’t be easy to destroy it now. It might take some time, and the employees of the Ye Company also need to be arranged to go somewhere else.”

“If you still haven’t destroyed the Ye Company by the time I bring my wife back, I’ll destroy you…” Ye Lanchen knew that the other party still did not want to be ruthless, so he said ruthless words.

“F*ck, you’re ruthless.” The other party fiercely cursed and interrupted Ye Lanchen.

“Do you have to go to the extent of doing this for a woman? For someone like you, in ancient times, you would be a foolish ruler who wouldn’t want his territory for the sake of a beauty.”

“If I can successfully find her, I’ll be this foolish ruler with peace and stability in the future. If I run into any trouble again, if anyone dares to stop me, I don’t mind ‘going on a killing spree’.” At this moment, Ye Lanchen had a terrifying aura as if he was possessed by a demon.

At that point, Ye Lanchen swore that if anyone dared to stop him, he would kill the demons and gods…

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