My Dangerous Billionaire Husband

Chapter 630 - You Actually

Chapter 630: You Actually

Liu Wanxin would get pushed outside to take a stroll. Yin Muchen was not suspicious, and he only raised his eyebrows and looked at the nurse as he asked her, “Did Miss Ning come over? She brought Miss Yin to go shopping?”

“Yeah.” The nurse nodded her head and said, “I think I heard it like this.”

Yin Muchen stood there for a few seconds before drooping his gaze to look at the wrist watch on his hand. It was already 11. Was she not coming back?

Who would make lunch today?

She went to shop and did not care about his mother and him anymore?

Yin Muchen took his phone out of his pocket and dialed Yin Shuiling’s number.

Yin Muchen’s expression slowly started to turn dark, and it turned black. He lifted his head up to undo one of the button on his collar, and he suppressed the anger in his chest.

At this moment, he noticed that there were many patients moving around on the lawn outside the window. He froze before slowly turning his head back to look at the nurse. His dark eyes had a sharp glow in them as he said, “Why is my mother still not back from her stroll? It is already 11am now. Did my mother really go on a walk?”

The nurse froze and said, “This…”

Yin Muchen headed out the door. As he walked out, he made a call on his phone, “Hello, Secretary Hu….”

All of his instincts were telling him his mother was in trouble!

Last night, his mother had told him many things. He had not thought too much of it, and thinking about it now, he was fearful with cold sweat. His mother was leaving her last words.

Both Hu Ya and Liu Caizhe rushed over. Hu Ya’s expression was serious, and he said, “President, we have retrieved the CCTV footage in the hospital. That nurse pushed Aunty out, and we went to retrieve the CCTV from the roads. Aunty and that nurse boarded a taxi and went to Happiness Valley, which is very close to this place.”

“Muchen, I can confirm that Aunty went to search for Yin De, and Yin De is in Happiness Valley. No wonder both our people and the police force are unable to find Yin De. It turned out that he was hiding beneath our gazes. Muchen, it is very obvious that Aunty wants to distract you and go in search for Yin De by herself. The situation…is not going to be good.”

These words were unnecessary. Yin Muchen lifted his heels and ran towards the main doors of the hospital.

If he did not guess wrong, his mother wanted to end it all with Yin De, and his mother was looking to die together with Yin De.

The three of them went out the main doors of the hospital, and at this moment, Yin Shuiling returned with Ning Qing. They were chatting with one another merrily, and Yin Shuiling had a few bags in her hands.

Yin Shuiling saw Yin Muchen at first glance. She quickly rushed forward and said, “Older Brother, you are back?” She lifted the bags in her hands, and smiled sweetly as she said, “Older Brother, look at what I bought…”

Slap! Yin Muchen stretched his hand out to smack the paper bags to the ground. He growled towards Yin Shuiling, “Shop shop shop. You only know how to go out shopping and buying things. My mother is lost, don’t you know?”

“What?” Yin Shuiling’s irises contracted and she said in shock, “Aunty is missing? When I left, Aunty was doing fine.”

“Of course you would not care about how my mother is doing. I think you do not even care about my mother inside your heart!”

After Yin Muchen growled at her like this, the tears in Yin Shuiling’s eyes flowed, and she was frantic and at a loss as she said, “Older Brother, I am sorry, I, I did not…”

Ning Qing noticed what was going on and quickly stepped forward. She had a look at Yin Shuiling’s small hand. Yin Muchen hit the paper bags in her hands, and her hand also turned red. Ning Qing protected Yin Shuiling before she lifted her gaze up to look at Yin Muchen. She raised her eyebrows up and said, “Older Brother Yin, don’t go overboard when you speak and do things!

“How Shuiling treated your mum, you have seen it for yourself. When Shui Ling’s mother passed away, Shuiling did not even have a chance to have a look, let alone serve her. Shuiling has been treating your mother as her own mother to serve her in the past half year. Your mother is missing now. Anyone is also anxious. Shuiling is also upset inside her heart. If you have to speak like this to hurt her, I think that you are unworthy to do so!”

Yin Muchen did not say anything else. He walked away and got in a luxury vehicle.

The luxury vehicle cruised away.

The tears in Yin Shuiling’s eyes kept flowing as she said, “Qingqing, where did Aunty go? Where is Older Brother going? I also want to go and have a look. Quickly drive over to bring me there. It is all my fault, woo woo…”

“Okay.” Ning Qing held Yin Shuiling’s small hand. They headed in the direction of Ning Qing’s car and she said, “Shuiling, don’t cry anymore. You don’t have to feel guilty, looking at Older Brother Yin, his mother should have gone looking for your father. His mother must have planned it out for a long time. This morning, when she asked out to buy clothes, she is intentionally making you go away…”

Both women got in the Ferrari. The Ferrari cruised away quickly. Liu Caizhe and Hu Ya stood on the spot, and Hu Ya said, “Manager Liu, we should also rush over.”

Liu Caizhe bent over to pick up the paper bags that were left behind by Yin Shuiling. There were a few pieces of new clothing inside. Looking at the style, they were for Liu Wanxin, and among them, there was a shirt that was bought for Yin Muchen…

Liu Caizhe looked at the back of the Ferrari. That woman did not buy any clothes for herself at all…

The luxury vehicle stopped, and Yin Muchen opened the door and got out. The moment he did so, he saw the small wooden house that had already exploded. The wooden house had collapsed, and it was all pressing onto Liu Wanxin’s body. Liu Wanxin’s entire body was covered in blood, and she used both of her hands to firmly hold onto Yin De’s ankle.

Yin De kicked Liu Wanxin’s chest again and again. Liu Wanxin vomited a few mouthfuls of blood, but she did not let go of him.

Yin Muchen looked at this scene, and he was overwhelmed. “Mum!” He let out a deep growl and rushed forward.

Liu Wanxin heard his voice and could not continue to persist. She let go, and Yin De noticed Yin Muchen, who had brought his subordinates over, and was flabbergasted, so he quickly dashed away.

Those subordinates dressed in black went to chase after him.

They only saw Yin De running behind the peach garden before he disappeared from sight.

“Go and search for him, quickly!”

Yin Muchen ran over to Liu Wanxin’s side and stooped his body down. His hands were shaking as he took Liu Wanxin into his embrace. He looked at his mother’s expressionless face, and his eyes turned red. “Mum.”

At this moment the Ferrari stopped, and Yin Shuiling stepped out of the car. She saw Yin Muchen hugging Liu Wanxin and quickly rushed forward, “Aunty, Aunty, what is wrong with you?”

Liu Wanxin still had a few breaths left. She lifted her head up with much difficulty, and she touched the direction that Yin Shuiling was in.

“Aunty, I am here.” Yin Shuiling cried as she held onto Liu Wanxin’s hands.

Liu Wanxin was speaking, “Shuiling, I…am going to die… Together with your father, the grievances from the previous generation…will end right here… In the future, all of you should not…be in so much pain. Don’t…be kidnapped by the grievances from the previous generation again…. Work hard and be blissful then…”

Liu Wanxin spoke while she vomited blood. Yin Muchen hugged her tight and said, “Mum, don’t say anything already. I am begging you now… The ambulance will arrive very quickly. You will be fine.”

Liu Wanxin shook her head. She handed Yin Shuiling’s small hands over to Yin Muchen’s hands with much difficulty before firmly holding both of their hands together. “Ah Chen, Shuiling is a…good girl. She doesn’t have…her parents around, and now, I will…hand her over to you. In the future…don’t make her…cry…”

“Aunty, don’t speak like this, let’s go back to how we were in the past okay, you should argue with me. I like you being like that…”

“Shuiling…” Liu Wanxin called her name at last.

Yin Shuiling placed her ear over, and Liu Wanxin spoke her final words, “If there is a chance, still give birth to a child…for Ah Chen… In a woman’s life, no matter how much trouble you go through, but as long as…she has a man that loves her deeply, and also being a mother, having her own child, in this life of hers… She is… blissful.”

Liu Wanxin’s empty eyes stared at the sky above her head. The corners of her eyes had tears flowing out of them. There was a hint of satisfaction in the corners of her eyes, and she closed her eyes gently.

She left.

She had blissful tears in her eyes as she left.

Her last words were not about herself. In this life of hers, it was extremely depressed. There were very very few people who liked her. Her heart was disfigured in the ten years of hate, but in her bones, she was still that female university student, that gentle and warm Southern girl, and that good wife and good mother, and she was living both ironically and in pain.

But she still felt very blissful.

She had a husband who loved her deeply and had a son who was filial and obedient, and in her life, she was satisfied.

“Aunty, Aunty, don’t go!” Yin Shuiling hugged Liu Wanxin tight, and she sobbed painfully.

Yin Muchen stretched his hand out to wipe his tears, and he stood up.

His gaze was alit as he walked over to the peach garden. “How is it going, have you found the person?”

The subordinate shook his head and said, “President, we had originally surrounded Yin De, but he ran over to this place and disappeared.”

Yin Muchen stepped on the mud beneath his foot. It was very loose, and he laughed coldly. “The mud here has been touched by someone before because they were digging holes in the ground, surrounding this place. Call for a tractor. I want to dig the mud up here. I want to see how long can he hide.”

“Okay.” The subordinate went to fulfil his orders, and the other subordinates took the metal spade as they dug into the ground.


At this moment, Yin Muchen’s entire body was stained with blood, his dark eyes were all red, and his entire person was enveloped with a sinister aura that made others suffocate, Yin De…

He definitely wanted Yin De to die today!

Yin De had actually dug a small tunnel in this peach garden. In this half year, he had been hiding here. He also heard whatever Yin Muchen said. The mud around his surroundings could not stop vibrating, and if this continued, he would be dug out sooner or later.

It seemed that it was hard for him to escape.

Yin De’s entire heart was full of hate. If he’d known that this would happen earlier on, she would have gotten rid of both Liu Wanxin and Yin Muchen.

He secretly opened the piece of mud covered with grass above his head. He peeked out. Yin Muchen stood close to him, and the tractor came. Those subordinates all ran over, and he was giving out orders.

Yin De’s gaze become sinister, and he climbed up secretly, and headed in the direction that Yin Muchen was at. He took a sharp knife out from his waist.

He stabbed Yin Muchen’s body.

Spew! The sound of the knife stabbing flesh rang out in the air. Yin De was in a blur as he lowered his gaze towards the sharp knife in his waist, and there was a large stream of red blood flowing out.

He stood up slowly and saw Yin Shuiling, whose face was covered in tears.

Yin Shuiling held a knife in her hands.

Actually, when Yin De got close behind Yin Muchen, Yin Muchen had already noticed it, but he did not say anything immediately. He waited for Yin De to approach, and he was waiting for Yin De to strike before he did.

But he heard the sound of Yin Shuiling crying before Yin De could finish his move.

Yin Muchen turned around to have a look, and the moment he did so, his facial expression changed. Yin Shuiling took a knife and stabbed it into Yin De’s waist.

“Shuiling,” He called out loudly, and he quickly went over to hold onto Yin Shuiling’s shoulders.

Yin Shuiling was shaking entirely. She had the knife in one hand, and she used the other hand to cup over her own mouth. Her eyes were all in a blur as she looked at Yin De, her biological father.

She shook her head. “Dad, don’t make any more mistakes. I am begging you now… You have already gone too far. I, I do not know what to do. I don’t know how to save you…”

Yin De looked at the knife in his waist before stretching his hand out to point at Yin Shuiling as he said, “You actually dare to kill me? I am…your father…”

“Shuiling.” He felt that girl in his embrace shiver for a moment. Yin Muchen hugged her small head and took her into his embrace as he said, “Don’t listen…”

Yin De widened his eyes to glare at Yin Shuiling. He suddenly thought of something, so he laughed. He laughed sinisterly and evilly as he said, “Shuiling, there is something that I did not tell you. Your mother was killed…by Liu Wanxin…”

Yin Shuiling froze, and she lifted her head up to look at Yin De. Yin De was titled entirely towards the back, and he collapsed onto the ground and stopped breathing.

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