My Dangerous Billionaire Husband

Chapter 806 - You Have To Woo A Girl

Chapter 806: You Have To Woo A Girl

“Fiancée?” Ye Xiaotao felt that it was a pity as she said, “Oh, you actually have a fiancée? What are we going to do then? Do you want me to go and explain it to your fiancée? I would just say that I climbed on top of you, but after that you pounced onto me completely… Oh, no. I will just say that you only had sex after drinking alcohol, and you thought that I was her…”

“Shut up!” Leng Hao growled out softly.

And after that, there was no more noise.

Leng Zhiyuan was frustrated and shook her head, then she turned back to go back to her room.

She took her phone out to dial a number, Ye Ziyi.

She only knew that Ye Ziyi was Ye Xiaotao’s biological third older brother, and right now, she could only call Ye Ziyi to settle this matter.

Ding, ding. The connecting tone rang out twice, and the call was answered on the other end. “Hello, how are you?”

An extremely polite, charming, masculine voice answered. It was not Ye Ziyi.

“Hello, how are you? I am looking for…Ye Ziyi…”

“Young Miss, I am sorry. Our Director Ye is in America attending a high level meeting right now. It is not convenient for him to answer the call right now. Is it convenient for you to leave your name? The moment Director Ye comes out, I will let him know.”

“Oh, since he is not available now, I will not disturb him. After he comes out, tell him that his younger sister, Ye Xiaotao, is involved in some trouble. Ask him to contact his younger sister as soon as possible.”


After she hung up, Leng Zhiyuan went to the bathroom to take a shower. She felt bored as she stood on the unsheltered balcony outside the window, and she took a look around. There were times when fate was really so special. Her older brother had actually become entangled with Ye Ziyi’s younger sister.

How would things turn out?

A strong, firm, handsome face appeared in Leng Zhiyuan’s mind: Zhou Yao…

Suddenly, a melodious ringtone rang out in the air, and she got a call.

She took her phone out to have a look, and it was the person who she was just thinking about.

She hesitated for a few seconds, then pressed the key to answer the call. “Hello…”

“Hello, where are you right now? Why are you not coming back home?”

“I won’t be back for a few days. There is a little trouble with my Older Brother…”

She had yet to finish her words, and he interrupted, “You just wait for it!”

Leng Zhiyuan did not understand his words. Suddenly: Ding! She heard the sound of a car horn, and there was a luxury vehicle stopped in front of her.

Someone stepped out of the driver’s seat. He was tall and had long legs. His perfect figure could be compared to a male model. Zhou Yao had one hand in his pocket as he slowly walked to the ground floor of her building.

He raised his head up to look at her and said, “Are you angry now?”

“Yeah?” The cold breeze of the night made her hair messy. Both of her hands were wrapped around her chest as she looked at him calmly.

“Han Xuan was moving over to a new place, and at the start, she called me over to help her out. I asked Xiao Zhi and the rest to go over, but the second phone call was made by Xiao Zhi. She said that the estate needed an identity documentation to register her, so I drove over to hand the documents of her new identity to them.”

“Okay.” Leng Zhiyuan listened to him silently before she snorted out calmly.

Upon seeing her behave like that, Zhou Yao raised his eyebrows. He was slightly unhappy as he said, “What are you snorting for? Are you mute now? Say something!”

Leng Zhiyuan’s expressions did not change, and she plainly replied, “Major General Zhou, it is late. You can go back now.”

Zhou Yao’s dark eyes immediately turned sharp as he said, “Go back with me!”

“Major General Zhou, do you need me to repeat myself? I have a working relationship with you. I do not care who you are with because I do not like you.”

Leng Zhiyuan turned around and left.

“That young chick!” Zhou Yao cursed out loud. He had a look at the second floor before he leaped up into the air, and he used one hand to grab onto the railings of the balcony. He was about to climb up.

Woosh! Suddenly, a bucket of cold water drenched him from head to toe. He was totally unprepared, and he was all wet from head to toe.

Leng Zhiyuan threw the bucket of water towards the ground and said, “Major General Zhou is often unclear in the head. I will help you wake your mind up now!”

She walked into the room.. Bang! She then locked the balcony up with a loud thud.

Zhou Yao was hanging in mid air, and his entire body was drenched…

And after that, all of the people in the army base knew that it seemed that their Major General got the fly. This man who had not gotten sick for the past ten years was sneezing continuously on the training grounds.

Concerned, Xiao Zhi stepped forward to ask, “Major General, are you okay?”

“I am fine!” Zhou Yao was not in a good mood as he replied. It was just that…he was soaked entirely as he stood on the ground floor to wait for that woman for the entire night. He said, “Training is done for today.”

He concluded the training session and parted his long legs apart to leave.

He held a green bristle grass in his hand and put it in his mouth. When he thought about that woman, his entire body was furious, but he just did not bear to really do anything to her.

The state of affairs today had totally gone out of his control.

He…did not know what to do now.

He liked her, but she did not like him. No matter what he told her, she was all cold as she pushed him away. Women were really odd creatures. He had not done his research on them and did not understand them. Now, it felt that he was just going about in circles.

He suddenly passed by a small flower garden, and there was a soldier watering flowers in the garden. He turned his gaze over to the side to have a look, and they were roses that had yet to bloom.

One, two…eight, nine flowers…

Nine roses.

The young soldier saw him. He quickly put down the watering pot as he saluted Zhou Yao. “Major General, good morning!”

“Yeah.” Zhou Yao was lazy as he replied to him. He squinted his eyes as he looked at the roses, then stretched his fingers out to point at them as he asked, “What are those?”

“Major General, it is Valentine’s Day today. I planted these roses personally, and I am going to give them to the lady I love tonight.”

“Nonsense! A masculine man not doing proper things but spending time on plants and flowers in the garden for a woman? Are you too free?” Zhou Yao was serious as he criticized the young soldier.

The young soldier started to sweat profusely. He stuttered as he explained himself, “Major General, I…I finished the tasks that I was assigned, and I’ve only used my resting time to tend to these flowers.”

Zhou Yao looked at him with a sharp gaze, meaning — Do you want me to kick you?

The young soldier immediately stood at attention and had his back straight.

Zhou Yao was silent for a few seconds before he looked over at the nine roses again. He moved his thin lips, and he seemed to be extremely nonchalant as he asked, “Do all women like…roses?”

“They do, no matter what style of women they are. They do not have any resistance for roses at all, because this is the love that you have for her. During Valentine’s Day, women like to go out on dates and receive presents. The present doesn’t need to be expensive; you just need to be thoughtful.”

Zhou Yao snorted out loud and said, “List a few examples.”

“The brothers in our dorm, there is someone who burned the midnight oil and wrote a poem. Someone else bought a Chinese zither to learn how to sing, and another got a whole car full of red candles, and he is planning to arrange the candles into a large heart beneath the girl’s apartment…”

“Does this work?”

“Of course it works. Girls all need to be wooed. If you like a girl and do not go and chase her, then you can only watch on as she falls in love with someone else and gets into a relationship.”

Damn it! Wasn’t this young soldier talking about him?

He lifted his heels up and kicked the young soldier’s butt directly.

The young soldier was suddenly attacked. “Aiyo!” As he fell forward, it was not easy for him to steady himself, and the young soldier was extremely puzzled as he turned his head around to look at Zhou Yao. What he did not understand was that he did not know what he said that made Major General furious.

“What are you looking at? I have a document that I left behind in the control room. Go grab it for me!” Zhou Yao ordered the young soldier.

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