My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 539 - Wasn’t An Accident (1)

Chapter 539: Wasn’t An Accident (1)

He walked over and was about to speak to Gu Yu when Gu Yu placed his slender fingers on his lips and made a “shush” gesture. He lowered his voice and said, “Don’t wake her up.”

Doctor Li swallowed the words that were already on the tip of his tongue.

Gu Yu glanced sideways at Xu Weilai, who was still in a deep sleep. He then asked, “Do you have a spare room?”

Doctor Li understood. “I’ll get someone to arrange it now. Mr. Gu, please come to my office later. I have something important to report to you.”


Doctor Li walked over to the nurses’ station and gave his instructions. The nurse then checked on the computer, got up, and walked over to Gu Yu’s side to lead the way for him.

Gu Yu carried Xu Weilai into the empty ward. He then gently placed her on the bed and covered her with a blanket. After carefully tucking in the corner of the blanket, he lowered his head and kissed the space between her eyebrows. He then got up, walked out of the ward, and closed the door.

When he walked into Doctor Li’s office,Doctor Li was sitting behind his desk while staring at a medical record. His eyebrows were tightly knitted together, as if there was something that he didn’t understand. There were also some pills scattered beside him.

Gu Yu walked forward and pulled out a chair to sit down. He didn’t say anything to disturb him, but simply waited patiently.

Doctor Li read the medical record while he picked up the pills. He looked at them and sniffed them. After about ten minutes, he finally seemed to have noticed something. He put down the pills and then looked up to meet Gu Yu’s dark eyes.

Gu Yu hadn’t slept for the entire night. He looked tired and his eyes were bloodshot. He leaned back in his chair and rubbed the space between his eyebrows as he said in a low voice, “Just say it.”

Doctor Li pushed the glasses on his nose and crossed his hands on the table. He considered his words before he said carefully, “Mr. Gu, I suspect that the old man’s sudden fall down the stairs has nothing to do with his physical condition.”

His long eyelashes moved slightly, but there wasn’t a hint of surprise in his eyes. Even though he was tired, there wasn’t a hint of emotion on his extremely handsome face. It was as if… he had long been mentally prepared.

He said calmly, “Continue.”

Doctor Li said, “I spent the entire night studying the old man’s case. In the past few years, I have been giving the old man regular physical examinations. As an old man, his body does indeed have some minor ailments, but overall, he is still very healthy. In addition, the old man had always maintained a relaxed and happy mood. He also insisted on exercising slightly every day. Basically, there shouldn’t be any major problems with his bodily health.”

“Some time ago, he fainted because he had been too emotional during the birthday banquet, but after a period of recuperation, his health could be said to have returned to normal. It was impossible for him to be unable to go down the stairs.

“Therefore, I found the medicine that was prescribed to the old man during this period of time. I checked that there was no problem on this side, but I asked someone to send it over from the old residence. The old man didn’t finish the medicine, so I took some samples and checked them. I found that there were other drugs mixed in.

“I think the old man must have been taking these mixed drugs all the time. After a certain amount was accumulated in his body, the effects suddenly burst out. That was probably the reason the old man suddenly fell down the stairs this time!”

Gu Yu closed his eyes heavily. His thin lips were tightly pursed, and chilliness rose from his entire body.

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