My Secretary is a Little Sweet

Chapter 548 - Smoking-Hot!

Chapter 548: Smoking-Hot!

The beautiful girl was wearing a rose colored organza Chanel dress, exposing her shoulders and half of her breasts. The dress barely covered her bulging butt, and her long slender legs were exposed.

She looked charming. Seeing her, people wanted to sweep her into their arms.

She was wearing exquisite makeup and smelled heavenly. Her long hair fell over her shoulders like a waterfall. Her skin was jade-like, and her oval face had large sparkling eyes. Her lips were perfectly-shaped and plump, making people want to take a bite of them.

Her deep cleavage meant that she had a pair of large-sized breasts, and the way she was dressed made her look very attractive.

She walked slowly and made her the centre of everyone’s attention.

The women got jealous and the men stopped eating and their forks and knives fell onto the ground. Everyone’s eyes were on this striking woman who had just come into the restaurant.

Mu Qing was also dumbfounded.

He had seen many beautiful girls, campus beauties, models, stars, and he had even seen them naked due to various treatments.

He had a strong resisting ability against women, but even he was fascinated by this beautiful girl.

Although Mu Qing was affected, he did not show it in his face. He just looked at her, expressionlessly.

But Zhao Anan did not think so.

She could see that Mu Qing had been staring at this woman without blinking since the moment she showed up.

Zhao Anan got so furious that she almost bit off her own teeth.

Why hadn’t she known that Mu Qing could be tempted as well?!

He was drooling at her long legs.

What was so special about this woman anyway? Her skin was whiter than hers, breasts bigger than hers and legs longer than hers, that was all, right?!

Zhao Anan looked at her creased spiderman PJ and then threw a look at that woman’s sexy dress. Suddenly, she felt like giving up.

She did not understand what about her had attracted Mu Qing.

She was capricious and messy, and did not possess an air of femininity! But Mu Qing had spent 11 years courting her.

He tolerated her, forgave her and spoiled her. He could give up everything just for her. If it had not been for her sake, he would not have lost the position as the director of the hospital!

Did she deserve all of his attention and love?

Look at the girl that the Mu Family had found for him. She turned out to be such a striking woman. The girl must also be healthy enough to give birth to babies for Mu Qing.

Zhao Anan found that she probably would hang herself if that truly happened!

The beautiful girl walked forward slowly. Mu Qing was still staring at her when she smiled at him and sat down opposite to him. He was suddenly receiving a jealous look from all the other men in there.

Mu Qing gasped. Could she be…

“Hi, are you Mr. Mu Qing?”

Her voice sounded like pearls dropping upon a plate, tickling people’s hearts.

Mu Qing stuttered. “Oh well… I am… yes I am Mu Qing!”

This woman was his blind date?

Oh my god!

Where did Shangguan Ning find such a beautiful woman? Was she trying to make him commit a crime?!

The beautiful woman put her expensive white Hermès aside, stretched out her hand towards Mu Qing and showed a charming smile. “Hello, Mu Qing, my name is Mi Xiaoxiao. Grandpa Mu asked me to meet you here. Happy blind date!”

She was elegant and showed no sign of shyness. She was not pretentious even if she was on a blind date.

Mu Qing threw a look at the hand and hesitated. Then he took hold of it and said, “Hi, happy blind date!”

Mi Xiaoxiao’s hand was tender, and smooth, pretty like a piece of artwork, making people want to hold and toy with it for a moment.

But Mu Qing broke away from the grasp quickly.

Mi Xiaoxiao looked at him and agreed with what Shangguan Ning had told her – this man had eyes for no other women, no matter how beautifully she was dressed. She did not need to worry that she would be badgered by him.

Mu Qing was indeed very handsome in a way that attracted women. He was not overly distant or overly flattering.

Mi Xiaoxiao was very glad to be on a blind date with a handsome doctor.

She looked at Mu Qing and realized that even if he was staring at her, he had no other desire in his eyes other than simple appreciation. That pleased Mi Xiaoxiao even more.

What was wrong with Zhao Anan for not wanting to marry Mu Qing? He was such an excellent man who would be easily taken away if she did not grab the chance.

Zhao Anan was watching Mu Qing and that charming woman holding hands. She shivered with anger and crushed the straw in her mouth.

Due to the soft music in the background, Zhao Anan failed to catch what they were saying. All she could see was that they were holding hands, smiling at each other as if they were very pleased to be there.

She had not gotten furious about Mu Qing holding any other women’s hands earlier. What was happening to her today?

Mu Qing had nothing to do with her any more. She should not care if he was holding anyone else’s hand.

She must calm herself down. She must not get angry!

Zhao Anan was trying hard to appease her irritated heart in case she got impulsive and rushed forward to hit that woman.

She was trying to tell herself to leave this place. They were on a blind date and how humiliating it would be if the ex-girl was caught peeking at them right now!

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