My Senior Brother is Too Steady

Chapter 275 - Reporting to the Lingxiao Hall, Ritian is Going To Battle!

Chapter 275 Reporting to the Lingxiao Hall, Ritian is Going To Battle!

[Memorial: Changgeng, Sea God of the Four Seas. The Jade Emperor is cautious. I have received orders from His Majesty to observe the seas and patrol the four seas. I have gained something recently. Now that the dragon race has just returned, the number of people who yearn for a life in the Heavenly Courts is increasing day by day. However, the internal troubles of the dragon race have yet to be resolved and the external troubles still exist. It is not appropriate to rush the following matters. We have to seek benefits while maintaining stability. I now have a plan. We can use the excuse of the Heavenly Courts training their troops and invite the dragon race to send troops to suppress the demons of the four seas. There will be three benefits for the Heavenly Courts…)


In the study of the Sea God’s Residence in the Heavenly Courts, Li Changshou, who was deliberating over the memorial, suddenly stopped writing. He sensed that someone had barged into the outer array formation of the Little Qiong Peak. His attention immediately returned to the paper effigy that had stopped at the Little Qiong Peak.

It was a disciple who had come on a white crane. He stopped in the air and looked at the various parts of the Little Qiong Peak. He was holding the sect gate token in his hand.

Li Changshou scanned the Immortal Sect with his immortal senses. He blinked and tilted his head subconsciously. A mushroom-like question mark slowly appeared on his forehead.

He understood the logic…

No, this time, he did not understand the logic!

Why did Ox-head and Horse-Face come to the Immortal Du Sect?

Don’t think that I won’t recognize you just because you took off your headgear. The bloating in your round belly hasn’t gone down yet. There’s an obvious difference in the skin color on your neck. It’s difficult for others to imitate the unique charm of the Magi.

Have Ox-head and Horse-face discovered something?

The disciple who was standing on the white crane shouted, “Is Senior Brother Changshou in the mountains? A good friend is looking for


They were indeed there to look for him…

At that moment, Li Changshou, a disciple of the Immortal Du Sect who was in the Essence Immortal realm, was sitting on the white cloud in the South Continent that was returning to the East Continent. Exalted Wang Qing was in charge of controlling the cloud. Grandmaster Jiang Lin’er pulled Aunt-Master Wan Jiangyu’s reincarnate along and listened to Lingle play the zither while Youqin Xuanya and Jiu Jiu accompanied her.

His master, Qi Yuan, had his back facing them. He leaned against Li Changshou and meditated to cultivate…

Li Changshou thought to himself that he could not reveal any flaws.

The patrolling disciples who were stepping on the white cranes circled around the lake and realized that a few straw huts were protected by array formations. There was a wooden sign outside that said “gone out”.

Fortunately, the sorrowful cries of the spiritual beasts in the mountain made the patrolling disciples discover in time that the young girl was playing with the spiritual beasts in the spiritual beast enclosure.

The disciple trembled and his Adam’s apple bobbed. He carefully flew over on the white crane.

In the spiritual beast enclosure, Xiong Lingli put down a twenty-feet-tall black bear. She looked at the black bear’s chubby paws and immediately cried.

I can kill him!

When Cousin and the others return later, we would be able to eat steamed bear paws together!

This bear is so burly and cute. However, it would be a waste to steam it. I can still…

“Well, may I ask…”

The patrolling disciple asked gently and politely, “Senior, is Senior Brother Changshou on the mountain?”.

“Huh? Senior? I’m so young!”

Only then did Xiong Lingli realize that someone was there. She turned around and looked at the person curiously.

The patrolling disciple was clearly stunned. He recalled the rumors in the sect and hurriedly said, “So it’s you, Aunt-Master Xiong. I’m here to look for Senior Brother Changshou. Two of Senior Brother Changshou’s good friends are outside the sect.”

Xiong Lingli was about to speak when Li Changshou’s voice sounded in Xiong Lingli’s heart.

Didn’t Cousin go out?

Indeed, the Sea God is everywhere.

Xiong Lingli coughed and said word by word, “My cousin said that he’s not at home.” The patrolling disciples and Xiong Lingli faced each other and blinked.

Xiong Lingli raised her hand that was even stronger than a bear’s paw and smacked her cherry lips hard. She stomped her feet anxiously.

“No, what I mean is that my cousin is not at home. He went out because of something! According to my cousin, I will be back in a few hours at most. Anyway, just pass the message to Cousin’s good friend.” “Alright, I’ll do as you say.” The patrolling disciple did not dare to stay for long. He rode the white crane and left hurriedly. Xiong Lingli scratched her head awkwardly. She did not expect that someone as smart as her would ever say such stupid things!

Li Changshou smiled and sent a voice transmission. “It’s fine. Just pretend that nothing happened. Just do what you have to do.”

Xiong Lingli immediately agreed obediently.

Now that his cultivation level was high, his tolerance for mistakes had increased. Li Changshou would not reprimand Xiong Lingli because of those small details.

His immortal senses tracked them all the way. After watching the patrolling disciple report back to the sect, he heard Ox-head and Horse-face discussing…

He did not know why the two of them had come. They only said that they were taking a stroll near the Immortal Du Sect’s gate and would look for Li Changshou after half a day.

The few old men guarding the mountain gate also sensed that the two experts of the Magi were extraordinary. They agreed very politely and reported the matter to the Hundred Mortal Hall.

Naturally, he did not recognize that it was the Soul-Reaping Envoy of the Netherworld.

Ox-head and Horse-Face did not wear headgear masks. They only looked like ordinary young Magi. In ancient times, there was a poem. “The main body of the Magi has some intelligence of the human race. The Magihumans do not need to attack, they can tell that I am a Magihuman.

Li Changshou could not be sure why the two experts of the Magi race would go to the Immortal Du Sect to look for him.

Could it be that the other party had hidden his true abilities and had seen through his plan?

That should not be the case…

Ah, in the face of the Divine Envoys of Xiong Village and the Magi of the Netherworld, I really cannot use my power. Since he did not understand, Li Changshou naturally had to figure it out.

They were two middle-class big shots. Their combat strength was several times that of Ji Wuyou, an ordinary Golden Immortal. For some reason, they have found their way to the bottom of his background. He had to take them seriously!

Li Changshou observed carefully for a while.

Ox-head and Horse-Face had been moving around the Immortal Du Sect for four hours. When they encountered spiritual beasts that looked edible, they would knock them out and stuff them into storage Dharma treasures that looked like sacks.

He seemed to be purely hunting… However, from the trajectory of their actions, they had carefully surveyed the few excellent terrains that they could use when they attacked the Immortal Du Sect!

At that moment, Li Changshou was even more puzzled.

Coincidentally, after hunting for four hours, he returned to a dense forest in front of the Immortal Du Sect and sat down on a tree stump.

In the roots more than 100 feet below the two of them, Li Changshou’s “carriage puller” paper effigy silently maintained the Wood Escape.

In other words, Li Changshou’s main body was hidden there.

Previously, his main body had been outside the mountain gate, trying to research the paper effigy’s ability to break through to the half-step Golden Immortal realm. The paper effigy that acted as his double in the mountain was called out by his Grandmaster, Jiang Lin’er.

He had not completely given up on the follow-up research. He still had a few ideas that were not considered bold. He wanted to try them one by one.

Therefore, his main body had been hiding there the entire time. He was prepared to continue making spiritual explosions.

Ox-head and Horse-face sat on the tree stump and counted the ingredients he had obtained this time.

Ox-head who was not wearing a headgear mumbled, “The Sea God is so generous! There’s so much meat. It’s enough for us to eat for a while!”

“The Sea God naturally has nothing to say. He speaks nicely and is polite to us. He does not have the airs of a minister of the Heavenly Courts.”

“Yes, he’s much better than the useless Great Demon who liked to look down on the others in the Demon Court!”

Horse-face sighed softly. Even though he did not take the lead, he still looked delicate and pretty.

Back then, when he was in the Magi Tribe, he was a handsome young man who had suitors from all over the world. Many female Magi wanted to knock him out and carry him back to their tents…

Horse-face sighed and said, “If the Sea God can go to the Netherworld and take ownership of the Blood Sea, that would be great.”

“Is that a sea of blood? That’s a filthy spring!”

Ox-head scolded angrily, “If you want to rule the Blood Sea, you can’t be the Sea God. You have to be a filthy god!”

“A filthy Sea God then.”

Li Changshou was rendered speechless.

Just chat if you want. Why are you scolding me?

He could be considered a Pure Yang Daoist who was quite experienced. How could he be related to filth?

Then, Li Changshou heard an important piece of news.

Ox-head sighed and said, “Don’t let your imagination run wild. No one knows if the Netherworld Patriarch is dead or not. Who knows, he might come out again. Let’s not trick the Sea God.”

The two brothers sat there and mumbled.

Soon, the two of them reached the topic about the main objective of their trip.

“Horse, what should we say later? We can’t just say that we want to use the convenience of the Netherworld to exchange for a few jars of seasoning, right?”

“Ox, the main point is the secret formula for condiments.”

“Isn’t it too inappropriate to ask for the secret formula? That should be Li Changshou’s secret.”


Horse-face pondered for a while and felt troubled. He raised his hand and touched his mane out of habit, but he realized that he did not take the lead.

Ox-head suddenly jumped up and shouted, “On the cloud in the south! Look, that guy Changshou! Is he back!?!”

“Let’s go. Remember to take the lead and shout like cows and horses. We have to be thick-skinned today and get some seasonings!” “If you can’t do it, give him some of our Netherworld’s local specialties!”

At that moment, they put on his headgear and restored their identity as the Soul-Reaping Envoys. They mooed twice and neighed softly to find their sense of identity.

A sanguine cloud condensed under their feet and carried them up slowly. The speed of their flight was a little… touching.

Underground, above the clouds, the Heavenly Courts, Anshui City, Li Changshou’s main body and the paper effigy were both supporting their foreheads with one hand. He never expected that Ox-head and Horse-face would go to the Immortal Du Sect for… barbecue condiments.

Li Changshou’s paper effigy on the Little Qiong Peak immediately got busy.

He did not dare to let Ox-head and Horse Face stay in the Immortal Du Sect for long. He could only feel at ease if he made them leave earlier.

Four hours later, in front of the Sea God’s residence in the Heavenly Courts, Li Changshou’s Sea God paper effigy rode a cloud and appeared leisurely.

He seemed to be in a very good mood.

Two groups of Heavenly Soldiers and Heavenly Generals immediately wanted to escort them. Li Changshou smiled and said, “Why do we need guards when we’re walking in the Heavenly Courts? Everyone, rest for now. I’ll go to the Lingxiao Treasure Hall to see His Majesty.”

The Heavenly Soldiers and Heavenly Generals hurriedly lowered their heads and acknowledged. They watched as the old immortal rode a cloud and slowly walked towards the Heavenly Courts’ core.

Li Changshou recalled what had happened previously and did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Ox-head and Horse-Face were indeed there to ask for seasonings.

The two Soul-Reaping Envoys suddenly stopped the team that was going to “bring Aunt-Master home “. Youqin Xuanya, Ling’e, and the young girl who had brought Aunt-Master back were shocked. They thought that the demons had ambushed them.

Fortunately, Jiang Lin’er, who was familiar with the ways of the world, quickly bowed and pointed out that the Ox-head and Horse-face were the Soul-Reaping Generals of the Netherworld. She hurriedly asked the two generals why they had come to the Immortal Du Sect.

Ox-head and Horse-face stammered. It was difficult to say it in front of so many people. They could only look at Li Changshou affectionately.

At that time, Ling’e keenly captured that gaze and exclaimed in her heart, “Could it be!?!”

Then, she raised her hand to cover her eyes and admired herself for her wonderful imagination.

After the incident where he trapped her between the wall and his arms previously, Ling’e understood… that her Senior Brother liked women.

However, the woman he liked must be steady enough. She cannot add too much karma to Senior Brother.

When Li Changshou saw Ox-head and Horse-face having a hard time explaining, he took the initiative to step forward and said with a smile, “Brothers, how have you been?”

Ox-head and Horse-face nodded heavily.

Li Changshou said to Exalted Wang Qing, “Aunt-Master, this is my old friend. Uncle-Master, please bring everyone back to the mountain. I will come back after talking to them.”

“Alright.” Exalted Wang Qing did not ask further. He rode a cloud and led the group towards the gate of the sect.

The fairies, quasi-Demons, fairies, and young mortal ladies on the cloud looked at Li Changshou with some surprise.

Only Qi Yuan was focused on cultivating. He did not know what had happened…

When Li Changshou personally handed the two vats of condiments to Ox-head and Horse Face, he said, “If you’re done, you can go to the Sea God and tell him. I’ll make some condiments later and place them at his place.”

At that time, there was an emotional look on Ox-head and Horse-face’s faces…

They had almost become sworn brothers with Li Changshou!

The two Magi were quite interesting when they left. One of them shouted and told Li Changshou to go to the Netherworld when he was free, while the other shouted for Li Changshou to live a long life and not leave his name in the Book of Life and Death.

Li Changshou could only smile and wave his hand to send them on their way.

After returning to the mountain, he could not avoid being interrogated by the Little Qiong Peak’s foodie team. They asked him how he had become brothers with the experts of the Netherworld.

Fortunately, Li Changshou had gone to the Netherworld twice. One time, Jiang Lin’er was present. The other time, Jiu Jiu accompanied him. It was not troublesome to explain and he passed the test easily.

Then, on the Little Qiong Peak, everyone began to discuss the important matters that they had not decided on during the journey.

Who would take Aunt-Master Wan Jiangyu as a disciple?

Jiang Lin’er originally wanted to take in another disciple, but she felt that her cultivation level was not too high. Moreover, Exalted Wang Qing had taken the initiative to express that he could take in ten disciples.

The two of them were discussing that matter. Most importantly, Jiang Lin’er was a little hesitant…

Li Changshou did not interfere. He meditated quietly in a corner and did other small things.

The main content of the trivial matters included drawing up a memorial, contacting the dragon race, and confirming the dragon race’s intentions. He wanted the dragon race to explore the gathering place of the deep-sea demons first… and so on.

After Li Changshou finished writing the memorial, Jiang Lin’er was still hesitating.

He continued to work and got the paper effigy that was stationed in the Heavenly Courts to ride a cloud towards the Lingxiao Treasure Hall.

The content of the memorial was to ask the Jade Emperor to send troops and join forces with the dragon race to clear out the deep-sea demons in the five continents and help the Western Sect cut their branches.

That step had extraordinary meaning. It could deepen the connection between the Heavenly Courts and the dragon race, and also make the dragon race feel closer to the Heavenly Courts.

Li Changshou and the dragon race had already discussed the conditions beforehand. The Heavenly Courts would choose a general as their main general. The dragon race’s troops would cooperate with the Heavenly Courts’ troops to build a preliminary relationship.

At the same time, they would weaken the external forces of the Western Sect and take the initiative to retaliate against the Western Sect. They would end the situation where they had been passive all along…

It was extremely meaningful.

After entering the Lingxiao Treasure Hall, Li Changshou handed over the memorial and stood in front of General Dongmu.

The Jade Emperor, who was dressed in a white brocade robe, sat on the throne on the platform. After reading the memorial, his eyes flickered. He immediately patted the desk and laughed.

“What a brilliant plan, Minister Changgeng! Let’s do this immediately! How many troops do you want? Is 500,000 enough!?!”

“Your Majesty,” Li Changshou hurriedly said, “The Heavenly Courts’ foundation is not thick yet. They easily have 500,000 troops. The losses will definitely be uncontrollable. Why don’t we use the 100,000 Heavenly Soldiers as a benchmark to raise the elites of the Heavenly Courts? Together with the method of forming troops with beans, we can use battle formations and armor and allow them to complement each other. That would be enough to match hundreds of thousands of troops!”


The Jade Emperor clapped his hands and laughed. “My dear Changgeng, I admire you the most. You must consider everything carefully. General Dongmu, use the tiger talisman to deploy troops for Changgeng!”

General Dongmu immediately received the order. “Yes, Your Majesty!”

“Your Majesty,” Li Changshou continued, “I can offer a plan. I can be a strategist, but I cannot be a general. I hope that Your Majesty can appoint a trusted general to join the battle. This should be the first time the Heavenly Courts are going out to show their might. We have to make the Heavenly Courts famous. General, you should think carefully.”

“It’s rare for you to be so thoughtful!”

The Jade Emperor muttered to himself. General Dongmu’s body swayed. He puffed out his chest but did not dare to raise his head. He tried his best to express his existence.

Li Changshou was actually hinting at that…

He did not want to take all the credit for himself. He was only in charge of giving advice and mediating. He would leave the fighting and killing to General Dongmu.

However, what Li Changshou and General Dongmu did not expect was…

“Speaking of generals to lead the troops, I have a suitable candidate.” The Jade Emperor blinked at Li Changshou and smiled. “General Dongmu?”

General Dongmu suppressed his excitement and accepted the order. He shouted, “I’m here!”

“Go and summon the Golden Tungsten General, Hua Ritian. He will be the commander-in-chief this time.”


Li Changshou chuckled in his heart. So the Jade Emperor is going to personally lead the expedition.

It is not strange for him to be excited.

However, it’s been hard on Brother General Dongmu. He might have to be paranoid for a while again.

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