My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots

Chapter 1221 - The Smartest Cutie

Chapter 1221: The Smartest Cutie

Under Da Bai’s expectant gaze, Feng Shengxuan walked over to Da Bai and stroked his head.

A hint of displeasure appeared in Da Bai’s eyes, but it had no choice but to lower its head. After all, it was a beast under the human roof.

Even though it was displeased, it still allowed Feng Shengxuan to touch his head.

“Second Uncle, I’m sorry to have troubled you. This lion’s name is Da Bai, and it’s Nuannuan’s pet. It has been spoiled rotten by everyone in the manor, so it doesn’t know any manners. I apologize on Nuannuan’s behalf.”

Da Bai was a rather intelligent beast that had gained sentience and could understand some simple human words. However, Feng Shengxuan’s words were clearly beyond his comprehension. It could only understand words like “Nuannuan” and “I’m sorry” to know that he might have gotten himself into trouble just now. Even the great Demon King himself could not go all out in front of this ultimate Demon King. Since Da Bai cherished its life, it did not just sit down, it even lay down on the ground. It put its lion head in between his two clawed paws and raised his eyes to look up at Chi Zeyao pitifully. Its whip-like tail swept across the ground with an expression that said, ‘Please let me go.”

Chi Zeyao looked up at Feng Shengxuan with his gentle eyes and smiled. “Nuannuan is Chi Yang’s fiancée and the daughter-in-law of our Chi family. Since we’re family, she doesn’t need to apologize to us.”

After saying that, Chi Zeyao reached out to stroke Da Bai’s lion head. “Also, it’s quite obedient. Somewhat intelligent, too.”

The glint in Feng Shengxuan’s eyes darkened when he saw Da Bai allow Chi Zeyao to touch it as he pleased while Da Bai did not dare to show any displeasure.

Was this cripple implying that Nuannuan was a member of the Chi family while Feng Shengxuan was not, thus, there was no need for Feng Shengxuan to apologize on her behalf?

Da Bai was also dismayed. Not only had this cripple touched its head without permission, but he called it ‘somewhat intelligent’? Just somewhat intelligent? Even Little Princess Nuannuan said that Da Bai was the smartest cutie that she had seen in this world!

Feng Shengxuan smiled and said, “It’s great as long as you don’t despise Da Bai. Since Bai Liyue and I aren’t at the manor anymore, it’d be very pitiful to leave Da Bai over there, so I brought him over. I thought that since the Chi family existed on a higher plane than the Four Dominant Families, the house is definitely big enough for Da Bai to mess around. That’s why I didn’t inform Nuannuan about Da Bai. I didn’t expect… We should let Nuannuan deal with this matter when she comes back.”

Chi Zeyao smiled. “It’s fine. Da Bai isn’t too big anyway. The Chi residence is big enough for it to live in.”

“Zeyao, it’s cold outside. You’re not in good health. Come in and talk inside.”

Chi Zeyao looked at the concerned old master at the door and smiled warmly. “Okay.”

Then, he glanced at Da Bai and said, “Follow me.”

Da Bai hurriedly crawled up from the ground. He glanced at the great Demon King, only to see that the great Demon King did not give it as much as a glance. It could only drag its reluctant head along and follow Chi Zeyao into the villa.

After passing through the gates into the villa, there was a huge garden that extended outside in all four directions. However, the old master and Chi Zeyao were not in good health that made them suffer in the cold, Chi Zeyao asked someone to convert the garden into one that would seal itself up automatically. In summer, the garden was open, but in winter, the garden would seal itself up from the elements outside, leaving only a few openings for air vents.

Therefore, when Da Bai walked in, he was enshrouded in a surge of comfortable warmth, and the ice that shielded his eyes and nose melted.

For a lion that adored messing among flowers and pouncing after butterflies, this place was like heaven.

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