My Youth Began With Him

Chapter 4054 - Life or Death (4)

Chapter 4054: Life or Death (4)

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It was an eventful night.

After Su Yu disappeared, Huo Mian disappeared; now even Qin Chu disappeared, too.

Their friends were frantic with worry; Tang Chuan sent audio messages in the chat group almost every day.

Gao Ran knew something about the case but didn’t say a word about it.

Wei Liao and his wife Jiang Xiawei were worried about their three friends, but like the others, they could do nothing but pray for their safe return.

After getting married again in a low-profiled manner, Wei Ying and Shen Mingxi had a peaceful life.

The first thing Shen Mingxi did after getting back together with Wei Ying was attacking the Ye Family’s business, cutting off its funds.

Meanwhile, Ye Zhaoyang had holed up and didn’t dare to show his face in public ever since he was beaten senseless by Shen Mingxi.

Afraid Wei Ying would feel uncomfortable living in his old house, Shen Mingxi bought a new one and moved in with her. This house was not far from Sky Blessing Court where Huo Mian’s mother lived.

Everyday, Shen Mingxi went to and from work regularly while Wei Ying did her business during the day and came home early to cook for him.

Their life was very happy.

“Ying, did you transfer money to Tiantian again today?” Shen Mingxi asked Wei Ying during supper.

“Oh. She told you?”

“No, but she’s still young and doesn’t have a bank card of her own. She’s using my additional card, so I can see all the transfers on her card.”

“Oh, I see… It seems nothing escapes from your attention.” Wei Ying smiled prettily like a happy little woman.

“Ying, don’t transfer money to Tiantian again. She lacks nothing. I had just transferred 100,000 yuan to her one month ago. She’s a child and I wonder how she spent the money so fast. Today you gave her 50,000 yuan again. You can’t do that again.”

Shen Mingxi doted on the child, but he didn’t want to spoil her, making her into a spendthrift girl.

“Tiantian called me, saying a child in her class got leukemia and is raising funds; she donated 50,000 yuan and won praise from the school’s leaders. Her teacher even made her the class president. I think doing charity is a good thing.”

Wei Ying didn’t think she did something wrong. When Tiantian called her Mom sweetly on the phone, her heart almost melted.

After all, she was a simple woman and didn’t transfer her previous grudge against Huo Yanyan to the child. Instead, she had felt guilty and was even better to Tiantian after Huo Yanyan died.

“I don’t think she dares to lie about the donation since a simple investigation would find out the truth. But I wonder if she donated money to help her classmate.”

“You mean…” Wei Ying was surprised.

“I’m afraid she has another purpose. Tiantian doesn’t care for children of her age.”

Ever since Tiantian’s previous violent behavior in Singapore, Shen Mingxi had been cautious.

“Are you sure? She’s only a child and can’t be so scheming… Let’s not think the worst of her.”

“Ying, let me handle her life expenditure. Don’t give her money without telling me. Because she’s young and has lots of things to learn, we must be careful with her education.”

“Okay, I got it, Mingxi.”

As Wei Ying lowered her head looking a bit sulky, Shen Mingxi felt bad.

He put his hand on the back of her hand and said gently, “Ying, let’s have a baby of our own.”

Hearing his words, she looked stunned, thinking she had heard it wrong.

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