Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 2276 Attacking the Netherpassage Realm

Chapter 2276 Attacking the Netherpassage Realm

Long Chen appeared in front of the sword, holding Dong Mingyu. The sword landed, and he felt the bones in his back shatter.

However, at that critical moment, Long Chen had taken out the Heaven Flipping Seal to protect his back. The sword had landed on the Heaven Flipping Seal, or Long Chen would have been cut in two.

Even with the Heaven Flipping Seal, Long Chen felt like his body was going to break apart. This person’s power was terrifying, and he was so fast that there was no time for Long Chen to do anything but use the most basic and clumsiest way to save Dong Mingyu.

Long Chen and Dong Mingyu tumbled back, with the Heaven Flipping Seal growing larger and slamming into that person.


The Heaven Flipping Seal was sent flying. Even it was unable to stop this person’s footsteps. Waves of divine light surged out of the sword as it once more slashed down.

“Ye Benchang!”

Long Chen suddenly let out a shout and glared at that person. Although he wore a cloak and even had a sinister mask on, his eyes weren’t covered.

When their eyes met, that person’s sword slanted down slightly, while Long Chen sent Evilmoon rushing forward toward his opponent’s head. It was a sudden suicidal exchange.

Long Chen concentrated all his power into Evilmoon. As long as he stabbed it into his opponent’s head, then even with that mask’s protection, Long Chen was confident his head would explode.

Considering how long Evilmoon was, although Long Chen’s piercing strike was unleashed second, due to the slightest sluggishness from when Long Chen had shouted at him, his opponent’s sword would only land at the same time as Long Chen’s saber pierced his head.

The mysterious expert snorted and didn’t continue slashing. He directly smashed the hilt of his sword into Evilmoon.

Long Chen was sent flying once more, hacking up blood containing his shattered organs.

“Who’s there?!”

At this time, the Heavenly Dragon Legion’s people recognized Long Chen and charged over, unleashing rays of Sword Qi at the mysterious expert.

The mysterious expert was already rushing over to Dong Mingyu, but he didn’t have a chance to attack again. He raised his sword at an angle, shattering the attacks raining down on him.

His figure twisted, and before the Heavenly Dragon Legion could surround him, he shot away, vanishing from sight.

“Big brother Long Chen, are you alright?!” Dong Mingyu rushed over to Long Chen. One of her arms was still gone and she was covered in blood. As for Long Chen, he could barely sit up.

The Heavenly Dragon Legion’s warriors were shocked. Long Chen’s combat power had left a deep impression on them, while Dong Mingyu was a terrifying assassin. What person could force them into such a desperate state?

In the distance, the Blood race’s experts simply stared in dumbfounded silence, not understanding what was going on. Long Chen had managed to escape their blockade but was almost killed upon reaching his own territory.

Long Chen’s bones creaked. He circulated the primal chaos space’s energy to recover a bit. Only then could he stand. He cupped his fists at everyone. “Many thanks for your help. Without your assistance, I’d probably have died today. I’ll remember this favor.”

Long Chen’s words were sincere. Without the Heavenly Dragon Legion here, he and Dong Mingyu would have died. That mysterious expert was too powerful.

“Long Chen, who was that person? You shouted that it was commander Ye Benchang, but are you sure?” asked one of them.

Long Chen shook his head. “Actually, it was just a blind guess. I’ve only fought with one expert on that level, and it was Ye Benchang. But that person didn’t react to my guess, so it’s probably not him.”

Dong Mingyu looked at Long Chen. Long Chen silently tightened his hold on her hand, indicating that she should be silent.

That person nodded. “He really was powerful. But based on his techniques, he shouldn’t be commander Ye Benchang. We’ve seen him fight, and his fighting style is different from the insidious, concentrated power that person showed. That person seems more like an assassin, and he was targeting this young lady. He was more like someone from the Bloodkill Hall…”

“That’s very possible. In any case, you’ve saved our lives. I won’t bother saying extra words. I’ll remember this,” promised Long Chen.

“Alright then. We’ll escort you. You’re still injured, so it’s best to be careful,” said that person.

Long Chen didn’t decline. They sent out a five-hundred-member squad to protect Long Chen on his way back to the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race’s nest.

When Long Chen was back, everyone was shocked. When the Dragonblood warriors heard that he had been ambushed, they were infuriated.

“Who was that person?” asked Chu Yao as she and Liu Ruyan helped heal Long Chen and Dong Mingyu’s wounds.

“It was definitely Ye Benchang,” said Long Chen.

“Didn’t the Heavenly Dragon Legion’s warriors say that it wasn’t him? The divine families’ people must have seen him fight before and be familiar with his fighting style. Would they lie about this?” asked Chu Yao.

“No, they weren’t covering up for Ye Benchang. They also couldn’t be colluding with Ye Benchang, or they wouldn’t have saved us at that critical time.”

“Then, what are you saying?”

“The reason I’m sure it’s Ye Benchang isn’t because of his aura or his fighting style, it’s from the intuition of the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art. His disguise was perfect. Even his eyes were different. They seemed dark and wise, completely different from his normal idiotic appearance. It’s because my Nine Star Hegemon Body Art told me that he was Ye Benchang that I shouted his name. When I did, he clearly reacted ever so slightly, so I’m sure it was Ye Benchang.”

Long Chen had absolute confidence in the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art. Ye Benchang might be able to fool anyone else, but he couldn’t fool the spiritual perception of the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art.

“If it really was Ye Benchang, why would he attack Yu-er and not boss directly?” asked Gu Yang.

Meng Qi was the one who answered. “Long Chen would fight back if the assassin targeted him directly, and he wouldn’t be able to kill him within a few moves. But by attacking Yu-er and forcing Long Chen to save her, he managed to have control over the initiative. Those who know Long Chen all know that he would go save Yu-er. It’s the smartest tactic.”

“How despicable,” said Guo Ran hatefully.

“Most importantly, he didn’t leave behind any proof. Even if Long Chen is sure, it’s not possible to confront Ye Benchang. We can only swallow this loss,” sighed Meng Qi.

Gu Yang and the others’ expressions were ugly. This loss was difficult to swallow. Long Chen had entered the Yin Yang World, and even the Blood race’s huge army and fourth step Netherpassage experts hadn’t been able to stop him. But he had almost died to Ye Benchang.

“I’ll remember this debt. I’ll make sure it’s repaid along with its interest when the time comes, but we’ll set it aside for now. How is the situation on the continent?” asked Long Chen. He had been in the Yin Yang World the past few days so he didn’t know the actual information.

“The various powers are all silent, and the talented junior generation has vanished. They’re all in seclusion. They don’t announce when they’re going to break through to the Netherpassage realm, but from the news we’ve received from the Xuantian Dao Sect and the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect, the majority of their disciples are currently attacking the Netherpassage realm. The day after you entered the Yin Yang World, Ye Lingshan also started her breakthrough,” said Meng Qi.

Long Chen nodded. “In comparison to the geniuses of the other powers, the Righteous path is a level weaker. If the Righteous path’s experts are only starting their breakthrough attempt, then the others probably started earlier. Alright then, today, everyone go rest. Tomorrow, we will collectively attack the Netherpassage realm.”

Everyone let out a cheer. They had been waiting for this. Just the day before, the final Dragonblood warrior had touched the barrier. Everyone wanted to advance right now.

Only upon advancing to the Netherpassage realm would the immemorial essence blood have any use. They also saw just how powerful experts with awakened Spirit Blood were.

“Long Chen, you and Yu-er are still recovering. You might not be ready by tomorrow,” said Chu Yao.

Long Chen smiled. “Not a problem. This breakthrough will only require our Yuan Spirits to enter the Netherworld. As long as our Yuan Spirits aren’t injured, it’s not a problem.”

Long Chen’s body had received heavy injuries, but his soul was fine. Moreover, he also wished to urgently break through. He couldn’t get left behind. Only once he broke through would he be able to settle things with Ye Benchang.

To be safe, that very day, Long Chen brought all the Dragonblood warriors into the Wild World. He warned the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race to be safe. If any powerful experts attacked, they had set up a way for them to run. Long Chen didn’t want anyone to attack them while they were attacking the Netherpassage realm. If the Dragonblood warriors’ bodies were killed while their souls roamed the Netherworld, they wouldn’t be able to return.

From the Wild World, they traveled to the Skyscraping World, reuniting with Yue Xiaoqian. Yue Xihan opened up the Skyscraping World’s most well-hidden ancestral spirit land for them.

“Brothers, let’s start!”

Once everyone was gathered, Long Chen took a deep breath, closing his eyes with everyone else.

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