One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love

Chapter 1887 - Bizarre Death

Chapter 1887: Bizarre Death

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“That’s impossible, right?” The more she thought about it, the more bewildered she became. Shaking her head, she voiced her thoughts. “They’ve been gone for months. If something had happened to them, their bodies should’ve long decayed…”

“I had the same thinking, too, but the police told me that they couldn’t confirm the time of death yet. The body was found tied to heavy rocks when it was recovered from the sea. It’s also badly mangled due to strong water pressure. From their preliminary assessment, they believed that the body had sunk to the seafloor as deep as a few thousand meters. Few creatures could survive at that depth, and the corpse would take at least a year to disintegrate fully. The ropes broke apart after a long time of impact from the sea, and that was how the body slowly floated up. One-third of it had been eaten by fishes by the time they recovered the corpse. It was a revolting sight.”

His daughter had a sudden urge to throw up when she heard that.

“Do we need to check on the body later?”

Her father nodded gravely to her question.

With a heavy sigh, she took a seat beside him.

Seeing the pale and frightened look on Yun Yecheng’s face, her husband poured a glass of lukewarm water for him.

“Please have some water. You look terrible now.”

The old man returned a few quick thanks for his kind gesture.

The young man sat down beside his father-in-law. Gently patting the latter’s shoulder, he comforted the fretful old man. “Uncle, calm down and don’t make wild guesses.”

The latter shook his head in resignation. “I’m in such a daze now. The only question in my head is: Who can this person be?”

Can that be Li Qin or Yun Na?

His heart wrangled painfully the moment he thought of that possibility.

As a saying went, a tiger would not attack their cubs no matter how fierce it was.

Her daughter was such a disgrace, but she was still his flesh and blood.

No matter how angry he was with her, the possibility of her passing before him was an unbearable thought.

With his hands clenched into fists, he looked withdrawn while sitting on the bench. Inwardly, though, he was fighting tumultuous emotions.

Images of Yun Na’s young and adorable self flashed across his mind. He had held her tightly in his arms when she was just delivered. At that time, he had looked at her with such pride and love…

In his heart, he could only pray that the body belonged to neither his wife nor his daughter.

The two might have committed many foolish acts, but he still did not wish it to be either of them.

Likewise, Yun Shishi did not have it better.

She reckoned that the mother-daughter pair had left of their will without a word.

In the end, bizarre deaths might have accounted for their disappearance.

The body was recovered from the sea, then?

Her father looked up abruptly and probed, “Shishi, do you wish… that the body is…”

“No, I don’t.”

She knew what he was trying to find out and her answer was ‘no’.

He nodded at her reply with relief.

“I thought you hate her.”

“Yes, dad; I hate her, but I’m not that heartless to want her dead.”

Mu Yazhe looked at his watch. One hour had passed since they arrived with no sight of any police officer.

Their tardiness displeased him; hence, he went to a corner to make a call.

Before long, the police chief was seen hurrying over.

Yun Yecheng stood up nervously when he saw the chief approaching, but the latter did not even spare him a glance as he tramped toward the young man.

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