Pampered Poisonous Royal Wife

Chapter 150

It made Su Qing smile. As she helped her fill the bowl, she was afraid that Mu Yunyao would hold on, "If you still want to eat more, mother will make more in two days. Please don't hold on long enough …"

After Su Qing finished speaking, she felt that something wasn't right and quickly added, "You also need to eat your fill. You seem to have lost a bit of weight these past few days."

Mu Yunyao blinked and touched her cheek. She turned her head to look at Jin Lan, "Have I become thinner in these two days?" In the past few days, Su Qing had been cooking and nourishing food for her. Even the ginseng sent by Supervisor Qin had been stewed in half. She felt that her cheeks had become a lot rounder.

Jin Lan nodded. "Miss, you've indeed lost weight after working so hard every day." The young miss was a slim girl. Now that she had been sitting in front of the embroidery rack every day, her wrists and neck were in so much pain that she couldn't lift them up. Especially her wrists and fingers.

"Alright then." Knowing that they were worried about her, Mu Yunyao didn't try to differentiate between them. After drinking half a bowl of soup, she returned to her room to continue her embroidery.

Days passed, and outside of Yuxi City, a caravan finally saw the city gate of Yuxi City in the distance after nearly twenty days. Just as they could not help but heave a sigh of relief, a loud sound of horse hooves approached and masked robbers suddenly appeared like last time.

When they finally made it to the entrance of Yuxi City, they didn't even have a single copper coin on them.

When the guards saw them, their eyes widened. "It's you guys again? What, you guys got robbed again? " The last time he was robbed of the tea leaves, he heard the merchant caravan's owner say that he didn't believe in evil and insisted on transporting it again. At that time, he thought he was feeling wronged and didn't expect it to be like this.

The merchant group's owner sat on the ground and wailed, "We reported to the officials last time. Why hasn't Lord Qingtian captured these robbers yet?"

The city guards could not help but feel sympathy for them and went forward to help them up, "Don't give up, that group of robbers are very intrepid, the government cannot capture them at all. Hire more people to accompany the caravan in the future, this will have some effect, or else don't come to Yuxi City to do business, you are so poor that no one can afford to buy tea even if you send them here."

"But my old rival sent tea leaves to Yuxi City, saying that he had made a great profit?"

"You've probably been tricked. Who would still be here to do business these days?"

The merchant caravan's owner cried for a long time. He removed the gold ring on his finger and forced the merchant caravan's men to stay in Yuxi City for the night. The next day, he left with his men.

Unexpectedly, almost twenty days later, another caravan approached Yuxi City, this time even closer to the city gates. Just as they were about to enter the city, the robbers seemed to have descended from the sky, engulfing all the goods in less than a quarter of an hour.

The guards of the city waited until the robbers left before they trembled as they walked out of the city gate. Seeing that there was someone crying so loudly in the caravan, they hurriedly stepped forward, "Huh? You guys are not from the Wang Family Merchant Group? " He thought that the unlucky fellow who had been robbed twice had returned. He didn't expect that the person this time would be a different person.

Hearing the Wang Clan's caravan, the people in the caravan cried even louder, "When the Wang Clan caravan returned, they said that they made a large amount of money in Yuxi City, which is why we followed them here in hopes of opening up a road for them. Who would have known that it would be snatched away before even entering the city? Why is the heavens so unfair? They treated that Wang fellow so well! "

The city guard thought for a moment. "You and the Wang Family are enemies, right?"

"Yes, our Zhang Family and the Wang Family are irreconcilable!"

The soldier sighed, "Ah, no wonder!" Since they are enemies who cannot be separated, then who are you trying to screw over then? However, the bandits of Yuxi City had never been so rampant in the past. Now that they were constantly coming here, could it be that they were addicted to the human plundering?

Mu Yunyao didn't know that outside of Yuxi City, a few thousand li away, it was especially lively. At this moment, she was accompanying Lady Jin as she measured the embroidery in her hand. "What does Madam think?" After spending nearly three months, this magnificent piece of embroidery was finally going to be completed.

Lady Jin looked at the embroidery on the table, so excited that her face turned red, "Yunyao, I really don't know how to describe it. It's great, it's really great!"

The embroidery in front of him was nine feet wide and five feet wide. The edges were embroidered with auspicious clouds, the golden characters on the red ground and the four characters' Fortune and Ankang ', shining brightly.

Mu Yunyao heaved a heavy sigh of relief. "If I could hear Madam say 'good', I would feel at ease in my heart. I'm afraid that my lack of skill would delay my annual gift to the Emperor."

"Don't be modest. I dare to say that I can't find a second person in the assembly who can match up to you in embroidery techniques!"

"Madam, you are too kind."

Lady Jin carefully measured the time it took to brew a cup of tea before reluctantly withdrawing her gaze, "Yunyao, you've worked hard these past few days. I've heard that you haven't even had your birthday, and are only busy with this new year's gift …"

"I'm still young, how could I have used any birthdays? Besides, didn't Madam ask big sister Silver Red to send me a set of noodles as well? "I've never seen such a pure red ruby. Just looking at it makes me feel like I can't let go of it. I can't bear to wear it on my head."

The fifteenth of the tenth month was Mu Yunyao's birthday. She hadn't thought of having a birthday in the first place. That day, she only ate a bowl of hand-rolled noodles made by her mother and felt abnormally satisfied. There was nothing that made her feel happier than this bowl of noodles.

Su Qing also nodded when she heard this, "That's right, it's inconvenient for Madam to be in such a good condition right now. She's still missing Yunyao's birthday. It's really spoilt her." She and Lady Jin seemed to be close friends, so she didn't have much scruples when she spoke.

On the other hand, Lady Jin looked at Mu Yunyao with a face full of smiles. "If you really can spoil her, then I'll find ten sets of eight ruby heads and send them over. Yunyao is really too sensible, causing one's heart to ache."

Her wrists and fingers were slightly red and swollen, especially the three fingers that were pinching the embroidery needles. The tip of her fingers was red and had a layer of calluses on them, which made it even more painful to look at compared to the fingers of her left hand, which were as white as onions. "In the next few days, you should rest well and not leave any hidden troubles."

Mu Yunyao smiled and nodded. "Don't worry Madam, everything will be fine in two days." The wounds on her body healed extremely quickly. Not to mention the high-quality ointment she applied every day. After a few days, her body would return to normal. Otherwise, she wouldn't dare to go all out like this.

She was extremely protective of her own body in her past life.

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