Priceless Baby: 101 Bedside Stories

Chapter 867 - All for Tong Hua

Chapter 867: All for Tong Hua

Shen Qianshu would not naively believe that Yang Lihua came to find her purely because she missed Tong Hua. She was not that naive.

She had such a close relationship with Black Rose. She must have had brought a mission with her, coming to look for her.

However, Yang Lihua did not mention a single word at all. She kept asking about Tong Hua’s life for the past few years and any interesting things that happened. Shen Qianshu told her everything in detail and also showed the photos of Tong Hua on her phone. Shen Qianshu was a crazy proud mother who loved to show off her son. There were many photos of Tong Hua on her phone.

Each and every photo was saved; even a photo from many years ago could be found.

Yang Lihua wiped her tears and said, “Really good.”

“Yes, it’s great. Tong Hua is really healthy now.”

Shen Qianshu knew that Yang Lihua had something to say to her and that it was not convenient to say in front of Tong Hua. She then said gently, “Tong Hua, go grab a photo album and show it to Mom.”


Tong Hua carried Burger and left. Yang Lihua looked at his back view longingly.

“Doctor Yang, is there any reason why you came to find me?” Shen Qianshu asked.

“No reason. I just wanted to take a look at Tong Hua,” Yang Lihua said.

“Don’t lie to me. Did Black Rose ask you to do something again? Using Tong Hua to threaten you?”

Yang Lihua laughed bitterly. “Qianshu, do you have any interest in becoming Black Rose’s gatekeeper?”


“After becoming the gatekeeper, you will have the greatest power.”

“I’ll just be a puppet,” Shen Qianshu said. “You know clearer than me. If I agreed to Black Rose’s conditions, putting aside whether I can pass Black Rose’s gatekeeper test, even if I pass, I will only be a puppet. A puppet controlled by Black Rose.”

“You’re clever and quick-witted. You will not be willing to be a puppet for the rest of your life. In history, how many puppet emperors have become the ruler in the end?” Yang Lihua said. “This is not absolute. I honestly feel that it will not be any good if you continue confronting her like that. Tong Hua will get hurt in the end. Black Rose is restraining herself now not because she became scared of you; she just wants to gain something without risking anything of her own. She’s waiting for you get hooked. If you continue refusing, Tong Hua will be put in danger in the end.”

“What you say makes sense. I know that it will be very easy for Black Rose to ruin me, and I also know that after becoming Black Rose’s gatekeeper, the totally meaningless face-off between Black Rose and me will end. I will go into a new stage, which is the fight between a puppet and her ruler. I also know that this is the fastest way I can get rid of Black Rose. She has patience, but I’m younger than her. It’s not easy to predict who will emerge victorious. But, Older Sis, I’m not willing to do such a thing!” Shen Qianshu said.

“I have not had many aspirations since birth. When I was young, I only wanted to be someone that sits around and does nothing, a rich second-generation heir that will be rich for life. After I grew up, I only wanted to be a good mother that can watch her son grow up safely and blissfully. Earning how much money, having what kind of power, all these were not attractive to me. I have the ability to earn a lifetime’s amount of money, so I don’t need Black Rose. Even if I don’t have Ye Ling, I can also live a brilliant life. Why do I need to rely on Black Rose then?” Shen Qianshu explained.

“I will still say this: either she ruins me, or she can see me living brilliantly. It’s as simple as that!”

Doctor Yang stared at her blankly. From Shen Qianshu, it seemed that she could see the shadows of some people back then. There was some longing in her gaze, and she laughed bitterly and said, “Are you really not worried that one day, she will hurt Tong Hua? Qianshu, Tong Hua is the only person I’m holding on to in this world. No matter what I do, its all for him.”

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