Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

Chapter 1836 - Full of loopholes (1)

Chapter 1836: Full of loopholes (1)

“Grandmaster Huang, Grandmaster Huang? Please hurry on and snap out of your daze!”

Huang Yueli was lost in her thoughts but Cang Po Hun was already unable to hold on.

“Grandmaster Huang, later on a fight might break out in the front hall. So many ninth stage realm peak practitioners making a move at the same time is extremely dangerous, I must hurry up to help Big Brother now so can I trouble you to please ask Sovereign out from his closed door and leave Levitation Sword Palace together with him to a place a little further away.”

Saying that, Cang Po Hun was about to rush into the front hall.

Cang Po Jun was alone in the front hall and facing so many same levelled strong practitioners with the same kind of abilities like him, it was imaginable just how much pressure he was suffering from, so Cang Po Jun was in a hurry to back him up.

Huang Yueli pulled on to him hurriedly, “Wait, Guardian Hun, don’t be in a rush yet!”

“Ah, what time is it now! Let me go quickly!” Cang Po Hun cried out urgently.

Huang Yueli shook her head and her speech was still in a not too fast or too slow pace, “Dashing out like this, how much use will it do? Could it be that you really intend to fight with these few people? If you really fought, just based on the two of you, how are you intending to defeat so many first rated top exponents?”

Cang Po Hun replied anxiously, “Then what should we do? Now the question isn’t whether we want to fight or not, but rather there’s no choice! What if they insist on us handing out the Sovereign, then we will definitely reject it so in the end the result will probably end up in a battle! All of them already pressed on and dropped in so today’s matter definitely will not end up easily!”

He was extremely anxious but Huang Yueli still remained extremely calm as she replied calmly, “Just based on the two of you who can’t settle this, so this matter will still need your Sovereign to settle.”

Cang Po Hun shook his head furiously, “Grandmaster Huang, this subordinate knows your good intentions and Sovereign doesn’t like to hide behind us but based on your current cultivations, it’s after all no longer the same as that year! Ninth stage realm peak practitioners first rated top exponents aren’t someone who you can go up against right now! It’s best that you’d better hurry on and leave first so as long as the two of you aren’t hurt, in future when Sovereign breaks through, you are still able to return the favour.”

Huang Yueli looked at his earnest expression as she shook her head not knowing if she should laugh or cry.

“You, can you listen to me first? When have I ever said that I wanted to fight? What I’m saying is to do reparations! Reparations do you understand?”

Cang Po Hun’s face was still blank, “Reparation? It’s already at this stage, is it still possible… to do reparations?”

“Of course! But, this required a bit of skill…..”

Huang Yueli looked left and right and after certifying that no one was eavesdropping on them, she leaned close beside Cang Po Jun’s ear.

“Hurry to the rear hall and ask Moying to come out from his closed door, the secret knocking code which I’ve set with him is…..”

The young lady’s delicate fragrance’s breathing was so close that Cang Po Hun lost his senses for an instance.

“Hey, are you listening? What I’m saying is very important, you must follow exactly what I said! No mistake must happen!”

Huang Yueli noticed that he was absent-minded and frowned as she reemphasized what she was saying.

Cang Po Hun’s senses came back as his ears turned red.

But Huang Yueli didn’t notice his abnormality but grabbed tightly of time as she continued speaking, “When he’s out, tell him…..”

As Huang Yueli spoke on, Cang Po Hun’s eyes grew wider and wider.

“…. Have you understood what I said?” Huang Yueli asked when she finished with her instructions.

Cang Po Hun’s eyes revealed an overjoyed look as he hurriedly nodded, “I understood it, understood it clearly! Grandmaster Huang, you’ve really got the way! In this way, those old tortoises will probably be scared to their deaths!”

Huang Yueli’s lips curled up, “They deserve to be frightened to death alive, who asked them to come and be tortured on their own? Alright, let’s stop with the gibberish, hurry on and pass my message!”

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