Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal

Chapter 1217 - I Knew That There Was Something Strange

Chapter 1217: I Knew That There Was Something Strange

There were two methods to win a war between two factions.

One method was to kill the leader of the faction, which was the leader in the main fortress. The other method was to deplete the other party’s reinforcement points. This was similar to the Dimensional War. If the leader was killed, the troops would naturally retreat by themselves. As for depleting the reinforcement points, that was akin to killing all of the troops on one side, so the other side would naturally win.

Therefore, currently speaking, killing the leader was very difficult, but depleting the reinforcement points was quite easy to do.

“Dali.” Seeing that their reinforcement points were decreasing by the tens every minute, Tang Muxin instantly got a little nervous and asked, “You are just going to send them to die like this? If we don’t have any reinforcement points left, we will lose.”

This is the effect I want, but I can’t say it like this…

“Ah, they are buying time for us. We are going to build fortresses, isn’t it? This is very important!” Hong Dali pointed at the large group of people building the fortress behind them and said, “Once the fortresses are completed, we can pull them back to defend them.”

The fortress that Hong Dali wanted to build was very simple, quite similar to the trenches in the Anti-Japanese War in his previous life. Just that it was more sturdy and durable, and there were all kinds of gaps and holes suitable for making far-range attacks. Overall, there were just two requirements. One, it must be sturdy. Two, it must be very sturdy…

Now, the fortress was already more than half-done. After all, the design wasn’t important, it was just rocks being combined together by heated steel and stacked higher and higher…

“Alright.” Tang Muxin also didn’t have any good ideas. Anyway, she was used to Hong Dali’s way of doing things. Speaking of which, she wasn’t really concerned about winning or losing. “Then let’s just drag the battle for a while. Hehe, after the fortresses are complete, if they want to attack us, won’t that akin to a siege battle?”

“That’s right.” Hong Dali nodded, then smiled and said, “Think about it. They can defeat us on ground combat, but it won’t be so easy to defeat us in a siege battle.”

“But even if they can’t break through our fortress, we are also unable to go and attack them.” Tang Muxin pointed at the small mountain and said, “Once they occupy that resurrection point, we can only attack from below. It will also be difficult for us to snatch back this resurrection point, right?”

“That’s for sure.” Hong Dali suddenly asked, “But why must we definitely snatch that place? Isn’t it better to just defend here and kill all those who came?”

“This…” Tang Muxin felt that Hong Dali’s words made a lot of sense.

That’s right, they could rely on the fortress here and they also had a resurrection point nearby. It was obviously better to defend than attack the resurrection point on the mountain, so why the need to fight for that resurrection point?

By this time, the reinforcement points on Hong Dali’s side had already decreased by more than 12,000. As for the fortress, it was very quickly being built. Now, quite a lot of team members were feeling anxious. Kong anxiously asked, “Dali, let us go join the fight too. If our people up there can’t withstand and let them occupy the resurrection point, it will be too late even if we all charge there together.”

“Don’t panic, relax!” Hong Dali grinned and said, “We must have the temperament of a king. We must have the realm of mind that even if the universe is destroyed, we can face it with a smile. You guys are already getting anxious in such a short while, this can’t do. Relax, don’t panic.”

“All… Alright…” Seeing the reinforcement points continue to decrease, Kong could only try his best to keep his composure and pretend not to see it.

On the spectator stand, everyone’s palms were covered in a cold sweat.

The people on Hong Dali’s side were like they were just going in to die, the reinforcement points had already dropped to 87,000 or so, but Silver Frost’s side only dropped by 6,000 plus. The death ratio was about one to two. If this carried on, Hong Dali’s side would lose for sure!

“What’s Hong Dali doing? If he carries on fighting like this, he might as well admit defeat!”

“Isn’t that so. It’s a rare chance for our Astral realm to hold our heads high in the Astral Genius Battle. If we lose the battle now, we will lose most of all that accumulated glory!”

“Quick, think of something! This can’t go in, right?”

Some with sharp eyes pointed behind Hong Dali, loudly shouting, “Hong Dali’s fortress is almost done. Once it’s up, they can retreat and defend there, right?”

“Probably so. Defending a fortress should be much better than attacking like this. This must probably be what Hong Dali is thinking!”

Since they already understood part of what Hong Dali was thinking, they continued to watch the battle carefully.

This kind of war scene was still quite spectacular to watch. Therefore, although the battle had already been going on for quite long, none of them felt bored.

Finally, just as everyone was staring at the reinforcement points and Hong Dali’s side only had about 80,000 reinforcement points left, Hong Dali’s fortress was finally completed!

And now, Silver Frost’s reinforcement points were still in the 94,000 plus!

This was really a vast difference. In the previous faction wars, even the biggest difference between the two factions was only within thousands when the war ended. And now, they had only just started, and there was already a difference of 12,000 or so!

12,000, what kind of concept was that? If if the entire 5,000 troops on Silver Frost’s side stood there and let themselves be killed, they would have to be killed 2.5 times to make up for the difference!

“Alright, everyone. Retreat back here first.” Seeing that the fortress was done, Hong Dali finally gave the order to retreat. “Retreat and defend here, wait for them to attack. By that time, we can just wait and collect their headcounts, hehe.”

They were finally able to retreat. The 3,000 people who were attacking the resurrection point all retreated to the fortress. While waiting for Silver Frost to attack, they could also use this time to take a good rest.

After all, this was really a tough battle. Even though this was in the virtual world, their mental strength was still very nervous and tense during the battle. They indeed needed to relax now.

Very obviously, Silver Frost’s side was thinking the same thing. After successfully occupying the resurrection point, they didn’t rush down to attack them. Instead, they rested around the resurrection point on the mountain.

“Boss.” Wales sat beside Silver Frost, looked at the map, and said, “We have already occupied this important spot. As for the next step of action, my suggestion is to check the situation first. I took a look just now. Only 3,000 people from Hong Dali’s side were in the battle just now, and the whereabouts of the remaining 2,000 people are unclear. Therefore, we mustn’t rush and take things one step at a time.”

“Yup, you are right.” Speaking up to this point, he looked at the map carefully and calculated the terrains shown. Shortly later, he squinted his eyes and said, “Since they didn’t fight with us for this spot full force just now, it’s possible that they retreated to the road down the mountain. According to Hong Dali’s usual style, he probably built a barricade or such there. Remember the motorcycles in the Astral Genius Battle? This fellow is good at using things that other people don’t think of.”

“Probably so.” Wales frowned, then said, “Then, I think that the next thing we should do is to reinforce our base and backline. I advise that we should send a team of 500 to patrol our backline to prevent Hong Dali from attacking the resurrection points. As for the remaining 4,500 people, send 500 to scout the road ahead. After everything is clear, we can then plan our next course of action.”

Silver Frost instantly nodded and said, “Yup, your advice is quite good. Let’s do as you said.”

Therefore, both parties sent people to stand guard for the night while the others rested and prepared for the second day’s battle.

At night, Kong and You Muming intended to look for Hong Dali to ask him about his future plans. But the result was that Hong Dali was actually sleeping like a pig, hugging Tang Muxin and resting his head on Li Nianwei’s legs—could they disturb him seeing such a scene? Definitely not, right? Therefore, both of them were depressed…

“Kong, do you think Brother Dali’s way of fighting this war will actually succeed?” You Muming softly asked, “Silver Frost isn’t that dumb. Now that the fortress has been built, he won’t forcefully attack us, right? If not, won’t he be giving up the advantage he built up previously?”

“I think so, too.” Kong felt very puzzled about Hong Dali’s strategy. “It isn’t wrong to build this fortress. It can help to stabilize our base and backline. But there isn’t enough attacking power, so we can only hide here. There isn’t any hope of attacking them.”

5,000 versus 5,000. If both sides fought head-on, the difference in power would basically be very small. Even if Gu Feifei was invincible, her strength was suppressed to the limit on this battlefield. 10 plus people were enough to kill her. Therefore, if the two armies fought head-on, the result would be both sides suffering heavy casualties. There was rarely any exception to this.

“Forget it, I think Brother Dali probably has some other ideas.” You Muming shook his head and said, “We can’t understand the logic of a godly person, let’s just wait and see. All we have to do is just to follow his command. That’s all.”

“Yup, that’s all we can do now.” Kong nodded.

The night passed very quickly and the second morning had come.

“Dali, quick, wake up.” Tang Muxin woke up very early and came out of Hong Dali’s arms. She looked around and hurriedly pushed Hong Dali, saying, “Quick, wake up, the Sun is up. We must be careful of the enemy’s surprise attack!”

“Ah, what are you afraid of.” Hong Dali wasn’t in the least worried. “Even if Silver Frost came, he will only send a small group to scout around first. It isn’t possible for him to directly attack with his main army, right? Don’t worry, that’s impossible…”

Saying so, he tossed around and continued to sleep!

What the heck! Tang Muxin really felt like kicking him awake, but after careful thinking, his words indeed made sense…

Indeed, it was just like what Hong Dali said. Silver Frost only sent a team of 500 to charge down from the mountain. This small group of people very quickly came in front of the fortress. Standing at a distance of 100 meters apart, they looked at the fortress that was 10 plus meters high…

They didn’t even dare to attempt to attack and directly turned around and ran back.

“What did you say?” Silver Frost asked the captain of the group. “Hong Dali built a fortress on the road in front? He blocked the entire road and there’s no way of going around it!?”

“That’s right.” The captain nodded and said, “The entire road is completely blocked. Without any siege machines, I feel that our chances of attacking the fortress are very slim.”

Silver Frost sucked in a deep breath—damn it, I knew that there was something strange. As expected, this fellow actually built a fortress. And in so short a time!

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