Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal

Chapter 1308 - A Good Furnace Requires a Lot of Carbon, a Good Woman Requires a Lot of Man’s Energy

Chapter 1308: A Good Furnace Requires a Lot of Carbon, a Good Woman Requires a Lot of Man’s Energy

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Old Tang is still more reliable. Hong Dali hurriedly asked his father, “Dad, what word should my children’s generation correlate to?”

“Tao,” Hong Weiguo answered very surely. “The child shall be called Hong Tao or something like that.”

This was much simpler, then. Hong Dali thought for a while and said, “If male, name him Hong Taowu. If female, name her Hong Taoqi!” These two names were still quite alright. The others all nodded.

Yet, Tang Muxin recited these two names for a while, then suddenly muttered, “Now the Five of Hearts and Seven of Hearts are out. If there are a Six of Hearts, we will have a straight flush. But this seems to be a good idea too. Hong Taokai, Hong Taoquan, Hong Taogou, Hong Taoshi, Hong Taojiu, Hong Taoba…”1

Everyone was shocked, then shouted in unison, “They definitely can’t be named like this!”

“Then what should I name the child?” Hong Dali looked around. This idea wasn’t reliable in the end and he could only look up at the sky helplessly. “Forget it, just name the male Hong Tian and the female Hong Tiantian.” These names at least sounded more normal…

“Sky, Earth, Black, Yellow, and the vast Universe.1” Tang Zhen nodded and said, “This name is not bad.”

Once Tang Zhen explained like this, the name instantly sounded very awesome! Everyone praised. “Excellent, this shall be the name then!”

Having decided on the name, Hong Dali instantly felt invigorated. Being a man, even though he was still quite young, he had been through a lot and naturally felt different now that he had a child. The two main things of life had both been completed by him now. Six wives and a child were not bad, with his child going to be born soon. Those who had never been through this wouldn’t be able to understand this type of feeling. Hong Dali was very certain that if anyone dared to come to create trouble at such a time, he would definitely risk his life to kill that person!

Hong Dali didn’t go anywhere in the next few days, just spending time with his women in Prison Star.

Because of censorship, the details shall not be mentioned. Basically, in the end, Hong Dali laid on Zhang Yi’s bed and said, “Sigh, a good furnace requires a lot of carbon, a good woman requires a lot of man’s energy…” Then, Zhang Yi stretched out her leg and kicked Hong Dali out of the bed…

This time, Hong Dali did indeed spend a long period of stable days in Prison Star. Yet, early one morning, Lieutenant General Lei Zhe suddenly visited and said, “Dali, we have got trouble, big trouble!”

“Huh? What is it?” Hong Dali was playing with Xiao Hei at this moment. He curiously asked, “What happened? Uncle Lei Zhe, your expression looks bad. Is this matter connected to me?”

“Yes, the connection isn’t small either.” Lei Zhe sighed and said, “You still remember the Oracle, Lakdanath, right?”

“Yes, I remember him.” Towards this person, Hong Dali’s impression of him was really deep. If it wasn’t because of him, the Goddess of Wisdom might not have discovered his true identity. “What is it? What trouble did he make again? Damn, I haven’t sought his trouble yet, what does he plan to do?”

“Sigh, it’s exactly because you didn’t seek his trouble yet that we have really got trouble this time.” Lei Zhe smiled bitterly and said, “Remember the matter regarding the Dimensional War that I mentioned to you last time? The matter is very simple. Lakdanath heard that you came back safely and deducted that the Goddess of Wisdom might have possibly lost her power.”

What the heck, this fellow is so awesome? But then again, being the Oracle, it’s indeed hard for him not to know that I have come back. Hong Dali scratched his head and asked, “Then?”

“Then, this bastard contacted the Dimension Masters of other dimensions for them to conquer this dimension through the Dimension War.” Lei Zhe depressingly said, “This fellow doesn’t have any humanity, he never cared about the lives of normal humans. All he wants is credit for reporting this and still continuing being an Oracle and remaining in power. As for who is the ruler of the dimension, he doesn’t care at all.”

“What the heck, he’s actually so shameless?” Hearing Lei Zhe’s words, Hong Dali was instantly angered. “This fellow will even become a traitor!? Uncle Lei Zhe, where did you obtain this news from?”

“I have people on top who learned by accident.” Lei Zhe pointed upwards and said, “He has already contacted the Dimension Masters of other dimensions now. War is probably going to start at any moment, you have to get ready.”

“I can’t even rest for a few days…” Hong Dali mumbled. Then, he felt strange and asked, “This isn’t right. Uncle Lei Zhe, this dog shit Oracle is already the Oracle now, there’s already a Dimension Master in this dimension—the Goddess of Wisdom. But she didn’t take control of this dimension personally in the first place, so her losing power or not doesn’t affect him. Why is there a need for him to do such a thing?”

Hong Dali’s question was on point.

This dimension already had a Dimension Master. As long as the Dimension Master still existed, the Oracle would still be the Oracle, there wasn’t a need for him to do such a thing. After all, even if he colluded with another Dimension Master, the most he could obtain was still to be the Oracle, there wasn’t any extra benefit.

“I thought of this too.” Lei Zhe deeply said, “According to this logic, he didn’t need to do such a thing. After all, you didn’t seek his trouble after you came back, so he’s really doing this for no benefits. But after thinking deeper, I fear that his plan isn’t so simple.”

“Not simple? There’s still some other reason?” Hong Dali opened his eyes wide.

“Let me explain.” At this moment, the Goddess of Wisdom walked over and sat beside Hong Dali, then softly said, “His target is probably me. Now that my Godly Essence is sealed, if I’m killed by another Dimension Master, that person can take away my Godly Essence and use it to become the new Supreme God. Reporting such news is definitely a very large credit. Lakdanath will obtain a very great benefit from this. If his ambition is even bigger and he wants to take the Godly Essence for himself, he will at least be able to obtain immortality and get a great boost to his power. At the very least, he will be able to reach the level of Dimension Master. This is probably his true aim.”

What the heck, the ambition of this Lakdanath really isn’t small!

Hong Dali sucked in a deep breath and muttered, “Hearing you say this, this is likely the case. Then, we have to make preparations. If not, we may not even be able to retaliate.”

“Goddess.” Lei Zhe asked in a deep voice, “You disclosed such classified information, aren’t you afraid that I will have ideas on you?” It was better to ask this clearly first. Lei Zhe wasn’t so full of himself that he thought he could learn such confidential information.

“Actually, there isn’t a need to hide this.” The Goddess of Wisdom looked at Hong Dali gently and said, “I believe that Dali will protect me. Therefore, I’m not afraid of others knowing this. Also, this matter definitely won’t be hidden forever, someone will know of this sooner or later.”

“Thank you for your trust, Goddess.” Lei Zhe was so excited that his hands were shaking. “Even if I have to rise my life, I will definitely protect you.” It was actually very easy to understand. The news that the Goddess of Wisdom had lost her power would be known sooner or later. During this period, it was also a good chance to see who was reliable and who wasn’t.

Actually, what was most important was that the Goddess of Wisdom was confident of Hong Dali’s moral quality.

During their interaction for this period, the Goddess of Wisdom had indeed gradually fallen in love with Hong Dali. After all, it was very hard to find such a reliable person.

“Damn it, fight!” Hong Dali slapped his leg and said, “Whoever dares to seek my trouble, I will fight with him to the end!” After saying this, he shouted, “Lackeys, assemble quickly! Something big happened!”

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