Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 1505 - Protector 2

Chapter 1505 Protector 2

“Can’t you see… she’s talking to me?” A sinister look suddenly appeared on the Celestial Fairy’s pale little face.

The old man sensed the aura of oppression from the Celestial Fairy, and his heart sank.

He was also from the Second Domain; how could he be ignorant of the Celestial Fairy’s power?

He might not fear the Celestial Fairy in a one-on-one fight, but…

The old man looked at the forces from the Purple Palace that were behind the Celestial Fairy. He looked grim, and the force in his hand dissipated. Then, he narrowed his eyes and looked at Ye Qingtang. “Damn girl, if you dare to hand those things to someone else, I will reduce you to ashes.”

The Celestial Fairy laughed softly. It was a childish laugh, but it was filled with bone-chilling, murderous intent.

“I would like to see as well. Who dares to touch something offered to the Purple Palace?”

The old man’s expression turned ugly. The other groups did not look pleased either.

Few of the people present had abilities that matched the Celestial Fairy’s.

Ye Qingtang was naturally well aware of the Celestial Fairy’s abilities; otherwise, she would not have handed the two Dharma treasures to her.

She certainly could not hold on to these two Dharma treasures. No matter which side she gave it to, she would offend the rest. She might as well… choose the strongest side and hope that that would keep her safe.


She had already secretly hidden the best artifact.

She might as well offer up the remaining two since they were so difficult to handle.

The Celestial Fairy looked coldly at everyone. The threat in her eyes was clear.

The group from the Jiang Family looked displeased when they saw that Ye Qingtang had actually handed the two Dharma treasures to the Celestial Fairy.

“I have long heard of the Celestial Fairy’s fame. I believe that only the fairy can use these two Dharma treasures.” Ye Qingtang smiled at the Celestial Fairy and smoothly flattered her.

A brilliant smile appeared on the Celestial Fairy’s young face, like a child delighted with a new toy. But the oppressive force she had released just now prevented anyone present from viewing her as a child…

“Little girl, you’re so good at flattery. Since you’re so obedient, I will treat you well.” The Celestial Fairy took the two Dharma treasures and looked around with an intimidating expression. She slowly spoke.

“If anyone dares to attack you within this palace, it will be tantamount to attacking my Purple Palace.”

These words were a warning for everyone.

As long as Ye Qingtang remained in this palace, the Celestial Fairy would protect her.


This protection was limited.

Once Ye Qingtang left the palace, the Celestial Fairy would have nothing to do with her.

When Ye Qingtang heard the Celestial Fairy’s words, she inwardly called her a sly old fox.

Everyone understood the Celestial Fairy’s meaning. Even though some were not satisfied, they were unwilling to make trouble with the Purple Palace. After all, there were still plenty of Dharma treasures in this palace. If they fought the Purple Palace at this point, they might suffer losses instead.

With that, everyone stopped quibbling. However, the old man swept Ye Qingtang a vicious look before he left.

Even the group from the Jiang Family shot Ye Qingtang disgusted looks.

Ye Qingtang continued to smile, but she writhed inwardly.

Although she had obtained a mystical artifact, she had certainly offended… many people…

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