Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 1652 - See You In the Arena (4)

Chapter 1652: See You In the Arena (4)

Jiang Yiran raised his brows smugly.

Jiang Yisheng was so angry his knuckles cracked as he clenched his fists.

Jiang Yanyun swept a look at Jiang Yiran’s smug expression and said frostily, “You were the one who wanted to save them. Now, you’re the one making trouble.”

Jiang Yiran had been the first to notice that Ye Qingtang and the others were fighting with the Qiu Family. He had rolled up his sleeves and rushed over.

“I can’t bear the sight of that Qiu Chen,” Jiang Yiran said guiltily.

No matter what differences they and Jiang Shaobai’s clique had in Taiyuan Valley, once outside the valley, they were one united body. They represented the entire Jiang Family. Of course, he could not restrain himself when he saw his own family members being bullied.

“I haven’t had an opportunity to punch that girl. With her poor skills, I think she’ll be punched half-dead if it came to a real fight. Then, I won’t be able to punch her anymore.” Jiang Yiran immediately pointed at Ye Qingtang and found an excuse for himself.

“…” Ye Qingtang, who had been targeted out of the blue, stared at him blankly

How petty was he that he was still thinking of punching her?

Jiang Yanyun glared at Jiang Yiran. He ignored Jiang Yiran’s excuse and looked straight at Jiang Shaobai.

“What do you think of the Qiu Family?”

Jiang Shaobai’s eyes had lost their chilly look. She lazily hooked her arms around Ye Qingtang shoulders and was practically hanging onto the latter.

“They’re too ugly. I couldn’t bear to look at them.”

“…” Jiang Yanyun

Jiang Yanyun drew a breath and said, “Pay close attention to that young girl during the Martial Arts Championship.”

Jiang Yanyun spoke meaningfully.

A strange look flashed across Jiang Shaobai’s eyes, but she did not say anything.

Jiang Yiran and Jiang Yisheng squabbled a bit more before they went their separate ways.

Fortunately, Jiang Yisheng and the others had only received superficial wounds. They would recover with some medication.

The group had been planning to explore the Island of Immortal Footsteps, but now they had no choice but to return to their residence and get some medicine for Jiang Yisheng and the others.

On the way back, they met Baili Xi, of the Baili Family, and a young girl.

Unlike the arrogant Qiu Chen from the Qiu Family, Baili Xi did not notice that they were passing by. He merely patiently bowed his head and looked tenderly at the frail young girl next to him. He treated her with great care.

“The Handsome King of Hell, Baili Xi, has a tender side? I must be seeing things.” Jiang Yisheng turned to see the two figures, who were slowly moving away.

“Handsome King of Hell” was the nickname that Baili Xi had earned at the previous Martial Arts Championship. He had been the youngest participant that year but had viciously suppressed all his opponents with his thunderbolt-like moves.

Baili Xi might look handsome and remote, but he was brutal in the arena like a devil who had crawled out of hell. He had even killed several of his opponents in the arena…

“Shaobai, how confident are you of winning a match against Baili Xi?” Jiang Yisheng asked curiously. He naturally overlooked Ye Qingtang and the others.

Jiang Shaobai leaned on Ye Qingtang. She looked at Jiang Yisheng’s bruised but inquisitive face and simply pinched his cheek. Jiang Yisheng howled in pain.

“I should have let the Qiu Family kill you just now.”

“Sss… the pain is killing me.” Jiang Yisheng rubbed his face with an injured air. He did not know what went wrong.

Ye Qingtang, who was standing next to her, secretly sighed. She glanced at Baili Xi.

In her previous life, Ye Qingtang had heard some rumors about Baili Xi. Baili Xi was ranked among the top ten of Central Mainland’s talents. And the girl next to Baili Xi was his twin sister.

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