Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator

Chapter 885 - Thirty Thousand Kilometers

885 Thirty Thousand Kilometers

“That really is Perfected Cultivator Chen!”

Qin Hua and many others shouted out Chen Fan’s name. Mu Hongti and Yun Yier’s eyes were wide open in disbelief. Many Chinese elders were elated and shaking.

“Perfected Cultivator is back!”

After a brief moment of silence, a wave of cheers and shouts began to spread.

Xuan Mingzi and Perfected Cultivator Heiming had both been taken aback by Chen Fan’s return. They thought that Chen Fan and Zhao Juexian were trapped inside Two World Peak and lost in the abyss of time. How did he get out of there? Did Ancestral Patriarch Takong came back with him?

“Perfected Cultivator Chen!”

Hands trembling in excitement, Grand Elder Xie Changying looked at Chen Fan. However, the development on the battlefield quickly caught his attention and robbed him of his joy.

“Report to the Perfected Cultivator right now that I saw the three Grand Elders of the Blood Fiend Sect, each leading one Legion. Each legion consists of over a hundred Golden Core Cultivators and are nearly invincible. Individuals such as Lord Beihan wouldn’t compare,” Xuan Mingzi said.

As their dire situation started to set in, many people regained their troubled looks. A few elders from the Tianmang Hall even scoffed the notion that Chen Fan would improve their situation by himself. So powerful were the Blood Fiend Legions that only Heavenly Beings could have held out against their onslaught.

“Shoot! I wonder if Senior Chen knew how deep of a hole we are in.”

Mu Hongti’s face paled.

Meanwhile, the three Blood Fiend elders also recognized Chen Fan. They spoke in a jarringly sharp voice, “Is that Perfected Cultivator Chen? He is at the Golden Core’s early-stage at most. You think he can save you? Dream on!”

“I thought Perfected Cultivator Chen might have been able to defeat Sword King, but after seeing him in person, he is just mediocre,” Another cold voice was heard.

“Don’t waste our time, kill him!” the wizened voice said in a commanding tone.


One of the Blood Fiend Legions turned into a Blood God.

The Blood God was made out of Crimson shadows and was over ten thousand meters tall. Its six arms formed a magnificent Dharma Seal at first, then they spread out as they threw themselves at Chen Fan. Each one of his arms was the size of a football field. They carried a deadly force as they bore down onto the Old China Town, crushing many layers of Dharma Arrays.

The sight terrorized many residents of the city.

Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and walked closer to his enemy with a steady pace. As he waded through the Blood Sea, he created a path behind him. Countless Blood Fiends and Blood Thralls charged at Chen Fan, but were reduced to ashes the moment they got close to the golden flames.

Chen Fan’s body burned as intensely as the sun. No one could even get close to him.

“Be Careful Perfected Cultivator, the Blood God contains the Dharma Power of over a hundred thousand Blood Fiends. It can corrupt anything it comes in contact with. Don’t let it near you!”

Xuan Mingzi’s face changed as he shouted out.

Perfected Cultivator Heiming couldn’t hold back his worry and flew out to face the Blood God in order to save some time for Chen Fan to get out of harm’s way. Meanwhile, Xie Changying charged up the Sky-severing Sword, ready to strike out again despite his injuries.

However, something unthinkable happened the very next moment.

The six arms caught fire when they were still a few kilometers away from Chen Fan. The flame was gold in color and it devoured the arms in an instant, turning them into ashes, then spreading to the body of the Blood God.


The two blood fiend elders who had summoned the Blood God shouted out their grief and anger. They were forced to sever the arms in order to stop the deadly conflagration from spreading. But they couldn’t do anything to help with the damage that had already been done.

“How could this fire harm the Blood God’s Apparition?”

Exalted Cultivator Heavenly Blood widely opened his bloodshot eyes incredulously.

Chen Fan kept moving forward slowly, without giving an answer. His eyes were two dark abysses that held immeasurable contempt. Meanwhile, the sect masters of Xuanming were floored.

The apparition of the Blood God should have been indestructible, unless the Blood Fiend Legion were defeated. How could it be banished with such ease?

“Kill him!” the wizened voice ordered.


Three Blood Fiend Legions gave out three roars and charged at Chen Fan. The deadly army moved across the sky with a deep rumbling and grinding sound. Each legion looked like a large path left by a crimson cloud, covering an area of a few thousand square kilometers in size. They bore down on Chen Fan with a mountainous weight

Before it even got close to Chen Fan, an immense pressure was palpable in the air.

“Crack, crack.”

The ground suddenly caved in a few meters and many Dharma Arrays simply exploded under the weight. Countless Connate Cultivators fell from the sky while Perfected Cultivators were able to hold their ground; their contorted faces suggested that they were under immense pressure. They felt like pygmies before the presence of the three Blood Fiend Legions.

“Pull back, Perfected Cultivator! You can’t take on the…” Xuan Mingzi shouted.

He then watched in surprise as Chen Fan paused to stretch his arms, and let out a languorous yawn.


Earth and mountain trembled as the sun and the moon disappeared from the sky. Time seemed to have lost meaning.

No one had expected Chen Fan’s yawn could have such an effect on the world. He then stomped his feet, making the ground shake as if it were an earthquake. He took a deep breath, and the airflow turned into a typhoon.

Rays of celestial brilliance erupted from Chen Fan.

Even as the Blood Fiend Legions were going to sandwich Chen Fan from three directions, they were knocked back a few kilometers. Tens of thousands of Blood Fiends because of the impact.

A giant hole appeared in the Blood Sea.

“This… This?”

Words caught in Xuan Mingzi’s throat and his face was contorted by shock.

He was not alone.

Xuanming’s Sect Master, Perfected Cultivator Heiming and many others gaped at Chen Fan in disbelief.

The three Grand Elders were stunned by the turn of events, struggling to grapple with reality.

“Perfected, Perfected Cultivator… Did you do that?” Elder Xie Changying stammered.

“I am here to meet Lord Blood God, but it looks like he is not here. I don’t want to waste my time with his pathetic goons.” Chen Fan shook his head.

He waved at Xie Changying.

“Blade Arise!”


The Sky-severing Sword let out a joyful droning as it flew toward Chen Fan, turning into a streak of bright light.

As soon as Chen Fan had the blade in his hand, his appearance changed from a languorous young man to a Sword Master with deep concentration and vigor.

“Consider this as payback for tens of billions of innocent lives you have taken,” Chen Fan spoke quietly, and then with great economy of movement, he slashed the air with the sword.

In the beginning, the attack seemed ordinary, if not a child’s play.

However as the blade slowed down, powerful energy started to gather on its edge.

In the end, a blinding Sword Qi appeared at the tip of the sword. It was energy in its purest form.

Ever since Chen Fan gained a Golden Core, the Nine Transformation Deity Wheel supplied Chen Fan with nearly unlimited highly concentrated Pure Essence. Chen Fan channeled this energy into the Sky-severing Sword, boosting its energy.


The Blade Qi suddenly surged.

Countless Blade Auras illuminated the battlefield. The Heavenly Swords turned into billions of Blade Auras, each aimed squarely at the heart of a Blood Fiend.

When Chen Fan finished his move and after the intense Blade Aura dissipated, everyone saw an unbelievable sight.


Bodies of Blood Fiends and Blood Thralls crumbled like sand castles.

By the end, even the three Grand Elders perished on the battlefield. Wind came up, blowing away the sand and revealing the sacred land. If not for the ruined city wall, no one would believe that there had been a siege a few seconds before.

“I must be dreaming,” Yun Yier mumbled.

Lin Wuhua looked up at Chen Fan and said, “No, it’s not a dream. It’s just that Perfected Cultivator Chen’s power is beyond our imagination.”

Compared to three years before, Chen Fan’s Divine Powers had improved by leaps and bounds.

Many Golden Core Cultivators were terrified by Chen Fan’s unimaginable power. They knew that not only Chen Fan possessed unthinkable strength, but he also had impeccable control over it. Mastering just one of the elements could be a lifetime goal of any Golden Core Cultivators, much less mastering two at the same time.

Xuan Mingzi regarded Chen Fan and said in an admiring tone, “He is the most powerful man in the Beihan Region… no.. in the five Major Beihan Regions.”

Inside the Old China Town, a tsunami of cheers erupted. People not only cheered for their lives, but also for their savior.

“Perfected Cultivator Chen!”

Grand Elder Xie Changying scurried across the sky.

“One second, I will be back.”

Chen Fan turned around and was about to fly away.

“Where are you going?” Xie Changying asked.

Chen Fan left him with two words. “To kill.”

Suddenly, a bright sword aura appeared in the sky, stretching from one end of the horizon to the other and severing the firmament into two. It was visible in the entire Yan State.

It was a thirty thousand kilometer long Sword Qi.

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