Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress

Chapter 931 - A Man's Achilles Heel

Chapter 931: A Man’s Achilles Heel

Although Avrora was a little idiotic, she was not actually mentally challenged. She was only willing to hand over the document because she was bent on winning against Wen Xinya in the competition. Once she emerged victorious, she would be able to obtain Wen Xinya’s matriarchal token which she was obsessed with.

Of course, she had also devised a scheme to embarrass Avrora and let her make a fool out of herself. As a prideful and arrogant person, Avrora could not tolerate the mockery of others and hence, she agreed to compete as soon as Wen Xinya mentioned the terms. Most importantly, it was because Avrora was confident of winning.

However, Avrora did not expect that everything was just a trap laid by Wen Xinya, who was waiting for her to jump into it.

Now that Avrora had lost the competition and even fell off the horse, she definitely wouldn’t let it slide.

Besides, the transferral document concerned the benefits of the Moville Family. When Duke Moville found out that she had used it as a bet, he definitely wouldn’t spare her from punishment. Hence, she would definitely find a way to snatch the document away from Wen Xinya.

Wen Xinya handed the document over to Liu Yanhua and said, “Give this document to Gu Yuehan.”

She had a hard time getting her hands on the document, it was safest to leave it with Gu Yuehan.

Liu Yanhua asked nervously, “Missy, what will you do while I go look for Gu Yuehan?”

Although the document was important, Si Yiyan told her that her priority was to follow Wen Xinya around and protect her.

Wen Xinya looked at the crowd to see that Avrora did not have a serious fall. However, the wealthy heiresses had all surrounded her to ask about her condition. “I’ll go take a look and see if Avrora had a serious fall.”

She had yet to settle the trouble. Since Avrora had fallen off the horse during a competition with Wen Xinya, she could not leave her alone completely. Otherwise, tongues would wag and she might just be framed for plotting against Avrora.

Although she had Si Yiyan to defend her, she would still be in trouble if things were to get blown out of proportion and Si Yiyan would be put at a disadvantage. She did not want to provoke the Russian aristocrats because of how much Si Yiyan cared about her.

Holding the document tightly in hand, Liu Yanhua said, “Missy, seems like Miss Avrora did not suffer a severe fall. Why don’t we go look for Ninth Young Master first?”

The thought of Avrora whipping Wen Xinya made her heart pound in fear. Avrora was way too cunning and vicious. Liu Yanhua was worried that Wen Xinya could not deal with her.

Wen Xinya said calmly, “Don’t worry, nothing will happen. Avrora was the one who provoked me first just now and initiated the competition. She was also the one who assaulted me first before falling off the horse. I was never wrong, to begin with. If I were to keep mum and leave her alone, others might just talk about me.”

She hung her head low and looked at the wound on her forearm. She actually had other reasons for refusing to let Liu Yanhua attend to her wounds.

Liu Yanhua said anxiously, “Missy, I understand what you mean, but Ninth Young Master got me to come here to protect you and your safety is the most important thing to me. That crazy Avrora actually whipped you in front of everyone. How brazen of her. Who knows what she might do next?”

This was the Duke Moville residence and Avrora’s territory. Avrora had lost the competition and embarrassed herself. She even lost such an important document. Hence, she definitely wouldn’t let it slide easily. What happened if she did something disadvantageous to Wen Xinya?

Wen Xinya sneered. “Don’t worry, Avrora is not that brazen. If something happens to me in the Residence, she won’t be able to bear the responsibility.”

Since Duke Moville doted so greatly on Avrora, it meant that her beauty definitely had other extraordinary purposes.

After giving it some thought, Liu Yanhua found her words to have made sense. “Missy, I still find it a little inappropriate. Duke Moville definitely wouldn’t let Avrora off for giving such an important document to you. She would definitely face the music. She might just get too anxious and resort to irrational methods to get the document back from you.”

Avrora actually lost such an important document to Wen Xinya. The only plight that she would end up in was getting married off to someone else or facing her death. Either way, it would be terrifying for Avrora.

Wen Xinya answered, “I remember you told me that there are several ladies in the Moville Family.”

Duke Moville had four wives and a total of seven sons, who then gave birth to a total of eight daughters. Hence, there were eight heiresses of the Moville Family and Avrora was the only one who had impressed Duke Moville and gotten into his good books. Would the other seven heiresses be happy with Duke Moville being biased towards Avrora?

Of course not!

In other words, Avrora did not have a stable status in the Moville Family and could easily be replaced by her sisters or cousins as Duke Moville’s favorite granddaughter.

Hence, if they were to find out that Avrora had lost the competition and even fell off the horse, they definitely wouldn’t let go of the opportunity to ridicule Avrora.

Liu Yanhua’s eyes lit up and she said, “Missy, you must be thinking of ruining her plan.”

Avrora had undermined her sisters and won the favor of Duke Moville. If the rest of the heiresses were to join in and plot against Avrora, Wen Xinya would be able to avoid the responsibility.

Wen Xinya nodded.

Liu Yanhua said, “Missy, wait for me. I’ll go look for Gu Yuehan now and discuss it with him. However, you’d better try to stall some time.”

It was a more realistic thing to do than stay beside Wen Xinya. However, she could not manage it on her own and still needed Gu Yuehan to make some arrangements in the Residence.

Wen Xinya nodded. She was an expert at stalling time.

She shifted her gaze onto Avrora, who was standing not too far away from her and began panting.

Avrora did not outshine the seven other heiresses and enjoy Duke Moville’s love and attention, solely because of her good looks. She definitely had other scheming tricks up her sleeve. Yet, such an intelligent woman like her ended up letting love get the better of her.

She lost her rationality because of jealousy.

Chinese women were bestowed with determination while European women were obsessed with romance.

That was the tragedy faced by European women. Despite being blessed with beauty and perfect figures, it was of no use because they were often the Achilles’ heel of men, while romance was their Achilles’ heel. They tended to lose their rationality whenever it came to love.

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