Reborn: Super God of War

Chapter 594 - Two Lone Wolves?

Chapter 594: Two Lone Wolves?

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“Imaginary Eye!”

The pupil revealed the internals of the ball, and a tiny Devil could be seen hopping around, stretching out the thin energy film!

Lin Jie’s right hand expanded all of a sudden as he unleashed Death Grip and passed the ball of energy to Bu Yi in a chokehold.

Bu Yi understood and raised her staff, releasing a ray of Holy Light. The little Devil could only let out a begrudging wail before dying.

The frost ball calmed down soon after before it was covered in a blood-red hue, which indicated that it had identified Lin Jie as its master.

“Resistance Marking!” Lin Jie tapped the frost energy ball forcefully.

Resistance Marking was another method of expression in the Pet System that was equivalent to Temporary Storage Pet. For pets in this particular category, the relationship between the owner and pet would be renounced automatically once the pet had gone missing or was dead. Hence, they wouldn’t enter the Pet Space.

The frost energy ball began transforming as limbs, and a head grew out—its final form was an ice crystal human that looked exactly like Lin Jie!

[Codename Lone Wolf’s Ice Clone] (Pet, Elemental Energy Mass)

Level: 60

Health Points: 60,590

Attack: 1,800-2,600

Defense: 2,000

Special Feature: Ice Body, this unit will not be affected by any forms of Ice Magic, and its Health Points are 10 times of the host.

Skill: Frost Anti-Slash, Frost Ice Spirit Slash, Frost Clomaros’ Kill…

Everyone was stunned as a clone was really formed! This clone had similar stats as Lin Jie with higher health points. All the skills were converted to Ice attributes, inheriting additional effects, such as Speed Decrease and Freeze. It was even more powerful than the host, Lin Jie!

The only pity was the inability to inherit items’ special skills and special features. Otherwise, it would be invincible.

Lin Jie observed the Ice Clone’s skills closely and identified the skills that differed from him.

[Sacrificial of Ice]: There will be an additional 300 points of damage every time you attack (0.5% of your highest health point). After your death, there will be a self-sacrificial ceremony, where you deal a damage equivalent to your maximum health points to all targets within a 100-yard radius after 3.5 seconds.

[Arctic Tranquility]: When the clone enters tranquil mode, it will not be able to move, attack, and chant. For a friendly army within the 100-yard radius, it will boost their Attack Speed and Channeling Speed by 20%.

Undoubtedly, this was a powerful clone, but its utility value wasn’t very high due to it being an Elemental Energy Mass. It was a known fact that Elements lacked a brain, and thus, were not intelligent. It would be futile for them to perform a task or react to a situation appropriately.

The clone would be pretty trashy with just its limited knowledge and battle abilities once it was too far apart from the host. One could only bring out a clone’s full potential by having them constantly by the side and dishing out instructions.

Currently, Lin Jie did not require this type of pet. Instead, he needed a multi-function pet that was capable of reconnaissance and assassination, just like the Crescent Silver-Feathered Eagle.

Nonetheless, a clone still had many uses!

“Pants, if we run into other totems, can you do the same to them?” Lin Jie threw the clone into his space package for the time being before turning to check with Hardworking Pants.

Hardworking Pants announced proudly as he held the Book of the Age.”Of course, I have already recorded down the runes. However, because we lack the combination scroll, we will have to replace it with other casting materials, or else, the casting time will increase by a lot.”

Lin Jie nodded.

At the same time, Zheng Ziliang completed his corpse search, and the battle’s loot was kept into the team package.

The Abyss Totem was considered stingy as compared to the Frost Queen’s dozens of items. There were only five items in the package, but every single one was shining brilliantly.

The first item was a navy blue cape.

[Icy Blue] (Dark Gold, Cape)

Item Description: A cape made from warm snow.

Required: Level 50, Required Job: Priest, Wisdom: 300, Spirit: 200 and above.

Defense: 110-185

Wisdom: +50

Spirit: +50

When you suffer from Frost attacks, there will be a 50% decrease in damage. Magic Recovery Speed increases by 20%, Chanting Speed increases by 10%.

Additional effects: Warm Snow, Icy Blue Prayer.

[Warm Snow]: When your back is under magic attacks, they will be treated as Frost-attribute attacks. When your back is under physical attacks, there will be a 5% chance of immunity.

[Icy Blue Prayer]: When unleashed, it will cast an 800-point Defense Shield onto one unit. During the period of shielding, it will decrease enemies’ Attack Speed and Casting Speed. There will be an additional 12% of Healing.

Note: Duke Zelli in the City of Light seemed to know something about the Icy Blue Set.

Needless to say, this cape belonged to Bu Yi. Its strong state and additional effects made it enviable by many.

However, as compared to its strong attributes, the girls cared more about its appearance. After putting it on, Bu Yi seemed to be covered with a layer of icy blue veil, and she looked extremely beautiful in the misty haze.

“Thank you, everybody.” Bu Yi smiled sweetly, and she looked at the cape fondly. “I want to collect the entire Icy Blue Set!”

Qiu Yuan nodded and said, “No problem! Big Sister will help you now!”

Lin Jie was surprised. “Eh? Qiu Yuan, why did you call yourself a Big Sister? Did you guys get a divorce?” Qiu Yuan had always been claiming to be Bu Yi’s ‘Husband’. It was said that there was only true love in the same gender…

“Cheh, someone embraced someone else and brought her to the ball, how could I still dare to use that title? I don’t wanna be a cuckold.” Qiu Yuan rolled her eyes and rescued her poor thigh that had been pinched hard by Bu Yi. Then she giggled. “Alright, alright, I will stop. Sigh, a married sister is like poured out water…”

Bu Yi’s cheeks were crimson red, and everyone looked at each other helplessly as they didn’t know how to react.

Finally, Dejected Night tactfully added in, “I haven’t been to a ball in ages. Let’s organize one next time, those that lack a female companion can report here…”

“Right, Night, what’s your profession?”

“I have a matrimonial agency…”

“Wow, you should have said so earlier! I haven’t even touched a chick’s hand before. You must introduce me to someone for me to end my meatless diet…”

The switch in topic eased the awkward atmosphere instantly. Bu Yi glared and pouted at Qiu Yuan, only stopping when the latter pleaded for forgiveness.

The second and third items were shields!

[Ice-Cast Left Shield] (Dark Gold, Shield)

Item Description: Made with the Deep Ice left behind by the Ice-Cast God Statue. A shield held by the Ice Half-Centaurs with pride.

Required: Level 50, Required Job: Shield Specialist, Endurance: 500 and above.

Defense: 374-596

Health Points: +500

Endurance: +90

Chances of Block: +10%

Chances of Dodge: +6%

Additional effects: Boosted Reflective Shield, Level 5 Ice Scale.

[Boosted Reflective Shield]: Every usage will provide recovery of 2% of your maximum health points. The effect increases with continuous usage, and the maximum recovery will be 2%.

[Level 5 Ice Scale]: You can summon Ice Scales that will cover your whole body and increase your Defense by 300 points. In the next 12 seconds, your Mana Defense Points will be the same as your Defense Points.

Note: One item of the Frost Shield Set

[Ice-Cast Right Shield] (Dark Gold, Shield)

Item Description: Made with the Deep Ice left behind by the Ice-Cast God Statue. A shield held by the Ice Half-Centaurs with pride.

Required: Level 50, Required Job: Shield Specialist, Endurance: 500 and above.

Defense: 274-300

Health Points: +300

Strength: +60

Chances of Attack Break: +10%.

Additional effects: Reflective Shield Attack Break, Rage of Shield Specialist.

[Reflective Shield Attack Break]: Usage of this reflective shield will allow you to break Level 3 and below Chant Magic.

[Rage of Shield Specialist]: For 3 seconds, your Attack will be equivalent to that of your Defense. Cooldown: 4 hours.

Note: One item of the Frost Shield Set

“Double Shield!” Mixed Breathless was ecstatic. He was once equipped with double shields and was very fond of that set-up. However, double shields were extremely rare in the game. He had been forced to use the sword and heavy shield combination to catch up with the game updates. These two shields fulfilled every criterion that Mixed Breathless had: High Defense, strong stats, and an attack-boosting ability.

Despite how self-constrained Mixed Breathless was, he couldn’t help but peer towards The Heavenly Shield.

The Heavenly Shield grinned. “I have desired your shield for a long time. Come on, equip the double shield and give yours to me.”

Mixed Breathless was stunned as he patted The Heavenly Shield’s shoulders hard. “This shield is not much different from yours, but it’s a fragmented Dark Gold piece of equipment. Later, let’s make a trip to IronForge, and I will collect the full shield for you!”

Although Mixed Breathless’ shield was a rare item, it wasn’t so powerful that The Heavenly Shield would be longing for it—he just used it as an excuse. Mixed Breathless knew it, so he made that promise. Despite it being difficult to fulfill, he would do it!

Everyone in Savage Blade was already used to this, but it came as a cultural shock to Jiangnan Yanyu, Lingyun Xiaoxiao, Ten Thousand Men’s Enemy, and Demon Sword, who were new to the team. It was a Dark Gold Double Shield Set! It would probably cost up to millions in the market, and it was given out just like that!

Furthermore, they were still talking about it so casually, as though it was no big deal! The four players were utterly confused, but they had once again realized how powerful Savage Blade was and how tightly knitted their friendship was.

The fourth item was an eyeball.

[Eye of Kilrogg]

Item description: Mediumship item, Special Tool, Usage 3/3.

Item stats: Summon Kilrogg’s eye for reconnaissance. The eye can be maintained for 60 seconds while being immune to all types of damage. The maximum area it can cover is 600 yards. You have to be in the Guiding Mode to operate it.

Reconnaissance item! Lin Jie kept it in his bag.

The last item was a pair of boots.

[Goblin Builder Card’s Rocket Boots] (Dark Gold, Heavy Boots)

Item Description: Required: Level 0. Goblin Builder Card’s favorite pair of boots. However, he lost it while gathering materials in the deep beyond.

Item Stats: None.

Additional effect: Rocket Forward Sprint.

[Rocket Forward Sprint]: After activating, you will instantly sprint for 30 yards. Cooldown: 600 seconds.

“It appeared!” Lin Jie’s eyes shone.

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