Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2703 - Eighty Years

Chapter 2703 – Eighty Years

Shi Feng’s words were like a drop of water falling into a silent ocean. Although it couldn’t kick up any huge waves, it still caused ripples that spread out endlessly.

As soon as Shi Feng finished voicing his inquiry, a hint of surprise flashed across Gentle Snow’s and Aqua Rose’s calm eyes.

This surprise contained neither excitement nor joy. They didn’t feel as if they found someone that understood them, either.

They simply felt a little surprised.

They wondered why Shi Feng would know of this matter.

However, their surprise soon disappeared, and darkness and calmness returned to their eyes.

Afterward, Aqua Rose and Gentle Snow exchanged glances. Aqua Rose then turned to Shi Feng, an indifferent smile forming on her beautiful face.

“Sure enough, nothing can get past you, Guild Leader. We aren’t sure how long we lived in that world.

“However, according to our calculations, it should be 80 years.”

“Eighty years?”

Shi Feng couldn’t help but gasp. Even his mind had gone slightly numb. He had thought of the possibility of Aqua Rose and Gentle Snow living in that special world for a considerable period. He had even considered the possibility of them living there for a decade or two.

But 80 years…

Many people lived only 80 years in their lifetimes. Meanwhile, Aqua Rose and Gentle Snow had spent 80 years fighting ceaselessly every day. The mere thought was chilling.

To spend 80 years alone… Just the loneliness alone was already unimaginable. Any normal person would’ve most likely gone crazy already.

However, Aqua Rose’s voice was incomparably calm, so calm that it was like she was talking about someone else’s problem.

“Eighty years…” Complex emotions filled Shi Feng’s eyes as he quietly observed Aqua Rose and Gentle Snow. “It’s no wonder you two feel like monsters.”

The moment he laid eyes on Aqua Rose and Gentle Snow, he could already tell that the two of them were no longer human.

After listening to Aqua Rose’s explanation, he understood everything.

If the two of them had spent 80 years in endless slaughter and combat, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that they were the strongest in the world in combat experience. Compared to them, the ten years of combat experience he had in God’s Domain was nothing. Not to mention, both of them were combat geniuses.

At this time, in terms of combat power, he was most likely a baby in front of Aqua Rose and Gentle Snow.

A baby trying to see through the thoughts and standards of an adult was simply a joke. Not to mention, Aqua Rose and Gentle Snow would be adults even among grandmaster martial artists.

This situation placed Shi Feng at a loss. He didn’t know whether he should feel happy or helpless.

“Guild Leader, Frost Heaven’s Muxin just contacted us.” While Shi Feng was in a daze, Liang Jing, who stood beside him, suddenly spoke up. “Muxin wants Zero Wing to gather at the Fire Dragon Empire’s imperial capital. She says we are allowed to bring at most 20 people.”

“It seems they’re finally ready to act.” Shi Feng didn’t feel particularly surprised at this piece of news. After all, Duan Hanshan had already said that Frost Heaven would soon take action. “Did she tell you their plan?”

“She did.” Liang Jing nodded with a slightly gloomy face. “Guild Leader, are we really going to participate in Frost Heaven’s operation this time?”

“If possible, I wouldn’t want to, either. However, Frost Heaven’s offer is too tempting to refuse,” Shi Feng said with a bitter smile.

Three reserved slots for the Upper Zone. This wasn’t an opportunity one could come across every day. Even the various superpowers would pounce on it.

Not to mention, the Upper Zone had an important benefit he needed.

While Gentle Snow and Aqua Rose might’ve gained 80 years of combat experience in that special world and achieved inhuman levels of combat standards, these benefits came with a huge drawback.

On the surface, it would seem as if the two had lived in that special world for 80 years. However, only weeks had gone by in the real world.

The instant the two left that special world, it would be as if 80 years of memories had been downloaded into their brains-placing an unimaginable burden on both their brains and bodies.

During his previous life, the players that lived in that special world for two or three years had gradually had problems with their bodies after they returned. Eventually, they became paralyzed and had to be hospitalized for a month before they recovered. After all, digesting all these memories had consumed a lot of their mental strength, which definitely wasn’t a good thing.

Meanwhile, both Gentle Snow and Aqua Rose had lived in that special world for 80 years. Shi Feng didn’t dare imagine how massive a backlash they would suffer.

For the two’s safety, he had to bring them to the Upper Zone.

Although the S-rank Nutrient Fluid had great recovery effects on the human body, it only helped a little in healing a person’s brain and spirit. Only medicines for brain and spirit recovery could resolve this problem.

Of all the medicines Shi Feng knew, even the Life Potion wasn’t particularly effective in spirit recovery. The most the Life Potion could do was restore ordinary depletions of mental strength. It was utterly ineffective against a brain overload like this.

The only solution he could think of now was the Upper Zone.

The Upper Zone was a special region the Green God Company constructed. There were plenty of unknowns inside. In fact, the precious S-rank Nutrient Fluids and Life Potions circulating in the market were merely obsolete medicine the Green God Company produced.

“Guild Leader, Frost Heaven is too ambitious,” Liang Jing commented despite herself. “If we’re not careful, Zero Wing might very well perish.”

“What are they planning to do?” Shi Feng asked curiously.

“Their goal this time is to become one of the Twelve Great Guilds of God’s Domain!” Liang Jing said.

The Twelve Great Guilds wasn’t a random title made up by players.

Instead, this was a title given to the 12 strongest Guilds recognized by the War God’s Temple!

The Player Guilds that become God’s Domain’s Twelve Great Guilds would enjoy numerous benefits across the main continent. They could even garrison an empire and be worshiped by the said empire.

An empire’s worship!

Just this point alone was more than enough to allow a Guild to pull ahead of the other superpowers. One could say that the position of the Twelve Great Guilds was something all superpowers had to compete for.

However, competing for this position wasn’t an easy task. A Guild had to satisfy a series of conditions to qualify.

Firstly, Guilds had to become one of the Top Ten Rookie Guilds. After that, they had to compete for the 12 reserve seats of the Twelve Great Guilds. However, this was going to be God’s Domain’s first competition for the reserve seats; the War God’s Temple had announced that six were empty this year.

Hence, for this year only, Player Guilds could compete for the six empty reserve seats so long as they met the conditions for participation in the competition.

Due to Zero Wing’s poor foundation, Shi Feng never even considered participating in the competition.

There were four conditions for participation.

One: Submit 2,000 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal to the War God’s Temple

Two: Have a Guild Residence in the capital cities of 50 kingdoms and 12 empires. Simultaneously, the registering Guild must also have the status of a 4-star Guild.

Three: Have over 1,000 Tier 3 players in the Guild.

Four: Have 30 Guild Cities under the Guild’s name.

These four basic conditions were extremely harsh. Ordinary Guilds shouldn’t even dream of participating in the competition. In fact, even ordinary superpowers wouldn’t qualify. Only the exceptionally strong superpowers could just barely meet the conditions.

According to the information Zero Wing obtained from the Secret Pavilion, close to 20 super-first-rate Guilds and Super Guilds would participate in the competition for the reserve seats, every one of them a titan in the virtual gaming industry. One could easily imagine how intense the competition would be.

“No wonder Frost Heaven made such a lucrative offer.” Realization also dawned upon Shi Feng.

In his previous life, Frost Heaven had first entered the ranks of Top Ten Rookie Guilds and eventually became one of the 12 reserve Guilds before slowly climbing up to join the Twelve Great Guilds.

However, Frost Heaven was not fully developed at this time. Trying to compete for one of the reserve seats so soon would most likely result in failure. Frost Heaven had to know this as well but was still grasping at a strand of hope.“Guild Leader, if we become Frost Heaven’s foreign aid, any Guild Frost Heaven confronts will probably treat us as a mortal enemy,” Liang Jing explained. The position of the 12 reserve seats was a throne built atop countless bones!

At present, Zero Wing was in a very terrible situation already.

On one side, there was Starlink. On the other side, there were the newly developed superpowers. There was even the extremely dangerous Saint’s Hand in the Orc Empire.

If they offended a few more superpowers now, Zero Wing would no longer have a future in God’s Domain.

“Although it is very dangerous, this is also a chance for Zero Wing. It would be a shame to let it go,” Shi Feng said, shaking his head. “Fire Dance and the others should get ready. We’ll set out immediately!”

While contesting for the 12 reserve seats was indeed dangerous, if they succeeded, even as foreign aid, Zero Wing would receive the War God’s Temple’s recognition as well as some basic privileges.

For example, city garrison rights and worship rights!

While getting an entire country to worship Zero Wing was impossible, getting one city to do so was still possible. This was also why many Guilds had fought to become foreign aid for the participating Guilds in the past.

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