Return of the Female Knight

Chapter 38 - No Other Answers (2)

Ch. 38 No Other Answers (2)

Kuhn did not answer the question, and simply placed his calloused hand on Mirabelle’s forehead. His hand was a cool relief against her hot body.

“What can I do for you? Shall I call the maid? I can call a doctor, but it will take some time.”

Mirabelle was more aware of her physical condition than anyone else. Her body was born weak at birth, not because of a special disease. An obscure malady, was what people called it. It hurt, and she had fallen. The pain was tearing her stomach and her body.

“There must be a painkiller somewhere in this room. First…”

Kuhn began to rummage through the room even before she finished speaking. After opening some drawers, he found the medicine and brought a cup of water on a tray. Kuhn lifted Mirabelle by the shoulder to raise her upper body, and she lifted the cup to her mouth and swallowed down the water and the medicine. It was only after that did she properly look at the man supporting her. His dark blue hair, pale skin, blank-looking eyes, and a stiff mouth gave her a very cold impression.

“…My…teddy bear?”

Mirabelle was just about to make him out through her dim haze of pain. He looked just liked the teddy bear that sat next to her bed.

“Do I have to bring it to you?”

Though Mirabelle was dazed, she felt momentarily annoyed. She wasn’t asking him to bring her teddy bear. She was saying that it was as if her teddy bear had come to life before her.

“I will call the maid and the doctor right away, so tell them to bring whatever you want then. The bear is not something that’s directly needed for treatment.”

“No, it’s not…”

Before Mirabelle could finish, he braced one arm on her back then put another under her knees to lift her up.


Mirabelle let out a weak scream as her body was lifted up. Kuhn ignored her response and laid her in Elena’s bed. He looked down at Mirabelle, who was pale with pain, and spoke to her firmly.

“Now just–”

Before he could finish what he was about to say, he suddenly stiffened. Mirabelle had reached out with a small hand to touch Kuhn’s cheek.

“Are you really my teddy bear?”

The warmth and softness of Mirabelle’s hand was the first he had experienced in his life. In Kuhn’s emotionless gray eyes was a flicker of embarrassment.




“How do you like it?”

The person who came to deliver Mirabelle’s butterfly hairpin was none other than the man from the jewelry store. Even though he was a simple clerk, Elena didn’t expect him to meet her personally. Perhaps the clerk noticed her uncertainty, and gave her a reassuring smile.

“I came out for a business trip here.”

“Is that so?”

“Are you on your way to the ball in the capital? I hope this hairpin suits the young lady I saw before.”

“Yes. Here’s the receipt.”

She had no intention of making small talk, so she spoke to him curtly and received the hair ornament that was handed to her.

“Are you leaving already?”

“I’m afraid must go back now that I’ve finished here.”

“I see. It’s a shame, as this place is well known for its sightseeing areas.”

Their appointed meeting place was a large shopping area that was frequently visited by aristocrats. Nowadays, its various stores brimmed with clothing, jewelry and general merchandise, all contained in large building so that shopping could be done efficiently in one place. The jewelry store in the southern part of the country already had a chain store here. Some aristocrats had not yet adapted to this new culture and patronized local stores, but this was spreading like fashion among the younger generations. Elena, who had already experienced the future, was already familiar with it.

“I’ll look around if I have the opportunity next time. Thank you for delivering this here.”

Elena, having finished her business, rose from her seat. The clerk smiled at her.

“My name is Batori Coven. I hope you will continue to use our jewelers in the future.”

With a slight nod to Batori, she walked past him out of the store. There were more than just one or two shops in the large building, so the long, flowing hallway was lit like daylight, even though it was already evening. The shopping center was a entertainment area only open to aristocrats, and the Blaise knights had no choice but to wait outside. Elena hurried to leave the building.

Soon, however, she heard the strange, persistent sound of footsteps behind her. She felt uncomfortable with someone following her, but she ignored them for now. The knights of the family within a short distance. Even if someone had followed her, she could catch up to the knights quickly, so she increased her speed.

However, before the exit of the building, there were a few shops that were closed and the lights darkened. The footsteps behind her were gradually getting nearer.

Jubog, jubog.

She nervously increased her pace, when suddenly large hand caught her back.


Elena whirled around and swung the sharp point hairpin towards the other person’s head. There wasn’t enough time to pull out her dagger from her ankle. Her opponent swiftly blocked Elena’s attack and then let out a small laugh.

“This is the second time now, isn’t it?”

A familiar voice was in her ear. She quickly lifted her head and saw Carlisle looking at her with amusement shining in his blue eyes. She was suddenly aware of his broad shoulders and a solid body. He looked as brilliant as the last time she saw him in his perfect suit.

“Well, Your Highness, how was I supposed to…?”

Taking in Elena’s startled expression, Carlisle spoke in a low voice again.

“I wanted to see you. I told you to come quickly.”

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