Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student

Chapter 44 - Meeting of Father and Dau

Chapter 44: Meeting of Father and Daughter (1)

Grandma looked worriedly at Ye Tianxin, then replied, “I came here with Tianxin for her interviews at Capital film Academy. What about you? Is anyone from your family unwell?”

Lu Jijun didn’t even hear what Grandma said. He just kept looking at Ye Tianxin. She had grown into a beautiful young woman, and she looked a lot like Ye Linlang. Those eyes and those brows—she was undoubtedly Ye Linlang’s daughter.

“Auntie, please, can we talk?”

To Lu Jijun’s question, Grandma responded, “You and I, we have nothing to talk about!”

Lu Jijun then turned toward Ye Tianxin and asked, “Tianxin, do you remember me? We met when you were young!”

Ye Tianxin honestly shook her head “no.” She couldn’t remember ever having met Lu Jijun. Or, perhaps they had met when she was really young.

However, at that age, she would’ve been too young to remember meeting him.

“Tianxin, let’s go!”

Dragging Ye Tianxin along, Grandma proceeded to leave the hospital.

However, Lu Jijun wasn’t going to let this chance meeting with Ye Tianxin and her grandmother slip by. He immediately stepped in front of Grandma and stopped her in her tracks.

“Auntie, you’re already advanced in age. Can’t you have a peaceful talk with me? I have no ill intentions!”

Ye Tianxin glared fiercely at Lu Jijun.

“My grandmother doesn’t want to talk to you. Please don’t stand in our way.”

Lu Jijun laughed softly, and a look of nostalgia appeared on his face.

“You look exactly like Linlang when you’re upset.”

“Despicable and shameless!” Ye Tianxin cursed him silently.

“Do you know my mother? If so, do you also know my father?” Ye Tianxin asked innocently.

Looking at the adorable Ye Tianxin, Lu Jijun reached his hand out, wanting to touch her head. “I am your….”

“Tianxin, go buy me a bottle of water. I’m feeling a little thirsty!”

Her grandmother quickly cut in, stopping Lu Jijun from saying anything further. Ye Tianxin clearly understood her grandmother’s intentions. Grandma wanted to stop Lu Jijun from talking but couldn’t think of any other way to do so than by making up the excuse that she was thirsty.

Ye Tianxin could only obey her Grandmother and go off to buy her a bottle of water.

“Lu Jijun, more than a decade ago, I told you that Linlang is my daughter and that Tianxin is my granddaughter. For the rest of my life, as long as I’m breathing, I will never hand Tianxin over to you. Thank you for continuing to send money to me and Tianxin all these years. I’ve always returned the money to you untouched…. I just don’t want to have anything to do with you whatsoever!”

Lu Jijun knew that Grandma had a fiery temper. Pulling Grandma to sit back on the bench, he began to speak in all sincerity. “Auntie, I know you resent me and hate me, but Tianxin’s all grown up now. Can’t we set aside all our past grievances and calmly discuss Tianxin’s future? Tianxin’s going to be eighteen this year, and she’s about to take the college entrance exams, correct? I heard that Tianxin’s grades have been consistently bad. In that case, what university would she be able to get accepted to? Let’s pretend that she does get accepted into the film academy. Tell me, Auntie. How would you fund her education there? And what if Tianxin doesn’t go to college? What next? Would she have to slog it out as a blue-collar worker at her young age? Or would she just get married? Auntie, I know that you were badly hurt by what happened to Linlang, which is why you want to keep Tianxin by your side….”

“Lu Jijun, stop talking. I’ll never hand Tianxin over to you. When that incident with Linlang blew up all those years ago, you came to see us. I now repeat what I told you then. For as long as I live, I will never hand Tianxin over to you…. The only way you’ll ever be able to take her from me is over my dead body!”

Having made this brutal statement, Grandma stood up to walk away. But Lu Jijun refused to give up, still hoping he could win her over with his rationale and touch her with his actions. He reached out to tug at Grandma’s arm.

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