Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 1108 - Full of Pride

Chapter 1108: Full of Pride

Feng Zijin and Deng Zaibei, who had personally experienced the might of the strong, could not help but shudder when they saw the pitiful bunch of blood-splattered limbs. The memories of the past flooded their minds. It was really unbearable to recall them.

“This is great, this is just too great.” A burst of maniacal laughter rang out. But this time, it was from Zhou Kaitai, not Gongxi Kuangdao

They had been with the Zhang family for so many years, following their tradition of being cautious and prudent in their actions. In fact, they had never so easily provoked anyone stronger than them. Thus, this was the first time that they had fought with so many people to their heart’s content. Although they had also received a few injuries, they were still in a very good mood and their bodies were filled with pride.

Lan Xinyu rolled her eyes and said, “You guys really had a great time. I almost couldn’t pick up any of your breadcrumbs.”

“Well, killing a person every ten steps without leaving a single trace is the true nature of a hot-blooded man. How awesome!” Young Master Zhang started rapping again with the sound of the zither.

Zhang Yuhong’s face was covered in blood and his expression looked quite ferocious. When he sang, his eyes were filled with intoxication. It was quite a…a sight.

A chill went down everyone’s spines. It couldn’t be that such a fight could have such an effect: the young master had been crippled to the extent where he had started to develop bad habits.

In fact, upon closer look, the people who were attacked by Zhang Yuhong seemed more miserable and pitiful than the last. Even Zhou Kaitai and the others couldn’t bear to see it.

It seemed that their guess was right. The young master’s mind had become abnormal. Zhou Kaitai and the others sighed quietly. Zhang Yuhong would have vomited blood in anger if he knew what they were thinking about him.

“Hey, where’s that leader of the House of Blood Fiend?” asked Ling Chuxi as she looked around. She had just sent Lei Wanshan flying with one sword strike. Since it was combined with the Thundercloud True Qi that had been accumulated with all her strength, he definitely wouldn’t be able to fight anymore and thus, she wasn’t too worried about him anymore. So instead, she had gone forward to support Su Xiu’er and the others. It was only when it was all over did she realize that the person had actually disappeared.

“Surely he didn’t run away?” Zhou Kaitai wondered with worry.

Even though Ling Chuxi, Ling Yichen, and the others did not hold themselves back, Zhou Kaitai did not worry too much about the House of Blood Fiend as a force to behold. Moreover, the most mysterious and powerful Huangfu Qingjue had not even made a move. However, the House of Blood Fiend had been established in Huifeng Ridge for many years and was known to take revenge over the smallest grievances. Their despicable methods were endless, making it difficult for people to guard against them. If they let him, the leader, escape, there would be a lot of trouble in the future.

“He’s…he’s here,” said Zhang Yuhong. He couldn’t be bothered to play the zither anymore.

Everyone turned and saw a dead fish-like figure lying on the ground. His face was covered in blood and and swollen flesh, making it impossible to tell which was the nose and which was the mouth. His two bloodshot eyes protruded out as he stared blankly at the sky.

Was this really the House of Blood Fiend’s leader? He had looked so arrogant a moment ago, but now he looked like a dead fish. Everyone shuddered. This was too tragic.

“You did this?” asked Ling Chuxi to Zhang Yuhong as she turned to him, unable to bear looking at the person on the ground any longer.

“It’s all thanks to the invincible might of the sect leader… I just took advantage of the situation to punish him. I… I was very gentle. I’m not the kind of person… who is ruthless…” said Zhang Yuhong, pretending to be shy when he noticed Ling Chuxi talking to him. He was excited and surprised at the same time.

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