Slave Harem in the Labyrinth of the Other World

002 – Stable Door

Translated by: Anon

Rewritten by: Littel



When I came to, I was sleeping on straw.

Why straw?

I wasn’t mistaken, it was indeed straw.

It seemed like it was a shed, with stacked straw, and I was sleeping there.

Is there a place with straw in Tokyo?

No, rather why am I here?

Come to think of it,

What did I do yesterday?

If I remember correctly I was trying to play a strange net game.

Then my consciousness flew away.

Then when I came to, I was on top of the straw.

Did something happen? I don’t really know.

Is this the game?

Is this complete virtual reality?

Moreover, did I enter the game with just a click?


Is this a dream?


Just then, there was the sound of neighing.

Ou. I was surprised.

There’s something inside the shed.

I looked closely.

A horse.



Information about the horse suddenly comes to my mind.

There was no doubt that it was in fact a horse.

I approached the horse, he is a large animal.

The thickness of hoof, like a thoroughbred, well, it’s a horse.

I don’t know what kind of horse.

In a shed, that was maybe the size of a studio apartment,

there was a large animal. What a good position.

I wanted to tell it to apologize to me and my father for the 4 to 4.5 tatami room we lived in.

There’s nothing I could do even if I got angry, I looked around.

Although it was gloomy, outside the window was a faint red tinge.

Was it sunset? Sunrise?

There were no signs of anyone in the surroundings.

Neither the windowpane nor wooden window opened.

The horse was quiet.

What is it? While I’m thinking about it, of course, the horse, his information comes to mind.

I think “What is it?” and the information comes to my mind.


I recalled that.

Yesterday, in the character settings page, the last skill I added.

I see myself and appraisal in my mind.

Michio Kaga Man 17 years old

Villager Lv1


The information came to my mind.

Michio Kaga is my name.

Then, there’s no doubt that this is inside a game.

It’s a complete virtual reality?

But how?

First, I didn’t register my name.

I have the same appearance and jersey I was wearing yesterday.

I have my usual clothing.

Did the game reproduce this?

Despite the fact that it’s a jersey?

Plus, I’m barefoot.

It’s not hot or cold.

I’m not embarrassed with my appearance, it’s only a problem to go outside barefoot.

The light outside is dawn? Did it get lighter than a while ago?

I looked in the shed and found sandals and put them on.

When I think about what it is, the information comes to my mind.

Sandal boots – foot equipment.

I decided to wear them.

Because I don’t have any socks, I wear them barefooted.

I tied the strings so they wouldn’t come off.

I was checking my body, information comes to my mind.

Michio Kaga Man 17 years old

Villager Lv1 Thief Lv1


Thief Lv1 means, “that” right?

My fault. I equipped something that wasn’t mine.

In that way I got a second job.

By the way, the jersey isn’t counted as equipment.

Because I brought from outside the game?

Incidentally, there should be an equipment bonus.

When I search the room, there was a sword next to the straw.

Durandal 2-handed sword

Skills: 5x offensive power, HP absorption, MP absorption, Incantation Interrupt

Disregard of lvl correction, Disregard Def

As one would expect of a weapons bonus.

It would appear that I have a hidden strength.

Next to the sword is a ring also.

Ring of Determination Accessory

Skills: Increase Atk, Personal Strengthing

The accessory has 2 skills, is that moderate?

I put the ring on a finger and take the sword.

Michio Kaga Man 17 years old

Villager Lv1 Theif Lv1

Equipment Durandal, Sandal boots, Ring of Determination

As expected, this is the inside of a game.

I can determine the character settings and bonus equipment.

Although I don’t know how they implemented it in virtual reality.

I decided to leave the stable.

From a crevice in the string belt of the jersey, I place Durandal at my waist like a warrior.

If I stay here forever, It’s going to be bad when they found out I stole the sandals.

The scenery outside was like any rural village.

There were several houses made of wood, with vegetable gardens.

The fields extended to the east with the sun and near the north where there is a forest.

Despite the fact the sun had yet to come up, the villagers had already started their jobs.

There were two people walking on the road.

I rushed behind the stable and hid.

Although, I don’t know why I need to hide.

I don’t even know where “here” is.

It’s better to act cautiously.

There’s all the fact that I stole the sandals.

From my cover I saw the two people.

Zaiyan Man 38 years old

Villager Lv8

Ganakku Man 35 years old

Villager Lv8

That was their information.

First, they aren’t names.

They might not be players.

Their lvls aren’t very high, maybe they’re configured like this.

Although, I’m Lv1.

I entered the forest from the other side of the stable, I’m going to inspect the forest.

Maybe there isn’t any problem if I appear in front of the village, but I continue.

The village extends to the southwest.

There are 3 private homes and 40 houses.

In the center there is a two and three story house, as well.

I observe the people leaving the house.

Villager Lv11

Villager Lv4

Farmer Lv5

Oh, that person is not a villager.

The person looks like a wife, she is a villager Lv6.

I don’t know if there’s a difference between farmer and villager.

The game looks good, though the tutorial didn’t come out.

Without appraisal, I wouldn’t know anything.

I keep observing.

Farmer Lv2

Villager Lv7

Villager Lv25

The middle-age man has the highest lvl.

If I talk to somebody, it has to be the highest lvl?

Or should it be the lowest lvl?

Village chief Lv8

The village chief has a questionable lvl. It appears that he is 68 years.

Merchant Lv6

Is that a peddler? There’s a shop somewhere in the village?

It seems that they had left the three-story house, now they were entering.

Merchant Lv3

This time is a woman.

It seems that they had left that house to go to a water well.

If they were a couple, is that house a shop?

That merchant looks good if I’m going to hear his story.

Suddenly, while thinking, a big voice from the village resounded.

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