Slave Harem in the Labyrinth of the Other World

003 – Thief

Re-rewrite by: Jammerg55

Translated by: Anon

Rewritten by: Littel



An enormous roar resounded throughout the entire village.

I peered in the direction of the voices.

There was a two-man party, outside the village, who looked like they were rushing back.

It seemed they were shouting something but I couldn’t understand what they were saying. A bit later, villagers started appearing from their houses carrying swords and hoes.

Could it be that I had been discovered?

Or that’s what I thought, but it didn’t look like they were headed in my direction.

The villagers gathered and hurried toward the east.

I followed them quietly through the forest.

Looking east, I noticed a cloud of sand blowing this direction.

All the villagers were headed that way.

Thief Lv 7

Equipment: copper sword – leather shoes

Thief Lv 11

Equipment: copper sword – leather armor – leather shoes

Thief Lv 4

Equipment: copper sword

Although the thieves were far enough away to look like grains of rice, the information popped up in my mind.

With the help of appraisal, the current situation became clear.

Is this a thieves’ raid start-of-game event?

If I can stay hidden maybe I can do something.

The levels of the thieves are generally high.

I could deal with them if they had single-digit levels

because I’m carrying the sacred sword Durandal.

The villagers couldn’t match me with their copper swords.

The villagers had taken position around the barn I had been sleeping in on the boarder of the village.

It seems they will fight the thieves there

At the center stood a Lv 25 middle-aged man.

There was also the village chief there as well.

He was at an improbable Lv 8.

The thieves that they were confronting….

Thief Lv 41

Equipment : iron sword – Thief’s bandana – iron armor – leather shoes

It seems that he is the leader.

His level is high.

He was equipped with a thief’s bandana.

The next strongest was only Lv 19

The third – the Lv 11 from before.

The rest were in single digits.

Is it because this is the first even that they’re so low?

If I’m cautious with the leader, I can probably even defeat him somehow.

When the Thieves arrived at the village, they started attacking the villagers.

The villagers responded with a counter-attack of their own.

Soon, both sides clashed in the middle and it was impossible to tell who belonged to which side. I can’t understand what they’re saying or shouting.

They were fighting right in front of where I was hidden.

If I leave the forest I can take them by surprise.

Because of their low-levels, no one is over-powered, it’s become a test of skill, sword to sword.

The middle-aged Lv 25 man was fighting the Lv 41 leader.

But there’s a level gap and the leader eventually begins to dominate.

The leader throws the middle-age man down. The middle-age man tried to move his arm while on the ground but was stabbed instead.

What did he do?

It seems like he was stabbed through an opening in his armor by the thief’s sword

I heard it’s a practice to wear armor in ancient martial arts.

The middle-aged man lay prostate, naturally the leader turns to face him.

Is now my chance perhaps?

If it is, I get the feeling that I can get the leader without being noticed.

With my holy sword Durandal, a single hit from behind should be enough to deal considerable damage.

My heart is pounding.

I unsheathed Durandal which was shining in its scabbard, and I grabbed the hilt tightly with both hands.

Durandal is heavier than a wooden sword, but not to the extent that I can’t wield it.

It’s easy for me, who has practiced kendo.

If this is the initial game event, then they shouldn’t be enemies that I don’t have a chance of defeating as a Lv 1.

Then there’s no choice but to go.

I took another deep breath.

I concentrate on the sounds around me.

I still can’t understand anything they’re saying.

I rush from the forest.

I sprint toward the Lv 41 leader at full speed.

Along the way, a thief notices and tries to stop me.

I swung Durandal and slayed the Lv 2 thief in a single stroke.

Was that really Lv 2?

I raised Durandal again, and continued to run. I jumped a little at the end and landed next to the leader.

I focused my intent to kill him and conveyed that to my arms I stood firmly and swung Durandal downwards/

I swung the sword at the leader’s neck and sent it flying.

Red blood spurted from what remained from said neck.


What is this a splatter game?

This is definitely a shitty game.

But I don’t have time to think.

I started taking on the other thieves.

The thieves that surrounded the leader were the single-digit thieves and were felled in a single stroke.

Every time I swung Durandal more blood sprayed and the enemies were reduced to a few remaining memebers.

I searched for the next strongest, the Lv 19 thief.

While taking the necks of the small fries right and left I checked the thieves.

The Lv 19 had separated from the group a little and was battling the village chief.

There are some villagers gathering around the chief, they’re strengthening their defense.

Someone shouted something.

The Lv 19 looked over here and as expected shouted something.

They stopped fighting and began to flee.

They started to withdraw, because their leader had been defeated.

Now that their backs were turned, this is my chance.

I started to pursue them.

I slaughtered some of them from behind.

Directly in my path was the Lv 11, the third man.

I blocked the sword that came from and returned with my own swing to the left, which he blocked.

Because he has armor, I probably can’t take him out in one blow.

With a quick decision and a twitch of the sword, I hit his forearm.

If this was kendo, this is something I would definitely do.

I completely cut off the Lv 11’s right wrist and it fell to the ground.

I ignore the blood spurting from his wrist and finish him off. Because he didn’t have his wrist he couldn’t lift his sword.

I sent the Lv 11 thief’s head flying.

I ran from the splash of blood.

The thieves were in full retreat mode.

The Lv 19 thief was the first to try and escape. What a putts. Or rather, he’s a thief ‘til the end.

I slaughtered more as they tried to escape. Finally the Lv 19 was cut off.

The Lv 19 thief with his defenseless back turned toward me was no match for Durandal.

The remaining enemies were scattering.

In the end, none could escape my wrath and became my experience. (Tln: Bwahahahaha)


After defeating every thief, I sat down on the spot.

Although this is a game, my breathing is rough.

I let out a deep breath and recovered my composure.

The sounds of my surroundings suddenly returned to me.

In the field, the thieves’ corpses and their blood was all over the place.

It’s not necessary to make it so real.

It seems that it takes time for the bodies to disappear.

Didn’t the beta testers complain?

Maybe because I haven’t heard of any virtual reality games that what I am doing now is beta testing.

Then I’m going to make a complaint.

When I regained my breath, the village chief approached me.

That village with his doubtfully low Lv 8.


「I don’t understand what you are saying」

「Pardon me sir. Do you speak Brahim?」


It was that setting.

「That’s right」

「Oh. As expected. That’s an adventurer for you」

What do you mean “as expected”? You’re talking too.

「Something like that」

I just nod and agree.

「You’ve saved this village from is problem, thank you very much」

「No, it was nothing」

It was that kind of event.

But, I’m being unusually impertinent.

It must because of how the village chief is depreciating himself and doesn’t stop praising me. Although his level is low, he is tentatively the chief.

It’s troublesome that he’s being so polite, somehow it’s become like this.

「Please allow me to express my gratitude in any way I can」

「Is that so? Then, is there somewhere I can lie down? I’m a bit tired」

Although this is a game, it practically feels like I moved around so I’m tired.

As expected of virtual reality.

Besides, I don’t want to hang around with corpses any more. Hurry up and disappear.

「Then, please come to my house. I’m called Somara the village chief」

Somara Man, 68

Village chief Lv8

Equipment: Sword of copper – Robe – Sandals boots – Village chief’s ring

The information did not seem to be in err.

「Please. My name is Michio」

I guess they don’t have a family name, I guess that just Michio is fine.

The village chief started to walk away, so I stood and hurried after him.



I couldn’t understand the conversation between the village chief and villager at all.

What’s happening with this game?

「Are the people that can speak Brahim so few?」

「In this village, only myself, the merchant Bikka and the mistress of the inn」

「Funn~ It’s like that?」

「Despite being so young Michio-sama you can handle Brahim well」


What’s so amazing?

By the way, Brahim isn’t Japanese? If it’s not Japanese this is strange.

Though it wouldn’t be possible for me to communicate, for some reason I can comprehend everything perfectly.

I don’t understand virtual reality at all.

「Although there was one other that could talk Brahim, another adventurer, in that battle just now, he……」

The village chief lowered his voice.

It seems that was the Lv 25 middle-aged man. Or was there someone else besides the villagers with the job of adventurer? But I couldn’t find another capable person.

What is going on?

I see myself.

Michio Kaga, Male, 17

Villager Lv 2, Thief Lv 2

Equipment: Durandal – Sandal boots – Ring of Determination


It seems that my level rose from the last battle.

Should I say its natural with the fierce fighting? Or rather should I grieve that despite the fierceness of the battle my level only rose by one?

We headed towards the village chief’s house.



「A hot bath is being prepared for you」


The village chief spoke to a person of the house, who led me inside.

The chief’s house was private, two-story building. It had the rustic appearance of earthy walls.

It doesn’t seem like the civilization level is very high. It seems to be something like a town from the middle ages.

They don’t have guns or bows.

There’s a dirt floor from the entryway to the entrance.

I was guided to a small room just beside that.

「Please, take a rest for a while in this room」

「Allow me to do that」

「Well then」

There’s no difference with this room, it has a dirt floor and inside there’s a plank of wood.

I lay on the plank.


I sighed.

For the time being, log out?



How do I log out?

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