Slave Harem in the Labyrinth of the Other World

006 – Theft

I translated chapter 6 of “Slave harem in the labyrinth of the other world” aka “Isekai meikyuu de dorei harem wo”.

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Gear for thieves was arranged around the place including a bandana, however it was different to the one the level 41 bandit was wearing.

Maybe this one will become a thieves bandana if you put it on your head…. no, it was probably just a different piece of gear.

Then, what is this bandana….?

“What is this bandana?”

“I thought it was the one the bandit was wearing?”

The merchant doesn’t seem to understand.

Maybe I should be more forceful with my questioning.

There was no bandit wearing a plain bandana.

The bandana of the level 41 bandit is not here.

Possibly it was secretly switched with this bandana.

If this was Japan I’d back down because I don’t like attracting attention or trouble.

But this is not Japan.

In this world if I am defeated then everything ends.

I came to this world, I defended a village, and I killed a bandit (even if I didn’t do that for the village).

Maybe there is a misunderstanding.

No, it was definately a different bandana.

“The bandit wore a different bandana.”


The merchants face distorts in astonishment.

The merchant seems to be innocent, or very good at acting.

“××××××××××” (TN: people speaking in unknown language)


The village chief has returned.

He is also innocent judging by his reaction.

“No way…. we should investigate this. Please wait a moment.”

The village chief leaves quickly.

What will happen now?

I really feel like a Lv2 villager.

It won’t be good if this becomes a big commotion.

Can the stolen gear be found this easily?

If the village chief is involved I could be attacked by all the villagers, and I will not be able to win.

Was I too rash?

Even so, I’m annoyed at the theft and don’t like keeping silent.

It’s not good to be patient in this world.

At the very least I should prepare my Durandal.

When I look around I see a woman with three swords. She is probably a former adventurer.

“What about those swords?”

I try to ask the merchant.


“May I see them?”



The merchant says something, and the woman holds out a sword.

Tirihi: 31yo female villager. Lv12

Sword: Flaming Rapier.

Is she the widow of an adventurer?

She has blond hair like someone from eastern europe.

She is slightly dusty from living in the country, but I’d welcome spending the night with her.

Even the villagers of this world are beautiful.

I’m itching to ask for her help at night.

She is a widow and….

Ah, my delusions are starting to explode.

I’m the hero who saved the village.

Shouldn’t I press this for a nighttime “reward”?

They are very friendly here.

I take the sword in my hand.

Rapier: One handed sword.

Skill: Flame sword.

“This looks like quite a good sword.”

“Is it?”

I hold it out.

“Flame Sword!”

I swing the Rapier.

Nothing happened.

The sword was just shaken.

Tirihi and the merchant are looking at me suspiciously.

I think I passed a game flag.

An incantation is floating in my head.

Should I recite this?

This sword definitely has the skill of a flame sword.

There might be an effect of flames while cutting.

“I call upon my heart, release your power in a torrent. Flame Sword!”

I recite the incantation, and flames cover the blade of the rapier.



“Ha~u ……”

Tirihi also looks surprised.

Isn’t this your husbands sword?

Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything?

In the edge of my view I see the village chief talking to a villager.

The villagers seem to have seen the flames and look surprised.

What happens if I steal something? It would be good to find out.

Though I’m already wearing someone else’s sandals.



The merchant and Tirihi are also speaking.

I suddenly feel tired, not physically, but mentally.

Why is it?

Did using the skill consume MP?

Probably my magic is not strong enough.

Using this often is probably too much for a Lv2 villager.

“Do you think this is likely to sell well?”

The merchant asks.

“Sorry, I am not sure about it’s value.”

“It looks amazing.”

“I just don’t know what a good price is for this sort of thing. You should take this to a weapon shop to be valued.”

I don’t even know what the value of the currency is like in this world.



The merchant says something and Tirihi comes towards me.

I return the flame sword, and Tirihi passes me a second sword.

Scimitar: One handed sword.

Skill: (Empty) (Empty)

There are two unused skill slots on this sword.

It seems like this sword is quite good also.

“This doesn’t have any skills, but it is still quite a good sword.”

“An adventurer who died used to take really good care of it.”

Do they know there is empty skill slots on it?

Maybe you need an adventurers intuition.

“You should check the value of this at a weapon store as well. They might buy it.”



I return the sword to Tirihi.

Dagger: One handed sword.

The last sword seems to be just a plain dagger.

It’s probably not very valuable.

“This is a plain dagger. It isn’t bad, but the value won’t be high, however it is easy for women to use. As a memento of a former adventurer you should treasure it.”

I pass the dagger back to Tirihi.


After hearing from the merchant Tirihi’s eyes redden.

While holding back tears, Tirihi leaves with the swords.

I think I’ve reminded her of her husband, and passed a flag.

After Tirihi has left, the village chief enters with several men.

“I am sorry. This man secretly swapped the bandana’s.”

A man wearing wooden handcuffs is looking down behind the village chief.

Did he do it on his own, or is he a scapegoat?



“Here is the correct item.”

When the village chief urges it the next man presents a bandana.

It is the thieves bandana.

There is no skill on the bandana.

“Yes, this is it.”

“And, the punishment for this man….?”

The village chief looks at my expression.

I understand what they want.

It won’t become a serious matter if they handle it within the village.

“Your village rules will be fine. I won’t object to how you handle it”

I think I’m pretty good at reading the mood.

“I understand”

The village chief seems to be a bit disappointed.

Did I misunderstand something?



The village chief says something to the criminal.

He is pulled forward by the handcuffs.

“Intentions of the soul, breath of wisdom, intelligence card, open!”

When the village chief recites the incantation, a card appears from the back of the criminals left hand.

What’s going on?


It’s the same as when I got the intelligence card from the thieves some time ago.

How did this happen?

The village chief mutters something to the criminals card.

“What did you just do?”

“I added the slave status to his intelligence card. He’ll remain a slave now until we release him, or until a fine is paid.”


It’s confusing.

I guess somehow the intelligence card contains important information about someones life.

It’s probably also proof for thieves with bounty’s on their heads.

“Our village rule states that if there is a theft, the criminal will become a slave and then sold off. Half of the money from selling them will go towards their family, and the other half will go to their victim.”

It’s quite severe.

So this is how someone becomes a slave.

I understand it now.

I would have liked the village chief to have told me this from the start.

As the victim I feel it didn’t need to go this far, but it’s too late to say that now.

“It’s a first offense, I don’t mind if you show mercy.”

“I understand. I apologize on behalf of the village.”

“The criminal has been caught. As the village chief you don’t need to apologize.”

“Thank you, has the inspection of the equipment finished?”


“Then please come by my house. Breakfast is nearly ready.”

“Thank you.”

I am glad we changed the topic.

I think I’ll try and leave this place quickly.

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