Slave Harem in the Labyrinth of the Other World

013 – Sales Contract

Sales Contract


She is a woman of the wolf people who appeared to me in the room of the slave dealer.

The most beautiful woman I have seen so far, with reddish brown eyes that seem to draw you into their beauty.

Can I buy Roxanne?

I think about her breasts bouncing as she placed the cup in front of me.

I want those breasts.

I am glad that I can buy her.

I’m glad, but I’m also nervous about buying a slave.

But, if I don’t buy here then someone else will.

Of course, they will buy her as a sex slave.

I cannot allow that.

I cannot fight the slavery system in this world.

It would be impossible to change the social system.

On modern day earth, public slavery has disappeared. However, human trafficking, organ trading, and child prostitution still exist.

Adults on earth couldn’t solve this problem, so it would be impossible for me who was only a high school student on earth to solve it in a different world.

Slavery might disappear if the country becomes more advanced, but that doesn’t really solve it even on earth.

I don’t even know the basics behind how computers or airplanes work, or how to make a solar battery.

Considering the first village I was in, slavery seems to be tied to dealing justice in this world.

You can’t just get rid of slavery without harming things that rely on it.

They would have to build a prison at the very least.

It takes taxes to build a prison, they would have to raise taxes. Then they’d need a Bureaucracy, and to promote that they would need an education system, and then the bureaucrats may become corrupt. The problem seems to spread very quickly.

It’s not the sort of thing that you can work out everything else that it influences.

This is a different world, I don’t intend to become someone who revolutionizes society, and I won’t deny the slavery system.

But, should I really buy a slave?

I’ve already sold a slave.


I think about that beautiful face.

Do I buy Roxanne?

Yes, I should.

I’m a bit hesitant.

Do I buy Roxanne?

Yes, I should.

I don’t really have a choice.

The cursor, it doesn’t move away from yes.

It’s frozen in place.

Do I buy Roxanne?

Yes, I should.

I’ve thought it over well.

Tirihi & the beautiful female knight didn’t take any notice of me.

A delicious story that happens because of my good looks will not happen to me.

That’s how it is.

“Does being a sex slave increase the price much?”

I ask the slave trader about the only thing holding me back.

“No, it hardly changes it.”


By my thinking, a sex slaves price should be quite high.

“It comes down to the market price, if it’s a young woman there isn’t much difference in work performed, even if one is a sex slave. If you request the same work, the price becomes the same.”

“So a young female who is not a sex slave does the same work as a sex slave?”

The slave trader nods and continues to speak.

“If you go by combat ability, and ability to work, then men & women are the same. 120,000 nars is the price of an adult male in the prime of his life. But a young woman could be more than double this because the price goes up drastically depending on her looks.”

So if it’s just for work, the price difference between a male & female slave won’t be much different.

But if it’s a young beautiful female slave, the price will be high.

Of course, this is because the demand is high. Slaves like that can be shown off in a store window.

That part is the same for sex slaves and regular slaves.

This is why the price doesn’t change.

The slave traders words are starting to make sense.

Maybe I should ask about it some more.

Though I haven’t yet said if I will buy her or not.

Maybe I should decide that before asking more about it.

I pulled up my character stats.

There is a tick next to discount negotiations.

There is a 10% discount from negotiations.

Is it the usual pattern?

I remove the 30% bonus sale price, and increase the discount to 30%.

30% discount is the most I can get.

“So she would be quite expensive?”

“Let me see…”

The slave dealer smiles.

Does he understand how much I want to buy her?


“The market price is about 600,000. If I include the cloths, and because I recommended her, I’ll sell her to you for 422,800 nars.”

The slave dealer says this with enthusiasm.

After hearing it, I let out a large sigh.

420,000 nars?

It’s not a price I can afford.

If it was a price I could afford, I might jump at it. I would jump at it. It would be hard not to.

Looking into Roxanne’s reddish brown eyes, the value is definitely there.

But, I only have 33 gold coins.

My feelings have nothing to do with it.

I can’t pay what I don’t have.

“Sadly, I can’t afford that price.”

“That’s too bad.”

The merchant answered with a slight air of regret.

I am disappointed.

“It can’t be helped.”

“Then how about having a look at some of our other slaves?”

I see.

He show me the most beautiful woman first to convince me, and then when I can’t buy her he’ll sell me some cheaper plain looking woman.

A sex shop will say an AV actress is working there, and then when her name brings in clients they’ll put you with a different woman.

I haven’t gone to one, but I’ve heard about this on the net.

This is a similar strategy, but I wasn’t really deceived.

I just wasn’t able to afford it.

I was lured in with sex.

“That might be good.”


The slave dealer gives a bow, and then leads me to a different location.

We go further into the building, and up to the third floor via some steep narrow steps.


There is a woman on the third floor.

There is only a small landing near the stairs, with two doors leading left & right.

“Make them line up.”


The woman opens the door to the left and goes inside.

“The third floor is for female slaves. We have female employees managing this floor.”


“They are also checked to be virgins.”

The slave trader explains while we stand there.

So men can’t go here?

We hear the woman’s voice in the room next to us.

After a short while, the noise there calms down and the woman comes back.

“They are prepared.”

“Please follow me.”

The slave dealer guides me into the room.

Lots of women are lined up in single file from left to right.

Surprisingly, there is no smell of rags or malnourishment.

Oh, it’s because they are products.

They are maintained well.


“Yes, please come inside and have a look at them.”


I walk past the female slaves, looking at them one by one.

I thought they might undress them when they show of slaves, but it doesn’t happen.

Maybe because I haven’t decided to buy one yet?

Since they are watching me as well, I’m feeling tense.

However, there is no feeling of embarrassment.

It feels more like they are watching without motivation, rather than paying attention.

Do slaves look at their owners like this?

It feels like I’m starting to realize what it means to buy a slave.

They would probably treat their master well.

I don’t really want them to watch me, but it would be nice to see more life in their eyes.

“They are fed well here because they are products. It’s better than where they were before.”

The slave trader says this as if he can sense me hesitating.

“I see.”

The comfort of this place isn’t bad.

They probably don’t have to work here either.

If I was a slave, I might just want to stay here.

The first woman has no motivation in her eyes.

She looks at me with indifference.

The next woman looks sulky.

I wouldn’t consider buying her.

“They’ve all remained unsold for a while?”


I don’t really want to think about it.

The slave trader has a continuous cost if meals are eaten.

If they remain unsold, the price will drop, and their living conditions will get worse.

The next woman doesn’t have lifeless eyes, but her face isn’t nice.

The next one… I’m not considering her.

The next woman is rather average.

Woman, 27 years old, villager. She’s too old.

The next one is a slightly cute child.

But she has a flat chest.

There are more cute young girls ahead.

That might be nice, but…

I walk right through til the last one.

There’s more young women, and several pretty children.

Maybe it’s not bad.

However, Roxanne was the first one I saw.

After seeing her, all these women seem inferior.

The slave dealers strategy is a failure.

I would have show a plain looking woman first, and saved the beauties for later.

I walk back to the beginning while looking over the women again.

The slave dealer and I leave the room.

Outside the room, the woman is with Roxanne.

Did she return after finishing her waitress duties?

She is so beautiful.

Roxanne bows.

Oh, dog ears! Dog ears!

She has changed her cloths, and removed her hat, so I can see her ears clearly now.

They are large and flop down. They look like the ears of a golden retriever.

If you aren’t paying attention to them, they blend in quite well with her hair.

“How was it?”

The slave dealer asks me.

“Sorry, after seeing this one the rest don’t compare.”

“I see, the customer seems to have taken a liking to you.”

The slave dealer says to Roxanne.


Roxanne watches me silently.

When our eyes meet, I avoid her gaze by looking down.

I’m embarrassed and feeling a bit shy.

So what now?

She’s really cute.

But, impossible things are impossible.

I can’t do anything about it.

I’ll have to give up on it.

“If you are interested, I can hold her for up to ten days.”


“The city is open every five days, but five days is a bit short. I will wait until the city opens in 10 days. If you are able, you have until then to prepare.”

The slave trader pushes the conversation along on his own.

The flagship product was shown, the low end products were shown. Was the strategy to bring me back to the high quality goods?

I was too careless.

“That… is very…”

“The customer is interested in you, but cannot afford you yet, so we will contract you to be on hold for ten days.”

The slave dealer declares to Roxanne.

“You are most kind.”

Roxanne bows.

They have good teamwork.

If it’s come to this, it’s impossible to decline.

Even is they have conspired together, it isn’t really a bad thing.

Because I can acquire this beautiful woman.

To begin with, Roxanne, and the slave dealer, they aren’t really cheating me.

The slave dealer declared that she is a virgin, and he couldn’t try to sell her to two customers at once.

If his explanation was not a lie, Roxanne would die if I die.

Would he make me prepare the money, and then kill me to take it away?

If they are just cooperating to make a sale, then it isn’t a bad thing.

“I can’t make a definite promise that I can prepare in that time.”

“If I look for a new buyer, with her beauty I can find one straight away.”

“So a better customer will appear during these 10 days?”

I try to resist a little.

“You don’t need to worry about other customers.”

“If a good customer shows up, that might be better.”

“No, I’ll wait for you.”

Oh? Is this how the business works?

Why would he wait for me?

Roxanne looks at me and smiles happily.

White teeth show through the gap in her elegant lips.


So beautiful.

“Then, please move her to the room for sold products.”

The slave dealer orders the woman.

The game is over.

“Yes, it will be done.”

The woman takes Roxanne to the room opposite the one we were in.

“Thank you in advance.”

Roxanne bows to me three times.

Her dog ears shake.


Game, set, match.

“Shall we go?”

The slave dealer starts heading down the stairs.

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